07 January 2012

Cardoner: "There is no fear to Madrid"

The vice president is firmly committed to a cross against the white team in the quarterfinals of Copa.

The institutional vice-president of FC Barcelona, ​​Jordi Cardoner said yesterday Com Radio that the time in which the barcelonismo was afraid of Real Madrid it "already happened", and for that reason he bet with determination to cross with the equip blanco in quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey. "Hopefully, there will always be grand finals against them," said the manager Barca, who also noted that the club does not have to break the institutional relations with the Madrid despite the failures of last season. "I am not in favor of breaking institutional relations is one thing to disagree and another to break relations," he argued.

Cardoner also admitted that the club still needs to improve relations with Espanyol, despite the step Rosell Policy. "I love the fans of Espanyol was well received in our field and ours in theirs," said Barca vice-president. (via SPORT)