08 January 2012

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week19] FC Barcelona B 1 - 1 CD Numancia

Barcelona B and Numancia were gave today a tie (1-1) at the start of the year, a result that did not satisfy either of the two sets, as did so many merits both for losing the match to tie the victory.

Year opened the branch in his feud challenged by the long Christmas break Eusebio Sacristan that the technician had given to his own, no more and no less than sixteen days holiday deemed appropriate for his team to regain energy.

Something seemed to have succeeded when, after a somewhat hesitant fifteen minutes, Barça injected the pace needed to refine the game to your taste and enjoyment.

The key Eusebio had it when he changed sides and Deulofeu Tello, who had started from the bands left and right respectively, and immediately noticed the team in their game. Significantly improved its presence in the grass and sometimes even to a trickle, began to sprout from the boots of Soriano.

The clearest after a pass Rafinha measured, the striker sent the crossbar after chopping above adamant goal. He liked the club for a while, but managed to stifle that momentum Numancia near the break.

Special thanks to the inmates of Cedric, who took advantage of defensive mismatches culés. A center of '10 'as took Montoya the sticks, when Lake Junior was about to head for goal.

The schedule of afternoon siesta more inviting sofa and blanket and that led to the film. No clear owner, with a more direct game, about Juanjo was surprising when, unmarked in the area, sent a header just inches from the post.

The restart did not seem to change the script, although in this case was Sergi Roberto who blew a face to face. The azulgranas pressed, but they knew that something was missing. Maybe a little touch, some accuracy may certainly quite calm and greater presence of their brains.

Only when they realized it and neurons of Dos Santos, Rafinha and Sergi Roberto began to connect, the party plunger. And in those, Deulofeu let out a meta Closed center pad Eduardo Soriano is horrible and always Soriano, did not spare the gift of kings, marking both pleasure.

But, as in the first half, some endured the rule of Barça B. Was half time and the exchange of blows broke. Repelled spreaders auctions and Tello Junior Lake and counterattacks for both sides were continuing.

The Numancia got his reward. Del Pino headed without opposition, something that is repeated too often, a corner kick and tied the score at the local defensive parsimony.

The referee annulled a goal to Soriano and the game went crazy in a final that anyone could win, so the deadlock seemed so unfair as deserved for both. (via MD)

[technical Data]
Barcelona B: Masip; Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Lobato; Dos Santos (Carmona, min. 88), Rafinha, Sergi Roberto (Rodri, min. 85); Deulofeu (Riverola, min. 60), Tello and Jonathan Soriano.

Numancia: Eduardo; Unai (Malón, min. 65), Jaio, Cabrera, Nano; Cedric (Victor Andrés, min. 70), Julio Álvarez, Sunny, Lago Junior; Bedoya (Del Pino, min. 59) and Juanjo.

Goals: 1-0: Soriano, min. 58. 1-1: Del Pino, min. 72.

Referee: López Acera (Extremadura school). Yellow card shown to visitors Bedoya (min. 24), Unai (min. 25), Juanjo (min. 40), Junior Lake (min. 44).

Incidents: Match of the nineteenth-day Second Division match at the Barcelona Miniestadi to 2567 spectators.