30 January 2012

[Barça B] Dongou debut with Barça B at 16 years

The Juvenil A forward is "very excited and happy" for playing with the reserves squad. Jean Marie left in the minute 85 in the place of Rodri, in the game against Huesca of the League Adelante he is "Always necessary to be prepared. Where I have to play and do I have to play well, "said the Cameroonian.

Jean Marie Dongou, one of the best players of the Juvenil A, with Barca B debut at age 16. Cameroon played this Saturday for the first time with Barca at the 22nd branch of the League Two hours in the game against SD Huesca. Dongou the pitch came in minute 85, but did not have long demonstrated that it is a good bet in the face of upcoming matches.

Eto'o, who joined Barca from football training Eto'o Foundation is very excited about his debut with Barça B: "For me it was a dream. I am very happy to play with players older than me, which I have much appreciation. " Young striker has been felt welcomed by his fellow subsidiary, and explained that "all congratulated me, and everyone was happy for me."

"Work, not stopped working, and I hope to try to seize the opportunity," he said Dongou. Eusebio Sacristan, who said the Cameroonian and I was doing very well and "could reinforce the Barcelona B at a given moment" when the player is trained with them last weekend, encouraged him to "keep working hard."

Oscar Garcia is also pleased with the debut of Jean Marie: "I am delighted that young players to debut in the second A. We're proud all of us involved in grassroots football, and all we've trained. " He added that "all players who are in Barca's youth player have to pull higher level and become professionals." (via FCBarcelona.cat)