30 January 2012

Cardoner: "We should not be negative"

Jordi Cardoner, Barcelona vice-president, would not give up on the League.

Jordi Cardoner, Barca vice president, like Victor Valdes, also declined to give up on the league even though the club has placed seven points behind Real Madrid. "Away we struggled a little more in the league, but not in other competitions," he began.

For the vice president who led the expedition yesterday official, "we are losing momentum in the competition, but hopefully soon we can catch up. We have to be negative," said Cardoner. "It's a complex situation, but I would like to bring positive aspects such as Taylor's debut in the league," he said on the front of the branch, which will undoubtedly spark and speed contributed to the attack.

Before talking about the game and the state of the team in the league, Cardoner was a nice gesture toward the journalist Dani Montesinos, who died last Thursday in a traffic accident. "He wants to spend a few words in memory of Dani Montesinos, highly professional and excellent person who has left us suddenly". (via MD)