11 January 2012

Barça is planted with Abidal

The chances of Eric Abidal extend his contract with FC Barcelona , whose expiration date is 30 June, are not very high on today's French defender unless reconduzca the situation and accept the final offer from the club.

From the first moment, the dome sport barcelonista, with the indispensable consent of Pep Guardiola, he has made all the possible one to facilitate the renovation of Abidal but for several months it continues awaiting their affirmative answer. As it allowed to see the vice-president sport azulgrana Josep María Bartomeu in Zúrich during the Elegance of FIFA Ballon d'Or, in Dog Barça you has arrived practically to the limit of the patience. Barca has been planted with Abidal, who now expects a significant gesture to demonstrate with facts and not just with words that you want to continue Guardiola orders in the best squad in the world. After the meeting that own Bartomeu, Andoni Zubizarreta and Raül Sanllehí maintained November 23 in Milan with his agent, David Venditelli, before playing at San Siro, 'Abi' amounted to a "90%" of your options to follow. Since then, no news.

The defender, who has stated several times his intention of leaving the Nou Camp and then set his residence with his family in Catalonia, has always put forward the tax issue as a major obstacle to his signature on a new contract beyond 2012. In this sense, changing the fiscal regime for the new year decided by the Government against the interests of Abidal . The Frenchman was already upset about spending to tax 24% of their salary to 49% since it takes five years and living in Spain but with the new tax rate set for incomes over € 300,000 residents in Catalonia, it goes to 56 %. Barca does not intend to raise the fixed gross salary proposed for lequede Abidal in the same pocket cash. The club understands that all players are in the same situation and you can not get into a spiral, especially in times of crisis, giving each player and to compensate the collateral damage of the new income tax effect.

Abidal, who will meet on September 11, 33, had expressed his desire to extend his contract for two more seasons and not by the '1 +1' which has raised Barça . The club, which offered renewal after it was removed in March a liver tumor without knowing for sure if effects of his disease would not want to wait much longer. As in all positions, sports officials have controlled the market but the signing of a left full-back may be even more urgent if the motion of Maxwell's almost certain now joins that of Abidal in June. With offers of Paris SG and Arsenal, the Frenchman, who cost 15 million euros in 2007, would leave nothing in hand to go free. Gareth Bale (Tottenham) and Jordi Alba (Valencia) are best positioned to replace him.