26 January 2012

Cries of "murderer" and placards against Pepe

Camp Nou excused to the centre-back the hostile reception that was expected. He was booed and heckled from the heat. The whistles grew when his name was announced on loudspeakers.

Camp Nou excused Pepe the hostile reception expected. During heating, there were shouts of "Murderer, murderer" and was constantly booed since appeared at the tunnel. The whistles were deafening when her name was announced over the PA. After continued these shouts of "murderer" and when he was fouled and hit the ground he heard the "Step it, step it".

Even a banner was particularly offensive. Pepe, cage number 3 could be read in one of them. Thus the Camp Nou Messi failed their stomp on the leg. Mourinho decided to align, against the opinion of the club, this time as centre-back. (via AS)