30 December 2011

[Former player] Wenger confirms the return of Henry

Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger French, confirmed that Thierry Henry's return to the club 'gunner' is almost a given.

"This is a transfer agreement for two months, but you have to arrange the details, which are not closed. We have to respect the agreements with the American League and the Red Bulls, so we have not advertised as safe," said Wenger on Arsenal's facilities.

In the technician's opinion, Henry "has experience, quality, knows the club and can help the players inside of and outside of the field." Wenger explained that the possible incorporation of Henry strengthen the team during the absence of Morocco Marouane Chamakh and the Ivorian Gervinho, who will play the African Nations Cup. (via SPORT)

Puyol has some muscle discomfort

Carles Puyol, discomfort in the left adductor is low as a precaution for tonight's match between Catalunya and Tunisia. (via FCB twitter account)

The young Sergio Ayala, novelty Barca training

With Keita, Iniesta, Puyol and Alexis, to the margin of the group, the news in the train azulgrana it was the presence of four players of the branch - Cuenca, Montoya, Muniesa, Sergi Roberto - and of juvenil Sergio Ayala.

Barca made a gentle workout on the penultimate day of the year. During the session, the Malian Seydou Keita was brought outside the rest of the group as a precaution because of a sore left knee, like Iniesta, who continues to make up work.

For his part, Captain Carles Puyol and Alexis Sanchez also exercised on their own. In the training four players of the branch participated: Cuenca, Montoya, Muniesa and Sergi Roberto, besides Sergio Ayala, coming from the group juvenil azulgrana. (via SPORT)

Barca define the strategy for the signing of Gareth Bale

For Harry Redknapp is a player non-transferable, and it has publicly reported for any team to sign him in January purporting to be saved the inconvenience, but this summer might be different.

According to the ' Daily Mirror', Barcelona already planning on signing Gareth Bale next June. Barça is preparing the workforce of the next season, which provides that one of the positions to be strengthened is the left side, and therefore has established guidelines to follow to bid for Welsh.

Most important is the maximum price they would pay the Catalans: 30 million euros . Price it at first seems to be insufficient to achieve the star of White Hart Lane . Bale is still the leader of a Tottenham who is third in the Premier , in the shadow of the teams of Manchester , and its value keeps rising every season.

For Harry Redknapp is a player non-transferable, and it has publicly reported for any team to sign him in January purporting to be spared the inconvenience. Although next summer could change history. The England coach knows he can not keep him forever in the 'Spurs', where aspiring to enter the Champions League but has little chance of getting titles. (via AS)

Bale sweeps as signing of 2012 and Neymar has a good time

Gareth Bleats, the left-handed polivalente of Tottenham, is the defensive reinforcement preferred by the liking of Barça, as he comes off of the results of a survey hung in the web of Mundo Deportivo. The Welshman, 22, clearly exceeds 55 percent of the vote to other defenders studied sports club management as Jordi Alba (Valencia), Thiago Silva (Milan) and Iñigo Martínez (Real Sociedad) . It is also chosen over the possibility of rising to a defense of the subsidiary in a survey in which, at press time, had involved more than 3,000 followers.

Indeed, Bale was on Tuesday the protagonist in the Spurs' victory over Norwich (0-2) in the Premier League to achieve the two goals, one of them spectacular, showing off his powerful stride to leave behind several rivals before chipping the goalkeeper to beat the ball with a touch worthy of Messi. And football is that their progression will increasingly moving away from the defensive to make you a midfielder or even at one end. Its contribution could match that of Alves on the right side of Barça, although in his case on the left.

Each season has more goal: in the present and has eleven goals (seven in the Premier League, one in the Europa League and three with the selection of Wales), only one fewer than the twelve that achieved during the 2010-11 academic year: seven in the Premier League, four in the Champions League and one in Wales. In 2009-10 was made up of three, the same as in 2007-08, while in 2008-09 did not score.

"It's going good in the air, is as strong as a bull, he can run, dribble and shoot. It's an incredible player who has no weaknesses, but most importantly of all, it's a great kid." So defined his coach Harry Redknapp, the BBC after his exhibition in Norwich, advancing even results of the survey of Web MD, perhaps knowing that Barça seeks defenders: "Not for sale, has said the president . I know very wealthy clubs like Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Manchester City could pay much money, but Bale is priceless. How much should we ask? ".

Neymar, another future of Barça, in this case and tied in 2014 - or earlier - showed his magic in the eighth edition of the 'party of the stars' organized by Zico in Sao Paulo. The striker managed a goal and participated in three more in a match that served to honor the late Socrates.

The crack of Santos sported alongside legends like Ronaldo, Zico and Rai, brother of Socrates, who played together on the team who won 7-5 to another combination in which shone Djalminha (ex Deportivo). Neymar part of the party trying to dribbling and juggling impossible and even talked on a cell phone during a meeting with Luke

Despite the festive nature of the party and beneficial, the fact that the scenario was Morumbi Stadium Sao Paulo, led to some of the 35,000 fans who attended were devoted to provoke military Neymar for Santos, club rival. Specifically, we heard shouts of "Messi, Messi", just happens to Cristiano Ronaldo in numerous European and Spanish courses, each time the crack touched the ball, in reference to what happened in the final of Club World Cup in Japan. There the '10 'Argentine scored two goals in the 4-0 friendly club, which drew criticism in Brazil to poor response by the Santos in general, and Neymar in particular.

The forward admitted that "I am saddened that some people are supporting me and the Santos. We were the team that was representing Brazil in the Club World Cup". (via MD)

[Ex-player] Pizzi: "Messi is unreachable for the past, present and future"

At 43, after several experiences, Juan Antonio Pizzi enjoys his life as a coach in the Second Division in Argentina, as coach of Rosario Central.

- What coach will identify in your training period?

Reference to any coach today is Barcelona. From there, one must give an identity to the schools to lead. If I had to choose a line of football, would the Dutch school. From there I try to take things. At Barcelona I had Bobby Robson and Van Gaal, with whom he agreed on what I thought.

- As your ex-partner of Barcelona, ​​Guardiola and Luis Enrique ...

Yes, we did the training course together. The training activity is an alternative that we find the former players we want our life to follow linked to an environment that is familiar.

- With Guardiola!?

Yes, it was a very nice experience. There were Sergi, Nadal, Ferrer, Julio Salinas, Rafael Alkorta ... It was a special course for former players of selection of Spain. We were 25 or 30.

- Did he give you the recipe Pep? How do you do?

Ja, ja. No. Pep was doing the course, but do not know if I would coach. And today is leading the best team in history. With Luis still more in touch. With Pep out there sent us some mail or our wives are friends, but with the times and distances is more difficult to maintain a relationship. Since he started leading the first, we have not agreed to talk about football. Pep is a recognized as a person, player and coach.

- It also coincides closely with Mourinho, before it was what it is today.

True, but he was a translator for Bobby Robson when I played in Barcelona.

- Have you had profile coach?

No, I had the current profile. Its great virtue was to learn from the technicians who had his hand, as Robson and Van Gaal. And he gave his identity to the equipment. He learned a lot, were trained and took advantage.

- Do you see yourself heading in Spain?

Today I do not project too. Football takes you where he wants. Today Rosario Central project. But if I put a little common sense is not unreasonable that the lead tomorrow in Spain.

- Messi or Cristiano?

Messi is doing what is unattainable for the past, present and probably will be for the future. There will another so in a long time.

[Selection; Catalunya] Midfield Barça plays today with Catalunya

The best selection Catalan history faces Tunisia in the stadium 'Olímpico Lluís Companys' in the traditional Christmas friendly.

The stadium Olímpico Lluís Companys will be today Catalunya witnessed the best ever. Are unanimous in highlighting the talent of a group of players of undisputed quality, star-level selections (there are six world champions in the group) and axes of a Barcelona that for many is the best team in history.

The Catalan team has also gained media attention with the presence of a character as flashy as Johan Cruyff, who Catalonia has a long romantic relationship from his years at the club. Is credited to Dutch influence on Catalan culture and the legacy of soccer in a style that many Catalans now recognize as their own.

The Catalan team will face Tunisia, a low-profile rival, unknown to most fans, but the game is loaded with incentives. Among them, the presence of Cesc, this time it may be with the Catalan, which is not usually happen by Arenys commitments with Arsenal at this time. To date, Fabregas had only had the opportunity to play a friendly against Catalonia and now you can reconnect with the players he faced in the bottom of Barcelona, ​​this time shared the same goal.

Along with eight players are Cesc over Barcelona. Valdes, Pique, Puyol, Font, Busquets, Xavi, Sergi Roberto and Cuenca. Their involvement portends a touch Catalunya and offensive profile. Moreover the presence of Cruyff in the bank. The Dutchman has excelled in the hours before the meeting the importance of having a large number of fans in the stadium on a very pointed, especially vindictive. The forecasts were quite optimistic yesterday do you expect about 35,000 people today, what for a meeting that will bring together a generation of players that specialists, understand, would be competitive in the highest demand for official tournaments. Cruyff, who will once again Oscar Garcia (Juvenil A coach of Barcelona) as an assistant, is a priority that the meeting ends without injury. That's why the Dutchman is expected that the Barcelona players that reach the party charged of minutes play only half time. "The important thing is that nobody gets hurt, come to have fun," Oscar said yesterday. The second Cruyff also stressed the commitment of the players, who had no any problem to play the game, despite the tight schedule. Johan also said that this year the problem was having to leave some players out of the list. Technicians plan to take minutes at 22 players invited to the meeting. One of the more forward facing the party is Bojan, a player often shows his best side with the Catalan, as has happened in recent years friendly.

Unlike other occasions, this time Catalunya has not made a single workout to prepare for the meeting. For the players of Barcelona, ​​Guardiola finally decided yesterday to participate in the morning session, but is expected to exercise less pace and only do some stretches. In the afternoon, and will focus in the Catalan.

To all this, Tunisia will encounter after winning by 0-2 on Wednesday to Euskadi. The African team is preparing for the African Cup, played in January in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Front will have the best Catalan seelcción memory. In the stadium Olímpico Lluís Companys game is expected today in style. The last record (three wins) predict performance. (via SPORT)

The interview ghost to Guardiola arrived of Qatar

The magazine 'Doha Stadium' published the coach's false declarations.

The magazine catarí 'Qatar Doha Stadium Plus' surprised yesterday with an extensive interview with Pep Guardiola. The first impulse is to ask whether it is true, because the technician does not grant interviews and breaks his rule only in exceptional cases. However, the close relationship that has with Qatar since Santpedor went by the football of that country,, might suggest that there had been one of those cases. The interview also seemed a compilation of statements that the coach has been done over three and a half years ahead of the Blaugrana first team, mostly during press conferences. In his Cruyff praised and talked about the motivation necessary and essential that they should have elite players to continue competing. Nothing new, but always interesting coming from who supposedly came from. The problem is that those words were not out of his mouth, although they could have done. Apparently, an interview was purchased from a Dutch news agency. The club denied that Pep Guardiola had given any interviews to any media Dutch whoever asked for it without being forced, which makes sense, to any statement. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Catalunya] The reunion with Bojan

The Linyola willshare wardrobe with his former teammate of Barça in Lluís Companys again.

Ten days before meeting the squad for tonight's game, Bojan asked permission from Luis Enrique and Rome to be with Catalonia in the Lluís Companys Stadium. Since it debuted on December 29 in Bilbao with the selection, has not lost a single match. Catalan wearing the shirt has always felt very comfortable and has signed major actions: scored on his debut against Argentina repeated and made double to Honduras.

Those parties will serve to forget that he had little role in Barça and reconciled with football. So since it became known Cruyff's team play again in December, he set to work to be with Catalunya. But this time is special, since, after his departure for Rome, had not yet been able to match his former teammates at the Camp Nou. Bojan will share a dressing room, if only for a day with friends Puyol and Valdes, Xavi, with Pique, Busquets, Cesc ... And will share minutes on the pitch with them. Play Catalunya is always special, but this time more. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "Finding a replacement for Xavi is one of the major problems in the future"

Cruyff has always shown their devotion by Xavi Hernandez, ensuring that if were not for him, and would egarense the 'Ballon d'Or' in the windows of his house.

"Many think change my words and I say that Xavi is better than Messi", says the current coach of Catalonia, "but it has nothing to do are two different players. Messi is a show and all that, but Barcelona has so many hits and plays so well because Xavi let it run the team. "

Asked if Xavi is one of the most irreplaceable players in the template for their talent and their specific weight, acknowledged that "their goodbye is one of the great problems of Barça. He has 32 years experience, are details that are not easy. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The long vacations of Barça B surprises Pep Guardiola

The coach has not sit well that the subsidiary back on January 2 and enjoy nine days of celebration that his team. At the last moment he has summoned the three players mentioned by Cruyff for the Catalunya-Tunisia: Montoya, Muniesa and Roberto.

The first team of FC Barcelona return to work this afternoon to begin preparing the first game of 2012 against Osasuna , which will be held on January 4. Guardiola has 17 players, as Iniesta , Villa and Afellay are injured and Alves and Messi are allowed to extend their vacation. Under normal conditions, throw Barca B but can not do it because interestingly the subsidiary will not train until 2, which has surprised and really liked Pep, which has been used at the last minute for the first session of the three Cruyff cited by players for the day-Tunisia Catalunya 30, Montoya, Muniesa and Sergi Roberto.

A first team of technicians has not sit well that the B-grown players have enjoyed nine days of celebration that their own players. The Barca played his last match on day 22 compared to Hospitalet, so there will only be counted on six days of vacation. The subsidiary, however, finished the year on Saturday December 17 in Valladolid, and a narrow defeat, and the return on January 2, have had more than two weeks, 16 days.

Eusebio understood that this outweighs the Christmas holidays were shorter than the summer for their players. Some disputed the Under-21 Championship in Denmark in June, others the FIFA Under-20 Colombia in August and two players, Sergi Gomez and Deulofeu, just rested six days between the final of the Copa del Rey youth, Sunday June 26 in Ceuta, and the beginning of the preparation for the European Under-19 Romania, which ended up winning on 6 July.

The first team of Barca who has returned to work was that of the Juvenil A, which is also part of the professional structure of the club. Oscar Garcia's team has trained this morning in Ciutat Esportiva with absences of Ernesto and Ella, injured, Sergi Spreads, Samper, Babunski and Cristian Herrera, summoned with the Under-18 Catalan, and Bagnack and Dongou that are still in Cameroon. Interestingly, these two players started their holidays later to have the same days as their peers. (via MD)

[Selection; Catalunya] Catalunya will honor to Roger Garcia

The second coach will receive a brief acknowledgment Sabadell before the match against Tunisia.
The youngest of the Garcia Junyent is most capped player wearing the shirt of the selection.

TheFederació Catalana de Fútbol will honor on December 30, on the eve of Catalunya-friendly Tunis, Roger Garcia , the most capped player has worn the shirt of the 'Selecció' (12). The current coach of the CE Sabadell will receive a brief survey of the stands and a plaque from the President of the Federation, Andreu Subies.

Roger was formed in the ranks of FC Barcelona and the first team debut in 1995 under the command of Johan Cruyff , curiously the current coach of Catalonia. In 1997 he debuted with 'Selecció' in a friendly against Bulgaria and two years ago hung up his boots after spending also by Espanyol , the Villarreal and Ajax . On the pitch match with his brother Oscar , assistant Cruyff in Catalan.

The Federation has organized other events before and after the meeting, with protagonists of 'castellers' and boys and girls of the U-16 and U-18 . The 'speaker' is Pep Callau and end of the game, the president of the Artur Mas and the president of the FCF Andreu Subies trophies awarded to the winning team and FIATC the best player. (via MD)

They enter to steal in Maxwell's house

The Barca player could not go to training because he has been arranging various roles and bureaucratic issues.

Maxwell Scherrer, FC Barcelona side has not trained on Thursday because they have entered the house to steal. The Brazilian footballer has had to arrange the different roles and bureaucratic issues and asked to leave the club first training after the Christmas holidays. (via MD)

[Ex-player] Giovanni: "Hopefully Neymar comes to Barça"

The ex-player of FC Barcelona Giovanni Silva de Oliveira recommends who was his partner in the Santos Neymar to follow his path.

Giovanni, who plays for FC Barcelona between 1996 and 1999, recommended that the new Brazilian star Neymar who joined the club. They agreed on Santos in 2010 and exblaugrana is clear that the young footballer to play in Spanish football. "I advise Neymar come to Spain. At the level it is today, the best football he is Spanish. For me to come to Barça, Barça forever," said Giovanni to the program 'Mas Esports' COM Radio.

The predictions of Giovanni Silva on his former teammate can not be more flattering. For him, Neymar "will grow more and more. It's a crack. It plays great, is very fast, very fast changes of direction ... It's like Messi but can not be compared because it is a different style of play."

But comparisons are inevitable. And just telling Giovanni that the future can be Neymar. "Messi is the best in the world. Neymar has many years to progress. Now, Messi is at a level higher than Neymar" said exbarcelonista, who insisted that the young Brazilian star "is a disciplined guy. Here in Brazil has played every game ever is not injured and this is very important. "

Giovanni Silva would be delighted if Neymar play at the club and was under the command of Guardiola. The former player of FC Barcelona celebrates the successes of Santpedor: "I'm happy for Guardiola, we had very good relationship, our women were close friends. Guardiola is a symbol of Barcelona, ​​was born in the club, is an institution."

He praises his football and therefore had no doubt he would win the Club World Cup against Santos. "In Brazil we all knew that Santos could not win at Barca. Barça is the only team in the world playing as a team," he told COM Radio.

Giovanni Barca played years back. And one of the deeds that he was a goal scored at the Bernabeu held with various cuts of manga: "My best memory with the club was the goal against Zaragoza gave us the league, but in Brazil, people still stop me from the streets to remember the game against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu where I scored the winning goal and I celebrated by making sausages. "

Currently, Giovanni enjoys his 'retirement' football. Especially because the president of Santos was named scout as originally promised. "Agree with him to scout Santos in my people but unfortunately not kept his word. I promised many things and not kept, how to make a farewell party in Santos," said the footballer. (via SPORT)

Alves: "In Madrid we praise it hurts"

The right-back of FC Barcelona Daniel Alves remembered another time of Real Madrid while it hurries its vacations in Brazil.

Quoted by Four, the Brazilian spoke about the Real Madrid and the envy felt by whites to the titles is conquering Barça. The last, the Club World Cup, Madrid coach defined as 'two partidillo'. "We do not expect much from Real Madrid, all praise be to us, it hurts a lot," said Alves.

Although Madrid is far ahead in the league championship, Dani Alves believes that we should not give more importance to this fact: "We are behind them in the league, but we know they have to stop by and we have to cut points for us to take the title. "

"We are not aware of what we are achieving. Where there is this team will be given greater recognition," insisted the Barcelona player, who threw a message of support for his coach: "We will continue to kill Guardiola. We with him. In the future, more people will appreciate their work. "

Finally, Alves his personal letter to Santa Claus with a desire evident: that Neymar is Barça. "The best time is now Neymar do not know what will within two years. So I hope you can come soon," he said. (via SPORT)

Barça returns to work after the Christmas holiday

Pep Guardiola’s team, 15 first team players and four Barça B players, returned to work this afternoon after the Christmas break.

Maxwell, with the manager’s permission; Alves, who will return to Barcelona on the 31st; and Messi, who will join the team on January 2nd, were the main absentees from today’s training session.

After spending nearly a week on holiday with their families, the first team returned to work this Thursday afternoon. In the first training session after the Christmas break, Pep Guardiola worked with 15 first team players and four Barça B players – Cuenca, Muniesa, Sergi Roberto and Montoya.

One of the absentees was Maxwell, who is in Barcelona, but had permission to miss today’s session for personal reasons. The Brazilian fullback’s house was burglarized over the holiday.

The Barça players returned to work fully focused on their last-16 Cup clash against Osasuna, which will take place on the 4th of January at the Camp Nou (22.00 hrs). Alexis Sánchez was the only player to work apart from the group, while Iniesta, who was injured in the Cup game against Hospitalet, worked out in the gym.

Leo Messi and Dani Alves will join the team in a few days. The Brazilian will return to Barcelona on the 31st of December and Messi will follow suit on the 2nd of January.

Barça will train again on Friday in a double session at the Ciutat Esportiva. The first session will be at 10.30 in the morning and the second will start at 17.30. Both will be closed-door training sessions.

The last training session of 2011 will be on Saturday. It will start at 10.00, the first 15 minutes will be open to the press. Thiago will attend the post-training press conference.

Double visit

The FCB Escola trainers, who are leading the Christmas Football Campus for youngsters, didn’t want to miss out on the first team’s training session this afternoon. David Trueba, Pep Guardiola’s friend, was also present at today’s session. (via FCBarcelona.cat)