02 January 2012

Abidal, affected by the Spanish government's decision

One of the many key economic decisions taken during the Council last Friday Miniestros can directly influence the sport-economic planning FC Barcelona . The tax increase announced by the Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, 2012 stipulates that income exceeding 300,000 euros in Catalonia passed to pay tax of 49% to 56%. In the whole State is 52%. The significant increase in the marginal rate can become an obstacle to lay the foundations for the renewal of wage Eric Abidal .

The French defender has acknowledged in recent months that the tax issue was one of the main obstacles of his contract extension with Barcelona . During its first four-year contract, and based on the so-called "Beckham Law ', Abidal , who joined in 2007, has only been taxed on 24% of their gross salary. From the fifth year in Spain, as a player abroad, went to pay the IRS 49% of your data. Therein lies the point of contention between Barça and Abidal , who had much less in the pocket. Now, unless the club would raise the gross salary will still be less liquid, (via MD)