21 January 2012

[Barça B] Eusebio: "It's Rodri time"

With Jonathan Soriano's confirmed march to FC Red Bull Salzburg, the coach of the branch aims that Rodri is one of the players that can be better in centre-forward position Eusebio trusts the quality of the Juvenil one fully to reinforce Barça B when it is necessary.

After that was the penultimate training session before receiving, on Sunday, Xerez , Eusebio Sacristan has assessed the progress of Jonathan Soriano . He also made ​​mention of the various options to meet its low and pointed to the importance of achieving the three points on the commitment of this Sunday's Miniestadi against Xerez .

Thus, the Barcelona coach has explained that his staff has fit very well the progress of Soriano , because it is a great opportunity in his football career: "All the news we have fitted very well. The staff is happy for him because will improve in his career. This is good news for the group, and we are very happy for him. "

In this sense, Eusebio commented that during the preseason and worked to plan a template that could be produced this way. Fully influencing the options to meet the low Soriano , the technician pointed very directly to a specific player, Rodri. "Rodri is a player who is better in this position of striker. This low will allow you more minutes in this position. It's your time," he explained. The coach also has until the end of the season with Rafinha as an alternative in this position, as it did at the beginning of the course.

As already shown on other occasions, Eusebio has full confidence in the Youth A to complete his team: "If there is low in juveniles have players that are doing very well and have the capacity and quality to strengthen us." One of them, as confirmed by the same coach, is Dongou , who participated in the last two preparatory sessions of the Barça B: "He's doing very well. could be strengthened in a particular time and for this reason that we often with us from now on. "

The Barça B faces two home games against Xerez and Huesca . The goal is clear: "Trying to break the streak of games without a win." For now, the team is fully focused on the first of the two, this Sunday: "We always focus on the next game, which in this case is that of Xerez. We hope to get three points so you can see the future of a much more optimistic. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)