13 January 2012

Cardoner: "The clásico motivates us a lot"

The Blaugrana vice president said the "commitment and struggle of our team".

Jordi Cardoner, vice president of social club, said at the premises of the Reyno de Navarra "we are all very motivated to a new clásico. It's never easy to deal with Madrid-level teams, but I'm comfortable with the commitment and struggle of our team. In a playoff was practically already sentenced in the Camp Nou to face again. "

The manager wanted Barca's injury Andreu Fontàs "not serious. ¿Transfers? Competition needs to strengthen the coaching staff," he said.

Meanwhile, Osasuna president Patxi Izco, accepted with resignation the deletion. "We could not do anything about a ship that also took alternates. We played well the first half and it was nice to get ahead, but it was clear that the tie was lost in Barcelona."

On his polemic declarations when doubting of the stomach ailments of Messi in the first leg, Izco didn't want more polemizar. "I just told that if Messi had a headache, I had another. What was I released a lot (" if he had a gut Leo, I hurt my h. .. "he said), and not worth repeating". (via MD)