25 January 2012

Barca is already concentrated at the Hotel W

Barca gives the maximum range of mourning and staff spent the night at the hotel W in Barceloneta.

Guardiola insisted on giving the game at max rank. Hence the squad follow the typical routine of the major events in Europe. In fact, Barça did not focus on the day before a European match since the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League last season, also played against Real.

The chosen concentration rather than on this occasion was the exclusive W Hotel, situated in the maritime area of ​​the city and the template that ensured maximum relaxation. Even so, how could it be otherwise, the Blaugrana players were greeted by several fans who were waiting at the entrance of the hotel complex. Some have followed the Juventus-Roma's Cup through the television that involved the exblaugrana Luis Enrique and Bojan. (via SPORT)