26 January 2012

The Committee had acted against Pepe if "you had to amputee Messi fingers"

Speaking to the program 'La Graderia' Ona FM, President of the Competition Committee, Alfredo Florez, had made it clear that only officially entered against Pepe if Messi had hurt.

Florez did not fail to record the conversation with 'La Graderia', but explained the reasons which led to the Competition Committee of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) over which he presides to take the decision not to impose sanctions, at Pepe for his Leo Messi trod in the past Bernabéu clásico.

First, Alfredo Florez said he had decided not to punish because the stomp Pepe had not caused physical harm to Barça. "If Messi had amputee fingers of the hand, the Committee does that have intervened," he told reporters Florez Ona FM.

He added that when the Committee decided to punish himself for his attack on Mourinho Tito Vilanova in the last Supercopa of Spain, it was because the game was stopped.

Neither argument would justify Florez explained by Pepe has been left without punishment for his stomp on Messi. First, because the action with the game was stopped after a failure to do the same Leo Messi.

Second, because throughout history the Committee has intervened on numerous occasions that there was no obvious physical damage. It happened to the 'finger in the eye' to Tito Vilanova or, for example, with the aggression of Kluivert to Cota mark in a Rayo-Barça of 1999, in one of the first occasions in those that the Committee decided to behave of occupation against a player. (via SPORT)