19 January 2012

[Copa del Rey; 1/4 final; Leg1] Real Madrid CF 1 - 2 FC Barcelona

The Barcelona won thanks to goals from two defenders, Puyol and Abidal. Cristiano was ahead of Madrid. Altintop and Carvalho, headlines defense Pepe, in the middle.

The matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona have become the showcase in which Pep Guardiola's team displayed all their virtues to the world and Mourinho all its defects and limitations. Something that starts on the bench. It is a matter of style. The Barcelona is to try to exaggerate their virtues, to maximize its resources in trying to grow from the ball, the reference of all, the item you are supported to grow and win. The style of the Madrid Mourinho did not know what is. We are reluctant to admit it to be closed in its field, as more teams go small and limited to the Bernabeu, amassing nine players ahead of Casillas error waiting for a rival, an isolated attack, a stroke of luck justifies everything. Madrid was not.

Madrid Pepe can not reference a template brilliant football. The image of Madrid is also projected by Pepe simulating attacks and hand stepping of Messi with the game stopped. The lustrous past of the club, the rolling personality with which built its brilliant history doesn't deserve the image that Madrid transmitted in this Clásico. The penultimate episode of this eternal grief and justified blushed about the path chosen long ago by the rival.

And is that Barcelona was where it was expected, did what it does, and does it very well. Surprised no one and left the Bernabeu may tie more than half assured. And not so much for the 1-2 final, but the overwhelming moral superiority and football, which has contributed so much as the boat itself Madrid. Matter of style.

Mourinho has everything he wants, enjoys more power than they have had all his predecessors combined, which has possibly the best squad in the recent history of Madrid, but all this is not enough to overtake Barcelona, ​​which only doubled the knee in the Cup final, which was a title, which is no small thing.

The first was how they were going to put players on the pitch. Next, see the attitude of each other. There is usually little doubt about the attitude, the willingness to face Barcelona games. After seeing the amazing alienation, with Altintop and Pepe Carvalho in it and in the midfield, had not much doubt what would be the behavior of Madrid, who despised the ball and handed it to Barcelona without any pretense.

Mourinho huddled his players ahead of Casillas. First, a line of four, surprising and unprecedented: Altintop, Carvalho, Ramos and Coentrao. Then, Pepe, Xabi Alonso on his right and left Lass. Open on the right side and Benzema appeared next to the left line was Christian to form a line of five when Barcelona had the ball, that is, almost always. The most advanced, or less ago, it was Higuain.

Xabi Alonso, Pepe and Lass went to look at every Barcelona player with the ball. What were Xavi, Cesc and Messi, mainly, and to a lesser extent Iniesta, bringing its area of ​​operations closer to Casillas.

Madrid defended by accumulation. All were delivered on defense, well together, quickly retreating, closing spaces that Barca had to make because Madrid were denied until Guardiola's men noticed the presence of the Altintop and Carvalho right side of the defense Madrid. Barca found there the gateway to paradise. But to get there had to suffer. He had to earn it. Madrid preferred to wait far behind, when ever he decided to make a forward pressure, the club had huge problems start to develop.

That was the tactic variant Mourinho chose this time to try to defeat Guardiola. Tallied nine men between Casillas and Higuain, Pepe reference to the team in midfield, tried to hinder the movement of the boat near Casillas, despised the possession and relied on the counter all his attacks, the only argument Madrid offensive . The problem was to run, his players had to travel 60 meters.

With all that meadow was time to go that Cristiano sported their qualities. Delivered to the defense, Alves entries cover rather than displayed in attack, Cristiano, throughout the first half, only seemed to Cristiano that he likes the public once. And it was a goal. The rest of the time was a Cristiano who likes to Mourinho. They had spent 11 minutes when Benzema set up a counter with a terrific pass to Cristiano, who won back to Alves, Pique beat for speed and beat Pinto under the legs. The goalkeeper could do more, much more.

Barcelona are not bothered with the goal. He went to the back four, with Busquets, Xavi and Cesc in the midfield and Alexis, Messi and Iniesta above. He stayed with the ball that he gave the mother, who disappeared in attack. Iniesta appeared with a deflected shot that Casillas did the head to head to the post Alexis after a great pass from Cesc and the only time he was seen in the first half, Messi demanded the best version of Casillas. This time there were doubts and the difference was in goal.

In between, Pepe made his first gift. A Busquets stomp that took the yellow card. Nothing comparable to the sorry spectacle that offered in the second half when simulated an attack by Cesc and Messi hit a hand with the game stopped. We top it all off with a ruling that allowed marking head tie Puyol just outside the locker room. Another badly defended corner for Madrid, and there are already few this season, and a new goal against.

Iniesta stroked goal after a play with Cesc. Between Ramos and post it avoided. How to avoid a head stick Benzema became the second Madrid, Pinto back to see them coming.

With its crumbling sandcastle, Mourinho restructured the team. Higuain and Lass retired, who got tired of running after rivals and ushered Ozil and Alley. What happened was that Messi shortly after he invented a pass for the 1-2 final set Abidal. Altintop was out of position, because the site was the whole match, and Carvalho offside claimed that he broke. (via AS)

[Match Stats]
Real Madrid: Casillas; Altintop, Sergio Ramos, Carvalho, Coentrao; Pepe (Granero, m.80), Xabi Alonso, Lass (Özil, m.66); Higuaín (Callejón, m.66), Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema.

Barcelona: Pinto; Álves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal; Busquets, Xavi (Thiago, m.86), Iniesta; Cesc (Cuenca, m.88), Messi and Alexis (Adriano, m.82).

Goals: 1-0, m.11: Cristiano. 1-1, m.49: Puyol. 1-2, m.76: Abidal.

Referee: Muñíz Fernández (Asturian committee). Admonished to Pepe (17), Coentrao (60), Callejón (68) y Carvalho (87) for Real Madrid; and to Piqué (20), Busquets (55) and Puyol (79) for Barcelona.

Incidents: first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey match at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, filled with the presence of 83,500 spectators.