25 January 2012

The Barca players fear a penalty in against

Barca prepared the match at Camp Nou. Also the last morning session will be held in the Stadium.

Barca held prior to the penultimate training match tonight at Camp Nou the same as in the big races in Europe. The coaching staff has left no detail without binding and in the final preparatory session José Manuel Pinto penalty shoots prepared with Juan Carlos Unzué.

Not that the coaching staff and Barca are considering a hypothetical penalties because the mentality that will be playing the game will be to ever win the match. But in addition to attention to detail in the case of the Madrid extension and force a penalty shootout, Pinto wants to be well prepared in the event that at the meeting pointed to a maximum penalty in against.

The Cadiz keeper is quite skilled in this discipline as demonstrated in the tie against Real Mallorca in the semifinals of the edition of the 2008-09 season. The blaugrana goalkeeper stopped the launching to the captain mallorquinista Pep Martí and entrainment the pass to the final one.

Regardless of the specific work of the goalkeepers, the rest of the staff carried out regular work session prior to the matches behind closed doors. This morning Guardiola plans to direct the final training session at Camp Nou. (via SPORT)