31 January 2012

Charlton: "Messi is the height of Cruyff and Pelé"

Whenever there are fewer days to give voice to the winners of the Laureus World Sports Awards and the reactions to respect and began to emerge.

This time has been a jury member of the Laureus Academy, Sir Bobby Charlton, who referred to one of the favorites to win the award for best male athlete of the year, the Argentine Leo Messi.

The mythical exfootballer of Manchester United, Bobby Charlton has not doubted to surrender to the Argentinean star and in placing it among the biggest: "Messi is a sensational player, to the height of Di Stéfano, Cruyff and Pelé." Charlton has not had any problems in praising the play of Barca, but Guardiola's team has won in recent years twice in his team, Manchester United in the Champions League final. "Barca have Messi and has the good fortune to have it, but the team also has artistic players midfield and Iniesta and Xavi," said former British player.

Abidal and Messi and the first football team, also choose to take a Laureus next Monday in London. (via SPORT)