06 January 2012

Cejudo: "That of the grass and that of Messi is anecdotic. Don't give importance"

Álvaro Cejudo parked the polemic of the eliminatory copera against Barcelona.

Osasuna player Álvaro Cejudo has parked controversy today copera the tie against Barcelona, ​​the Catalan club's intention to change the order of the parties and the announcement that Lionel Messi was low for yesterday's meeting, describing what happened as "anecdotal."

Osasuna coach Jose Luis Mendilibar, expressed his anger at these events - "have dizzy all God," he said, but Cejudo has chosen to settle the controversy and focus on the league after a 4-0 at the Nou Camp embedded in the departure of the second round of the Copa del Rey.

"It's anecdotal. Nor do we have to give much importance. There will weigh on their interests. I change the order of the matches he denied. What Messi is normal, it would be wrong at first and then felt better and is in full right ", said at a news conference in Tajonar.

When asked if he believed the information provided by the Barcelona Messi's disease, said: "I neither believe nor disbelieve me. Neither will I, nor do I come, and my interests. They will know if it was or not. scored two goals, so would not be bad. "

Furthermore, she added: "If it had not recovered (Messi) equal to what would have been on your site does the same. Not going to spin.'s The best player in the world, makes a difference and not being well we scored two goals ".

Cordoba midfielder stressed that the game faced "good", but regretted the two goals conceded in the first part "with a few minutes apart."

"At 2-0 we had many hopes. With the intensity that we play in the Kingdom had not been unreasonable, but four goals is an advantage difficult to save, not to mention you do not mess around a goal," he said.

"With a 4-0 it is almost the tie in their favor, but we will play next week with all the enthusiasm in the world. It is very difficult, but this is football," he added.

He has stated that this new team win not affect, nor influenced him the league 8-0 at Camp Nou, recalling that "it is normal because things happened to many teams" visiting the camp squad.

Cejudo has indicated that the template is "looking forward to the fans enjoyment" in the league, which is fifth-placed Osasuna, and has indicated they are already focused on Saturday's game in Anoeta against Real Sociedad.

"It will be a tough game for sure. The games there are beautiful, different, with much stress. We hope it is good, attractive and enjoy," he said.

The player Osasuna finished the match at the Camp Nou with a sprained ankle, in principle, makes him doubtful for the commitment in San Sebastián.

"The ankle is quite swollen now, but it's up tomorrow when I will try to train. I could take part in the second half with a bandage, but I was pretty sore," he concluded. (via SPORT)