10 January 2012

Bartomeu: "Madrid is the favorite one, but we will fight"

The vice president also declined to say sports arbitration in Cornellà.

Vice sporting FC Barcelona , Josep Maria Bartomeu , acknowledged yesterday in Ona FM microphones that Real Madrid "is still a very strong team this year. the leader. It is the favorite one, but they are still many points to fight. The League is very long."

Bartomeu insisted that "it was a favorite before this match. Some time ago I took a distance. Now we're back a little further out but, despite being favorite, here there is no lost anything. Our team always fights and exit ever. There confidence in the remainder of season. "

To the hand within the area of Raúl Rodríguez Álvarez Turienzo not raised by the last kick of the Espanyol-Barça, the vice president said that "we do not value the performances of the referees. Like all people, can sometimes be wrong or hit" he said. Asked if the pressure of Jose Mourinho was taking its toll on members of the Association commented that "in these matters we do not enter. It is fitting that our team play at the highest level and we are in a rival Espanyol us not made it easy. level do not play forever, but nothing happens. I will strive to improve. "

With regard to outstanding issues, said: "Guardiola will continue whenever you want. He will decide. I want to be optimistic." On Abidal , said "I do not know whether to renew this week. I have to give time. It is a key player and I hope you say yes. With Abidal and we are not negotiating, we made ​​a proposal and are waiting to respond."

In Isaac Cuenca explained that "we have it for the first team next season. We are negotiating." She confirmed that "we are looking for a team to Hleb. In no case will return to Barça". (via MD)