18 January 2012

The boots Messi will use for the first time against Madrid

Leo Messi released a new Adidas boots in the game on Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu.

If the last two games Leo Messi has used golden boots against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey, released a new version of the Adidas miCoach Adizero F50. The peculiarity is that these boots replaced by a gold colored blue and red, reminiscent of those of FC Barcelona.

The golden boots were not marketed by Adidas, although fans can get an exact replica of the customization program for the brand. By contrast, the blue and red if they are available in sports shops from February 14.

The Adidas F50 Adizero was filed last November and incorporates a chip that provides data on speed, maximum speed, number of sprints, distance and distance to high intensity levels and time. (via SPORT)