14 January 2012

[Barça B] Sergi Roberto: Too good, in every way

To Sergi Roberto has more than enough talent... and humility.

Sergi Roberto meets all the conditions to finish winning in Barca. Treasure discipline, talent, intelligence, vision, arrival ... Too good, in every sense: the football and staff. If something is sin, precisely, excess humility. A missing Sergi believe how good a player he is and it shows in the field. You have to let go.

In the match against Osasuna Cup (1-2), the interior looked only receive in-depth three times, two inside and coming as third and as false '9 ', which ended with the winning goal. He forgot to ask for more balls because they showed that the mark has a nose as a battering ram , a position he had occupied in the Junior A, as he confessed after qualifying for the quarter Barca at the Reyno de Navarra. Pep is delighted with it, but requires more prominence, more presence in the party, leaving a little the role of Sergi Roberto to get closer to Thiago.

Sergi hides a lot of maturity behind that shy child face many might compare with that of 'Teo' popular children's book character created in 1977 in Barcelona by Violeta Denou. Blameless in his attitude (first successful course of ADE) is well advised by his parents, Josep Maria Rosa and Maria, and his sister Anna. Pep appreciate their qualities and despite how much he has already demonstrated both the subsidiary and the first team, the coach will ask for more. Because with a great future ahead , still has much to offer. A curious fact: it takes more goals with the club (two in three games) with the 'B' (one in twelve). (via MD)