18 January 2012

A brief history of the Spanish Cup clásico

Over the 107-year history of the competition, Barça and Madrid have faced off against each other 17 times, 6 of which were championship matches. Remarkably, both teams maintain a nearly even record against each other: 9 wins and 59 goals scored for Barça, and 8 wins and 56 goals scored for Real Madrid.

Football supporters from around the world are in for a treat as the mouth-watering clash between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in King’s Cup quarter-final is just a day away. While the last tie between the two teams in the competition happened just nine months ago, when Madrid narrowly edged Barça for the title in overtime (1-0), meetings between the two sides in the Spanish Cup are a relatively rare occurrence. In the competition’s 107-year history, Barça and Madrid have only been pitted against each other 17 times*. Interestingly enough, both teams have a remarkably even record against each other in the competition: nine wins for FC Barcelona, three of which came in championship matches, and eight for Real Madrid, similarly, three of those were title-winning games.

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