27 January 2012

Cantera in the winter market

Injuries hit the group, but Guardiola discards to look to the 'mercato.' The coach has 14 players of the first team after the last drops.

Setbacks in the form of injuries piling up to Guardiola. In recent times players fall like a house of cards involved. Keita walks in the African Nations Cup. Unfortunate Fontàs joined the club of the Crusaders. Maxwell resigned for Paris. Iniesta suffered again the crudeness of the biceps femoris. The clavicle has Alexis on tenterhooks. Villa and Afellay have long since nursing care. A mess for Pep. Only 14 first team players available.

The scenario predicts difficulties in managing the workforce minutaje, but Guardiola will be faithful to his speech and seek solutions at home. Again the subsidiary. The youngest. In the midfield, with Iniesta was three weeks and Keita in the African Nations Cup, Sergi Roberto and Dos Santos will also play. They are two very pleasing players Guardiola and know what is playing on the first team. Especially striking is the case of Robert, a footballer arrived, able to break between lines, that this course has shown its best side of first team players. Jonathan has also managed to meet the requirements of the first team when he had minutes. Guardiola has praised repeatedly to both players. For now, Cesc and Thiago will be the first choice to take over from Iniesta. If Peter wins role, Cesc delay its position as happened against Real Madrid in the last clásico. If Fabregas Guardiola prefers above, Thiago in principle should have minutes Fuentealbilla position. In the locker room no doubt about the reliability of the youngest, in meetings and before L'Hospitalet, hinted that the team's future is in good hands, "we'll pull the quarry and with which we are," repeated over and over Guardiola time. The technician will also have to shake the branch to address the low top team. Cuenca has become one more of the first computer Do in part by long-term injury of Afellay what role will continue with plans of Guardiola. Tello is the other name that can take power after the mishap of Alexis, who must stand two weeks. The end has become one of the players most used by Eusebio in the subsidiary and the Copa its staging was magnificent with overflow plays and even seeing goal twice before L'Hospitalet.

Few and well drained. This is the plan of Guardiola. Nothing new, as the technician has always felt more comfortable with short templates. To coach all players must feel. (via SPORT)