02 January 2012

Barça-Brazil, a distant connection

Neymar may be the next Brazilian star Barca but the trail of their country sinks into the origins of the club.

Dani Alves as nobody symbolizes the spirit of Brazil at Barça today. Talented, exuberant, powerful, imaginative ... Adriano, Maxwell revolve around him and Thiago and his brother Rafinha shine ever more brightly in the 'constelaçao Barca' forward to that, perhaps next summer, confirming the arrival of a new talent, Santos striker Neymar.

Nothing new in the firmament of 'Barça' where players have passed up to 35 Brazilians. Some true pioneers, distant stars as missing extinct Fausto dos Santos, Becerra or Lucidi Jaguaré Batista da Silva and defended the Blaugrana shirt in the thirties of the twentieth century. Others are genuine supernovae, talent amazed the world. Evaristo, samba team Helenio Herrera, Kubala and Suarez, Romario, the magician's 'Dream Team', Rivaldo, the genius who said he alone, the decadent Barca beginning of this century and at 40 still wants play, or Ronaldinho, who raised him with his smile and his football. Nor can we forget Ronaldo, shooting star, during a season, lit up the Camp Nou.

Besides these stars, the Barcelona Enjoy luminaries as Giovanni Silva, Sonny Anderson da Souza or Deco, complete players that made up one point in the quality of the team playing. And satellites luxury, full-blooded Brazilians who brought football talent inherent in the school of their country with professionalism unmatched in almost all cases: Sylvinho, Belletti, Edmílson ...

Of course, not all Brazilians who wore Blaugrana could succeed. Some marked by misfortune, others because the passport is not served to mask that they had in their boots enough to play football at Camp Nou. Some were in a nebula, as Rochemback, Geovanni or Bio or the one in spite of all mythical Roberto 'it Dynamites Others they were devoured by the implacable law of the football, as Triguinho, Marcello, Keirrison and Cleo; authentic 'black holes' in the firmament of Barça. (via SPORT)