19 January 2012

Butragueño: "This is not the end of the world"

The director of institutional relationships of Real Madrid eulogized the game of Barcelona and he wanted to justify the position: We have populated the center of the field, today it has cost them more."

Emilio Butragueño, director of institutional relationships of Real Madrid, complained before the cameras of Canal+ the defeat of the white team in the Clásico before Barcelona: We have put on for before, but we have not been able to control the game and our weapons that are many, but Barça to take advantage it is able to muffle them."

"They dominate all records, offense and defense, the ball and play well when they lose recover quickly," referring Butragueño praised Barca game, although he hoped to return: "We have to keep fighting and find the key let us beat them "

On the alignment designed by Jose Mourinho, Butragueño said: "We have populated the midfield. In league play offensive and dominated and today we have struggled, we have not defended badly, we fought all that we could and we were able to Messi hold, but in a move he has left us. "

"We knew them up are very dangerous. Iker've had two that stopped near the stick, stick and head-first goal that really hurt us. Barça with favorable marker kills the game and starts playing and is very difficult "he said Butragueño, the domain of Barcelona in the game and in the possession of the ball.

He tried to downplay the defeat and find a hope for future shocks "are not invincible, we find the formula, but so far has cost us a lot, last year we were closer and we were better in the Super Cup. It's not the end of world, is a knockout cup and we are in January, is all of the season ahead. "

On the actions of Pepe, specifically the stomp Messi's hand, declined to give his version Butragueño: "We must be on the field, the tension, nerves and all that is at stake. Pepe is a very passionate and has passed. We know that is not ideal, but within the tension of a party could happen " (via AS)