09 January 2012

Busquets: "We left two points"

The midfielder said: "Although we deserved more, we faced a tough opponent" and added that: "There is still a lot of league, we have to keep working".

The first team players, who have not passed the draw tonight against Espanyol Cornella-El Prat, expressed their dissatisfaction with the result achieved (1-1). The midfielder Sergio Busquets has stated that: "Rather than take a point, we have made two." Badia The player explained that: "At the end of the first half we suffered, because they have had occasion very clear," but said: "In the second part we have been better than Espanyol, but finally we have a tie. We had chances to win, but ultimately did not happen. " The midfielder had words of praise for the opposing team and stated that: "Although we deserved more, we faced a tough opponent and now we can not do anything."

There is still a lot of league

With this draw Barca team is located at 5 points behind Real Madrid and as Sergio Busquets notes: "It is great league, obviously it's better to be ahead than behind, but hey, see if we cut points. We continue working on. " Gerard Pique has also appeared before the media has stated that: "We must go forward, the league is very long and we should not think about whether we won or lost" and added: "They lose points and we also have to try to lose as few as possible and finish in front. "

Below are the statements of other first team players who have appeared before the media:

Gerard Pique:

"We know that this is a very complicated, the opponent also has. It is difficult to win here. Draw is hard."

"We dominated enough, in the second half we had control, but have been kicking and we have made."


"They have made a great game. We, though we have controlled cost us. It was a very open game."

"It was a blow because we controlled the match to win the three points. We must go forward, there are many games and many points in the game."

Dani Alves:

"The opposition has had much merit, although we have not been encertados".

"When you win, very upset. But that's part of football and the competition. We're sad because we have paid dearly."

"We do not look beyond our work. We must do well to try to achieve the goals."