30 January 2012

Attentive to Guardiola

In the club there is who he interprets that it will sign shortly to reinforce the morals of the team in a delicate moment.

Overcome the preliminary round agaist Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey, and before entering of full in the decisive phase of the season - Champions also returns February 14 -, Barça and Pep Guardiola could announce the renovation of the coach azulgrana more shortly for a season. So far, neither party has refused to confirm the information. Moreover, maintaining a total secrecy. Yet that is precisely what leads to belief that the continuity of coach Guardiola is closer every day. As revealed MD last week, Guardiola confessed to his team that "you give me strength to continue," a factor to take into account, as Pep is a very generous person with his relatives, who want responsible for ensuring the continued another year at the club.

Despite his confidence in the players is totally more than one occasion and said that "for me to doubt them to miss me a lot and repeatedly doing the wrong thing, something I have not seen" - Guardiola could take advantage of Saturday's setback at El Madrigal to give now the 'do want' and so give a bombshell on the costumes.

Each and every one of his players have been questioned by Guardiola continued openly expressed his desire that Pep follow "not just a year, but many more." So now that a certain sector of Barcelona has unnerved by seven points seen Real Madrid in the league, and in the capital and are celebrating the title while still remaining 54 points to go, Guardiola could exploit the tessitura for renewal and, thus, reassure both his players and the fans.

What is not expected to vary in the renewal of Guardiola is the duration of his contract. Although the Barça fans and most of his players would bet on him as a coach many years, there will be Pep true to his ideals and, therefore, will sign for one year. The president Sandro Rosell has stated on more than one occasion that Guardiola has the contract on his desk ready to renew when you want and how you want-for a year, one plus one, two, three or a maximum of four, which is what the current policy remains in office. Still, as he did when Laporta offered a blank check to sign, Pep is in favor of going year to year. In addition, he has always said that the Barca bench is not eternal and that five years are those who assume if renewed for another cycle, would be reasonable. (via MD)