20 January 2012

Carles Puyol to Tito Vilanova: "If Xavi puts it me there, I score"

In the clásico's halftime, the captain requested from an energetic way to the assistant coach to change the play that had prepared for the next corner serve.

The rally's goal Carles Puyol , the goal that allowed them to do justice to what was being on the pitch, was not due to chance or improvisation, but had its history, forged during the break , ie, three minutes before it occurs. It was during this period of recovery and reflection forces when approached Puyol own Tito Vilanova to indicate the action that he believed would be appropriate for the goal of beating Iker Casillas .

Pep Guardiola's assistant had placed four cards with as many plays in the hallway outside the locker room Barca. Then 'Puyi', no shirt and bare chest, approached him and proposed to change the play that was originally prepared for the first corner was dropped. Leveraging one of the cards that he had placed Titus , Captain Barca where would he pointed and said, "If I Xavi puts the ball there, I mark a goal."

Puyol then went to talk to his partner and put the rest of the great knowledge they have for each other. It was said and done. It only took three minutes into the second half when the Terrassa sent the ball into the heart of the area, several Barca players dragged the Whites to the post and Puyol burst with all beating Iker Casillas. To make matters worse, the captain left culé evidence Pepe , very smart when it comes to theater, kicking and stepping on Messi but very little attention to what really matters: to defend as God intended. With this action began the comeback that culminated later another defender, Frenchman Eric Abidal.

The well, although not exact, it was very similar to the master himself won the day 2-6, also at the Bernabeu. And is that Puyol has scored two of his 12 goals as Barca in fief merengue. At the time the play was not exactly the same, because instead of going to the first players to stick to drag defenders meringues, Pique did a screen so that your partner could finish the lack lateral comfort. Another somewhat similar to these two was that put the Spanish team in the final World Cup South Africa 2010. Came to Germany at the exit of a corner, and was left in the final result 1-0.

The offensive production Catalans defenders both Puyol and Abidal, contrasts with the Real Madrid no capacity for an approach that is none other than conservative and especially aggressive. That's why the club is doubly proud of his new victory in Chamartín, because it has been done by men in theory devoted to these matters but have a blind faith in everything we perform. Another achievement. (via MD)