21 January 2012

The continuity of the captain Puyol will be addressed in the summer

The player has proven to be essential when it is in perfect physical condition and will be given the option of extending your link.

Carles Puyol has recovered his best. The captain at the Bernabeu showed that no other central and whenever he is in perfect physical condition. The presence of veteran Blaugrana player brings serenity and poise that at times has been missed in the coverage of Guardiola. With Puyol on the pitch, everything is much easier and the yield is multiplied. The La Pobla plays and play to their peers.

This reality has prompted the sports management has taken steps to address the future of Puyol. The Catalan defender is now 33 years anniversary in April, and will contract ends on June 30, 2013. He still has one more season ahead, but as Guardiola Zubizarreta both have commented on more than one occasion that address not in favor of the renovations in the last year of contract.

No rush, but from the offices of the Ciutat Esportiva and has slipped to the end of this season will hold a meeting with Puyol and sound environment for future approaches Blaugrana player.

The initial idea is to extend the contract of captain following the parameters established in other veteran players like the case of Keita and Abidal. Ie, plants each season in light of developments in full competition. Puyol has free rein to choose their option. Nobody on the board or the technical piece discusses his contribution to the team and its weight within the locker room.

Only a matter of finding the right time to open the contacts. In principle, as reflected by the first informal discussions, any official contact will be postponed until the end of the season. Nobody wants to individual situations get in the good of the collective. And Carles Puyol, the great captain, much less.

The willingness of all parties is to sit in summer and implement a framework agreement to help ensure that the Blaugrana will defend the honor of putting an end to his career at the club all his life, Barça. (via SPORT)

[Barça will begin negotiations to renew Carles Puyol]
Barça will open negotiations with the captain to seal its last contract
Except Pinto, is the only player in the squad that finished in 2013.

It is not just an award for outstanding thirteen seasons at Barca . The club are convinced that Carles Puyol has power and gas for more travel and sports management that Barca has taken the decision to renew his contract, which expires in June 2013, when I have 35 years. It is the only component of the current squad, except for Pinto, which ends next year and will be cleared by Pep Guardiola, who still considered a key element.

The negotiations will not be immediate because there is no urgency. The player even has not been reported. The intention of the club is open contacts at the end of this season and try to solve its continuity during the summer. The economic formula is not designed but will not differ from that followed in similar cases: an optional one more season in terms of games played.

Today there are all conditions that the great captain did not leave the boat in the short term. Puyol has left behind the torment of last season, when injuries cut short his usual presence in the eleven, and again feel useful in the field. He's started 9 of the last 11 games. His performance in the last classic , goal included, can not imagine a Barca without it. At the center is not going to play a secondary role and become the spiritual advisor of the other players for their veteran status. Want to play but, above all, to end his career on the boat and on the lawn, as did the great Paolo Maldini, his relation, who hung up his boots under 40 years and play a major role in Milan until the last game.

The Sa Pobla still watching as the first day. Comes early in training and leaves last. No wonder that recently joked, saying that is capable of following "eight years". Football is his life and Barça, too. His dream would have crossed the door of the farmhouse and hung up his boots at Camp Nou.