20 January 2012

[Barça B] Eusebio runs out of the credit to the front of the "B"

Zubizarreta sponsored a small hill with the technical secretariat and the coach to find solutions.

The defeat of Barça B in Las Palmas stung. The loss of points and the bad image that gave the team direction caused the sport to decide to take action on the matter. In an attempt to find a way out, on Monday organized a small hill to thoroughly review currently surrounding the subsidiary. The appointment had the director's of professional soccer presence, Andoni Zubizarreta, those responsible for the technical secretary, Narcís Julià and Albert Valentine, and the coach of the team, Eusebio Sacristán.

As has transpired in the meeting, in addition to finding the discomfort of the evolution of Barça B, the dome blaugrana demanded an immediate reaction. In fact, it had an impact on the team has two consecutive clashes Mini Stadium, against Xerez and Huesca, which should serve to radically change the course of the championship and move away permanently from places that they can question the permanence in II A. No one can speak of any ultimatums and ready to take over from Eusebio.

The mission statement was accompanied by several specific details that have surpassed the walls of Mini Stadium locker room. On the one hand, there is evidence of some disorder in the template you have liked least. In addition, during the break in Gran Canaria Stadium events occurred which are considered worrisome and can not happen again.

Fuentes of the club has confirmed that Eusebio pointed out that it is convinced of straightening the address of the team. Throughout the week there have been several internal discussions to correct defects both in sporting and internal functioning.

The technical secretariat also outlined the need to address a major refurbishment in the template with the end of the season. A priori, one senses an impressive list of high and low. As for the future of Eusebio is a mystery. The coach has one season left on his contract but whether to continue or seek new challenges in the football market. The doors are open to what is deemed necessary. (via SPORT)