16 January 2012

The 'antivillarato' still works

Another day, Guardiola had to overcome to hit the opponent and arbitral awards.

Yesterday was the turn of Iglesias Villanueva. And the referee was not lucky for Galician just over ninety minutes-long meeting. Once again, the collegiate charge of administering justice turn Barca accumulated gross errors in your must, of those who do harm to the eye as they happen live and are repeated insistently through the television.

But the most amazing, though increasingly less seen the surprise outcome of the championship, is that punished the arbitration blunders ever, the set of Pep Guardiola. Iglesias Villanueva ate one of those penalties clamorous, Jefferson Montero action on Andres Iniesta who can not doubt either justification or possible based on clusters of players.

The subsequent yellow card of the FC Barcelona midfielder was the last straw to an action that is to throw your hands to the head. It is true that subsequent goals Alexis Sanchez and Leo Messi subtracted importance to the fateful play, but it rains, it pours and refereeing errors backpack against the Blaugrana interests overweight.

After the meeting, Iniesta was astonished not to comment on the controversial action of the second part. "I've been very clear about the penalty and who knows what will be interpreted by the arbitrator. Fortunately, this action has no significance in the final outcome, "he said. The player also declined to incomprehensible blood on the card and was hopeful that the final void. "I hope I can take it. I guess the pictures speak for themselves and I will have been torn down, I have not thrown away. There is no other explanation. "

The theory of Memec Villarato and these sounds have long joke, heavy of course. But lately suffered surrealistic beginning to acquire, especially if compared to arch-rivals Real Madrid. The contrast in the day fought just reflects the reality of the current championship. The rookie protected Perez Montero and contributed decisively to Jose Mourinho's squad will turn around to Marcador penalty ignored in the Madrid area and ridiculous offside on a one on one against Casillas. In contrast, Iglesias Villanueva, did everything possible and impossible to stop the Blaugrana are at least two points in the Camp Nou.

Translating the mistakes made by judges in virtual points, Real Madrid can boast `does have scored seven additional points due to errors the product of the members. And curious fact that Barça could have added the same background if the referees had not harmed directly to your computer. That is, the classification of the Spanish League First give a radical and the first and second place would alternate it not for the direct impact of the establishment of arbitration.

But back to what happened at the Camp Nou, Iglesias Villanueva overcame one such challenge worthy of framing on the album of the nightmares of any braid. In one game, in fact within a few minutes apart, did something unusual so far: rile two knights on a real field such as Andres Iniesta and Leo Messi. Among penalties ignored and misjudgments on the edge of the area bética, both players protested ostensibly unfortunate decisions of the College. More than one in the stands was feared that latent nervousness on the lawn could translate into a possible second yellow and subsequent expulsion catastrophic outcome.

Ecuador's Liga with two brushes you absolutely opposed attitudes from the bench for Real Madrid and Barça. Jose Mourinho, his constant complaints in the past, their usual protests and even their public notes contrasted sharply with recent statements by Pep Guardiola. Santpedor coach lamented the misfortune that Barça has had in the past but recalled that arbitration proceedings subsequent scandals and possible outbursts in press statements and do not lead to anything positive and do not translate into real points in the classification. Two ways of understanding the world of sports that do not resemble anything.

The draw Cornella-El Prat and has no solution. Barca left two points because of an error in the final minutes arbitration of the meeting. What happened yesterday because it was able to mend the wisdom of Alexis and Leo Messi. Two very different but the late start from the same error: God and support costs indicate a maximum penalty each time you fall in front of the boat rivals or areas suspicious plays are produced. Another irrefutable fact: the Mourinho has launched seven maximum sentences while Barca has enjoyed only three. (via SPORT)