16 January 2012

[Barça B] Barça B has a headache

They have already flown as minimum eight points like consequence of the air plays or to stopped ball.

The subsidiary suffered a stinging defeat on Saturday during his visit to UD Las Palmas and also fit his seventh goal of the season head. Without doubt, a serious problem that hinders the achievement of good results, as rivals often seize every ball hanging from the area, while it costs the team blaugrana translate his usual horror best game (premise this did not happen on Saturday).

Furthermore, given the fact that most of these seven goals have burdened decisively the aspirations of the subsidiary. The bloody start to the season resulted in this facet, but after ten matches without conceding a goal in this manner the team led by Eusebio Sacristan and conceded many head in the last two days.

The first dates from the second day (first championship game), the Mini against Villarreal B (0-2) who took the lead after 33 minutes through a header from Airam. In the fourth, Deportivo also won the feud Blaugrana for 2-3 and also opened their scoring with a header from a pass Lassad Guardado. And in the fifth, Barça B saw the Hercules went back in the Rico Pérez mark at 2-1 he scored in the 70th minute after Samuel Marc Bartra ahead to score with his head.

Barça B closed at Recreativo bleeding and Sabadell, but the business again in the eighth round in Alcorcón (2-2) and twice. Paco Montanes took the lead to Madrid in the 21 'to pass Fernando Sales and Quini seized a shipment of Carlos Martinez to tie the discount ... Both head! No doubt, the technician took up the matter to avoid these lethal defensive mismatches. In fact, the subsidiary linked ten matches without conceding goals such. In fact they were eleven, but in the latter, on December 17 in Valladolid (1-0), Oscar's goal came after playing with the wheel head a corner. And the next, the day 19 in the Mini against Numancia, Juanjo failed to score twice in the head, all alone, while at the end Del Pino headed in a corner goal by Julio Alvarez launched in 72 ¿. And on Saturday, 2-1 on UD Las Palmas was the work of David Gonzalez with the head to center Jonathan Viera.

In those eight goals (counting the Oscar) have integrated players behind most common and most circumstantial, so it does not seem a problem of personnel. Montoya, Bartra, Sergi Gómez and Lobato were present in five, while Muniesa, Balliu, Planas and Armando attended three. The juvenil Grimaldo, who played the entire game in Cartagena (0-4), and Oriol Rosell, which debuted on Saturday, are the only defenders who have not lived this. (via SPORT)