30 January 2012

[Barça B] The 'Transfer' of Eusebio

The square supreme blaugrana already 30 points and closed the day at 10 of the descent, in spite of the fact that the coach of La Seca one doesn't stop to lose players.

The drops that asolan to the subsidiary for diverse reasons is being palliated by the polivalencia of the squad, for the arrival of some new player coming from the cantera and for the appearance of certain pieces that are finally adapting to the outline that exhibit all the teams of Barça with Muniesa, Rodri, Kiko Femenía and Jean Marie Dongou like main characters.

The most curious is the Muniesa, you just add the pivot position of the more usual centre-back and left-back who had also taken on many occasions. "I play where the coach tells me. The interior had when I was small baby, but when I put me in the club and sometimes central left side-back. And now the pivote. It was my second straight game and I found more comfortable. We have to adapt to other positions if the team needs him, "said Lloret de Mar in the mixed zone after the game on Saturday against Huesca.

The second winter 'signing' of B is Kiko Femenía. At last able-bodied and more adapted to the city and the team, and stressed the Alicante against Xerez and last Saturday made an outstanding first half against Huesca. "Do not dial from the first game of the season. My teammates, the coach and my family have helped me a lot and now I feel more comfortable. I can give much more slowly and end up seeing everyone wants to see Kiko, "the former player of Hercules.

Something similar is happening with Rodri. At Seville he struggled to adapt and be finished with a place, a fact that was aggravated by the recovery of Jonathan Soriano. However, Eusebio emulated Pep Guardiola with David Villa and placed it on the left of the attack. Rodri said with a note and is now occupied by departing from the point of attack, to the point of being the 'scorer' team with six 'targets'.

"It started the new Rodri. I'm sure it'll help the team a lot in the second round, "Soriano said the last week. And the technician does not hesitate to confirm this. "He returned to his position and has done a very high level, with great gusto and is bringing us many things," said the La Seca. In fact, Rodri has scored three goals in the last two days.

Poker is completed by Jean Maria Dongou. The Cameroonian youth player is the first year, but takes several days training with Barça B to the absence of Jonathan Soriano (signed for Salzburg), Cuenca and Tello (both with the first team). On Saturday Rodri replaced in the 85th minute and made his debut in the Second Division A with 16 years and 263 days. In addition, yesterday made a goal for the Juvenil A 4-0 to Mataró returned the lead to Oscar Garcia for the tie to two Espanyol in San Francisco. "He has conditions to help when needed," said Eusebio on Africa. (via SPORT)