08 January 2012

[Barça B] Jonathan Dos Santos: "I hope it's my time"

Mexican midfielder of Barca B expects this year to prove he is ready to make the jump to the first team.

Mexican midfielder of Barça B , Jonathan Dos Santos , has said he hopes this year will reach the "moment" to show he is ready to jump into the first team, especially because the Malian Seydou Keita will be absent about a month by the African Nations Cup dispute.

"Since the beginning of the season this year I had to be mine. I am excited and I hope my time," said in an interview with EFE Barca player, who this season has been called repeatedly by Pep Guardiola .

Indeed, Guardiola hinted this week that given the low Keita by the dispute African team championship, could possibly have a player squad for the vacancy, but neither said a hundred percent and he added that his assistant had to study it technical support.

That is why although Dos Santos knows that this season is making "merit" in the subsidiary to respond to a possible call from the first team coach, admits he is not the only one who could choose to earn that position.

"There are many players who can replace, as Sergi Roberto . I will be here taking advantage of every day with my team and working to the max ", explained:" I have to show much yet. "

"Proving", repeated several times the Mexican. And is that despite being the senior international for his country and a permanent fixture in the midfield in the second division Eusebio Sacristan, the younger brother of former Barca player Giovani Dos Santos has an obsession.

After being on the line last summer to participate in a debate party with prostitutes during the concentration of the America's Cup for his country, Jonathan has focused this season to regain the confidence of his club, technicians and the fans, after being sanctioned by the federation of their country and apologize to Mexican fans and Barca.

"I know I'm working fine, I'm doing a good season with my team and I know Guardiola can count on us anytime, "he explains. "And merits" to regain that trust, she adds cautiously, "I think there is some."

More mature and settled in the subsidiary, which is one of the pillars, the club rewarded his channeling with a renewal until 2015. Guardiola also has been involved in several meetings with the first team, as a few minutes in a win over the Milan in the Champions League in selfsame San Siro..

"What I can contribute to the first team? If you already have everything up to have! Jokes, but not their ability to add" a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of teamwork and a little touch. "

In any case, his head is now in the reserves, who yesterday escaped him two points against Numancia in the Miniestadi, which have only managed ten of thirty points to be seasonal.

"We were not at our best. It was a tough game and although we knew we had to win in the end the draw is not such a bad result," he noted. "But maybe he adds self-miss by a little more forcefully earlier. We always have a goal lead and we draw, take more of firepower both back and front. We must also put them up." (via MD)