26 January 2012

Arbeloa: "We got where we have left"

Alvaro Arbeloa, who plays for Real Madrid, Mourinho claims justified in asserting that his players had heard that it was impossible to win at Camp Nou.

Alvaro Arbeloa, owner of the Real Madrid side in the match against Barcelona in the mixed zone ensured that his team has been "better than them, we had more chances and we did better football."

"We played a great game until we have left. It is difficult to emerge stronger when you removed, but it is very difficult to win here," said the Spanish international.

"We have to go back in the league insurance, Champions still do not know ...", said about future clashes with Pep Guardiola, adding that" it is difficult to leave happy today, because you have been eliminated from the Copa King, it's been things that we liked, but we'll go with the fact that it was better than them. "

Declarations of Mourinho told a news conference after the match, which claimed he had heard his players say that it was impossible to win at Camp Nou, Arbeloa was justified by saying: "You go to the locker room too hot, there were things that we liked with the referee, are small details that are not going to make an excuse, but it has been wrong with Real Madrid today. "

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