25 January 2012

Barca-Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey: Clásico X

Guardiola teams Mourinho again measured their conflicting styles.
Barca struggle to escape the Pepe debate and focus on what dominates: the game.

It follows the clásicos waterfall but the feeling of embarrassment does not appear. On the contrary, the passion and excitement is heightened grows. Tonight in prime time, the Barça of Pep Guardiola and that of Jose Mourinho for the tenth time confront their conflicting ways of understanding football. Barca will be recognizable, you want the ball to pass it and attack because he can not do anything else this time Madrid has a size almost Freudian dilemma: to be faithful to his habitual truant and conservative dogma or step forward as a last resort to move Cup semi-finals and end the nightmare Barca wins them how, where and when you want. The result of the first leg (1-2 for Guardiola) and the pressure of his former handles (press former friend, board members, more and more fans ...) can get the Portuguese coach to be brave tactically by one once against Barca. And if it is Mourinho who dares, they will presumably his players, eager to start a self-management that welcomes them to their profession. Pepe does not fall within this group of rebels, obviously. The central submissive obey orders from his bench if the single judge, Alfredo Florez, commits the injustice of not punish today and ends up playing a clásico that does not deserve.

Barcelona is facing elimination but does not trust even one hair of his opponent despite a sector of the hobby, usually young and too well accustomed, believes this to bend the white team is not exceptional but commonplace. History says otherwise, Pep Guardiola knows this and that, to underline the difficulty of the enterprise, has concentrated his players the night before at the luxurious Hotel W Barcelona, ​​panoramic sea views and very conducive to relaxation. As if is about a game of selfsame Champions.

His speech at the press conference yesterday , oddly timely, served to emphasize respect "almost reverential" that gives it the white team. Guardiola also insisted deliberately reduce the tension and stress with which they have lived through the days before the match by the grace of the citizen Pepe. The Santpedor coach knows that to more excitement, less football, that is to say, less possibilities to be centered in the game and less fluency, a scenario that Mourinho wants like it was demonstrated in the ago two year-old semifinals against the Inter and that they put an end to elimination culé and a less identifiable Barça that in other occasions.

Before the tie from both sides said that the outcome would not affect the league, but that sentence loses sight of the tremendous impact force has been the 1-2 at the Bernabeu . It seems that Barca , with the huge cushion of 13 titles, more ready to support an eventual disgust that his eternal rival, put in a fire that pours gasoline coach day in day out. In a week I had time to be disrespectful to the institution that pays you to the fans who idolized him (ba) and the press that he worshiped, not to deepen their mad pursuit of the mole that filters the dirt on the template. A KO become unbreathable environment in the capital, on the other hand scenario in which Mou seems to be a charm. These are the contradictions of a character Florentino Perez gave all powers under the connivance of the same means as now give back.

Play vibrate to a new clásico night. And made to order, the referee is not news. (via MD)