15 January 2012

A beautiful expression of Abidal

Eric Abidal was exceptional detail with a child affected by a disease very similar to that suffered by the French, showing sensitivity and humanity.

A reader carla daily La Vanguardia reveals a beautiful story that had as protagonists the French player Eric Abidal of Barcelona and a child affected by a tumor similar to that suffered by the player last year.

The letter, signed by J. Serra Garcia, father of the child, explains how to help your child cope with the disease using the example of exceedance Abidal. To which the young man grabbed her eyes closed.

Explains the father, his son was infected when he explained that forces suffered something similar to what happened to the French and soon to know the bad news said, "Daddy, buy me Abidal's shirt.'ll Fight like him and win my Champions own. "

On January 5, the eve of Epiphany, the Barcelona players did a tour of different hospitals in Barcelona, ​​visiting hospitalized children. Interestingly, Abidal was one of three players nominated to visit the plant where the boy was, thanks to a nurse got to go and visit.

The scene was exciting, because the child could not help but mourn for the happiness you gave him to meet her idol at a time so hard. "Affectionate, gentle, sympathetic, for ten minutes did not stop to hug," says García Serra in his letter.

Abidal, given the sensitivity of the child, tried to dijurarle a smile on his face: "c'mon, c'mon brother, I'm here to cheer. I am also fighting this disease and I'm glad to set up a foundation and then massage the sick kids. "

But his most remarkable gesture when asked what was the watch he wore on his wrist. A Rolex certainly very high value. Abidal took it to place the child. "Here, I want you to stay. Behind my name is engraved," said the player, sensitized.

Despite the insistence of his parents, there was no way to convince that Abidal did not need a gift of that value. The Frenchman insisted: "What is true I do not care. I want him to be happy." (via SPORT)