25 January 2012

[Barça B] The maturity of Cristian Tello

The de Sabadell is performing a specific task to strengthen the hamstrings and physical problems have passed into history.

Tello has been of major disputes between Barça and Espanyol. TEspanyol have not forgotten that, despite the offer sheet after the first team to shine in the juvneil A and B Espanyol in the final stretch of the 2009-2010 season, decided to return to what had been his home since fry and even cadets . The de Sabadell trust his chances of succeeding in Blaugrana to finish, and little by little, is showing that he was not wrong.

This season is definitely exploiting and taking every one of the many minutes that you give Eusebio. The continuous technical lectures, supplemented by the fact that one of the players most used in the template, are allowing the branch to enjoy the best version of Tello, which had always hinted at, as when it was top scorer in the tournament fry Maspalomas. Valladolid Not only is taking the juice, but Pep Guardiola also gave the option this season in Cup tie against L'Hospitalet. Round played as a striker was released by double on the turn, and at the Camp Nou. But Cristian is centered on the Barça B he knows that at the Mini Estadi is the key to the first team. Not only is centered, but is being a key player for the team. Despite the irregularity in the results, the sum of Sabadell and a total of 5 goals and 4 assists given. He has worked directly in 9 of the 32 points of Barça B, which means 28%. He has played 1061 minutes in 16 games, which shows that it is an indisputable holders Eusebio Sacristan.

One of the keys to his great season, which is finding his maturity as a player 20 years, born on August 11, 1991, is the specific work being undertaken to strengthen the hamstrings. Cristian Tello has suffered throughout his career several muscle injuries in the same area. His muscles and his speed and power have caused more than a scare, but this season is devoted body and soul to make prevention work. I normally do before and after each workout, both in the gym or on the ground. All this has allowed this season has not gone through nursing even once. (via SPORT)