01 January 2012

"Barcelona play at 12:00, as all"

The President of La Liga has just entered the Corporate Governance Committee of FIFA, while in Spain the conflict is handled between television and radio, pending an agreement with the players and criticism periodic bipolar League: "Our competition is the best ".

Rosell repeated that Barcelona will not play at 12:00.
In the contract there is a veto of any club to a schedule. Barca will play at 12:00, as the others. We are looking for a good reception in Asia.

Rely on the bankruptcy law and does not relieve the decline, as approved by Congress ...
Law need to adapt to the reality of football, that those who benefited from the bankruptcy law to fulfill their road map and the rest have sustainable in the medium and long term. So we have adopted the system of economic control, very similar to UEFA. In three years will reach its maximum application.

And what is the reality of football of which he speaks?
We are a very specific sector. It is wrong to base a soccer player who reaches the first team to be zero. 98% of the world champions playing in Spain.

There are too many FIFA twelve games a year.
It is unacceptable that the African Nations Cup is played in January. The calendar is crowded. Now we deal with UEFA to use days of Champions League or Europe out of their schedules.

-Rosell proposed to reduce the number of teams.
Is not on our agenda, or in the Federation, FIFA or UEFA. It is strategic. There are other priorities and a television contracts to fulfill.

The operator who signed the majority of clubs were in competition.
We solved. He never feared to stop paying.

Nobody supported in their attempt to suppress the game open.
We ask not mandatory, it is gone, I think it will not. The game allows us to offer not open early enough grills to Asia and America. England offers an early-season planning.

Do you really think they can reach 800 million a year for television rights?
We move between the 620 and 650 and the idea is to promote a return of that figure. Football is the most searched on TV, the Spanish league is in 160 countries and without the obligation of the party in open, we will post more.

TV3 has announced that it has no budget for football.
If it gives TV3, someone else will. There are stakeholders.

Will he return to TV rights sold together someday?
Some clubs have already agreed. In radio there is a deal and you cease to be mandatory open game.

In 2011, four clubs entered First Insolvency Act.
We are becoming more creditworthy. We avoided solutions because the clubs met. And many have come out of that situation with a road map. The clubs have been adapted, despite a drop in sponsorship. And we are seeing increasingly seeks to strengthen the teams youth players instead of big signings. There will be many more bankruptcy.

For Del Nido, the League is "adulterated and prostituted."
Do not share. The differences come and go. The Levant became difficult last year and is now fifth. There is not much distance as they say. There is a catastrophe in the league. It is the best in the world.

Yes, but only Madrid and Barcelona are still in the Champions League.
And in England have fallen by the City and United. In terms of comparisons, send the results. England was not the Euro that we win.

Why have opened a dispute with the radios?
All change generates rejection. We have done nothing in that law to protect us. The audiovisual communication allows the exploitation of rights. We have not violated the right to information. We talked to the operators and the agreement is imminent.

For the moment the case is in court
Only one request for precautionary measures, though media reports speak of many demands.

Were there any cracks?
The League's 42 teams working in the same direction and at any stage of the League have entered radios.

Rajoy and said he was against the canon.
We just read that the minister of our industry will fight against piracy. We also have rights regulated by law and are in a similar case.

Four months ago football players stopped for lack of agreement, and yet there is not.
We work on it. Reach a substantial agreement. I do not see why there should be another strike.

Find driving wages?
Not permitted by law.

Will League at Christmas?
What we have in mind, but it is difficult to implement. Is not defined economic return and must meet the players. It is a matter parked.

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