09 January 2012

Alves, a victim of racist chanting in Cornellà

From the Curve Jove made him the 'monkey' in a lamentable performance.

The sensitivity of Turienzo Álvarez should suffice for the higher echelons of Spanish sport punishing serious racist abuse he received Alves , especially in the first half.

The sound "Uh, uuuuh!" sadly recognizable heard each time the Brazilian touched the ball and unfortunately were not occasional or repressed after a first pulse, demonstrating a clear willingness to try to provoke the Barca Dani Alves.

The reaction of the Curva Jove of the stands, from where the shy and monkey cries, was reproached in some sectors of the field and some live on radio commentators themselves-white team, stunned by an attack that can sound just as annoying and unpresentable for black players from Espanyol.

The ultimate eradication of this type of action happens, of course, by the loud and clear reporting of the facts and action. Shakira also received, the couple Piqué , and to the country in a Barca shirt sponsor on a banner that read: "Qatar is not Catalonia".

The Barça board secretary Toni Freixa, issued a twitter from the stadium spreading what happened in the derby, an intolerable situation that can only lead to a unanimous conviction that bilateral relations between the two clubs remain cordial and that institutionally social and citizen nor a front leading to conflict and controversy.

At least once happened, that is available for hereinafter or may not play against Barcelona or to any other rival a situation of this caliber. Football must serve precisely to encourage integrationist behavior. (via MD)