27 January 2012

Borja Valero: "Madrid showed us the way forward against Barça"

Borja Valero said he enjoyed the Cup clásico, but added that now think of the possibilities for your team to win at Barcelona on Saturday.

"I had a great time because right now are two of the best teams in the world, but now I think we have a percentage, however minimal, to win at Barcelona. Otherwise we thought, we presented to the meeting," he said.

"Real Madrid to Barcelona took off the ball for longer than usual and that is the field to follow, although it is not easy. There will be phases of the game where we can push above and others which do not," said .

On the low in Barcelona, ​​Borja Valero said that whenever they need a player, comes another "equal to or better than the last." "We will try to think of ourselves and depend on it if we can get something positive. Nobody want to be down there. Just trying to help the team succeed.'m Scoring goals, but I have to follow this line," he said.

Also acknowledged that a match against Barcelona drawing more attention than others and indicated that the national coach, Vicente del Bosque, will watch this match, but said that this issue haunts him.

Borja Valero dismissed talk of economic issues relating to delays in some payments in the club. "We are calm because Villarreal is a non issue," he said. (via SPORT)