22 January 2012

The 1 x 1 of the injured Barca

The press conference of doctors and Cugat Pruna has served to clarify the status of the injured Barca.

After the game against Betis, Barca left with only 15 first team players. Had in those moments Keita Africa Cup (which began on Saturday), Maxwell transferred to PSG and four injured. This is the situation of the four injured.

After about ten days to be low for a muscle problem, Pedro received a medical discharge on Saturday and could travel with the team to Malaga.

Andreu Fontàs was operated this Saturday to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. It should be between six and seven-month low and to be ready for the next preseason.

David Villa is recovering from a fractured tibia suffered in the semifinal match of the Club World Cup 2011. At the press conference after the intervention performed to Fontàs, Dr. Cugat explained that "it is true that we feel that Villa is cutting time, but we can not take the rooftops. You should go with caution. We are in the callus consolidation process of the wound product. Theirs goes smoothly and in a few days we will remove two screws you have. "

About Ibrahim Afellay, the news is also good. According to Dr. Pruna, "Afellay retrofitted it with activity, indoor recovery. From the first week of February will go out and do exercises on the football field. Plans are met." And Cugat added, "is fine. It goes like a motorcycle and we have to be slowing." (via SPORT)