29 December 2011

Barça starts up today with the hot potato of Hleb

Barcelona returned to training this afternoon after the Christmas break and Pep Guardiola will start preparing the first game of the year against Osasuna (January 4), corresponding to the departure of the second round of the Cup

The coach will not even Leo Messi and Dani Alves, who has given more vacation days, expect the club resolved in the next few hours the future of Aleksander Hleb, who will rejoin the team after the first discipline Wolfsburg that has not officially announced continuing its assignment.

Pep has already told you do not want to Rosell Belarus, which was completed culé adapt to the locker room at the stage which was at Barça. The coach believes that it can be a destabilizing element in the team and the president has been quick to ensure that under no circumstances Hleb will play at Barça.

One of the measures that will push him by threatening to leave you without dorsal and therefore without the ability to play a minute for the remainder of the season. However, Barça is already negotiating a way out and try to put him in England. (via Marca.com)

[Former B player] Romeu prefers to stay more one year at Chelsea

Oriol Romeu is still one of the biggest surprises in the Premier League and has earned herself a place in the Chelsea midfield thanks to his performances since Villas-Boas trusted him. Barcelona considered a priority if Keita decides to go to Italy in June, but the player has been found in England that does not guarantee continuity at the Camp Nou.

Barcelona passed the five million but included a repurchase clause for the next two seasons. The Catalan club should pay 10 million to get it back in 2012 or 15 million for it in 2013. And I could run it unilaterally, but the preference would be to follow the youth squad a year at Chelsea.

The representative of Oriol Romeu, Magic Javier Diaz, normal is that Barcelona is following the trajectory of the player, as published yesterday BRAND. "It's logical to want it back because he's a player you have a buyback clause and it is normal to follow him and see its evolution," the newspaper said yesterday.

However, Diaz is reluctant Magic the fact that end landfall again in Barcelona in June: "I wonder if he will return? Her dream was to be before leaving Barcelona player and still holds, but now, we can not despise Chelsea, which is the club that has given the opportunity. Oriol has carved a niche in the Premiership and playing regularly. We are committed to Chelsea and we can not let them hang, "he added.

Moreover, the representative believes that all parties should sit down and talk to evaluate all options and see which option is best for his ward, beyond the economic issue: "We should see whether it is appropriate for Barça and the player. See if Barça will continue to evolve as the Chelsea Will these minutes? Maybe it is more convenient to leave a year and recover in 2013. "

Oriol Romeu has been shown to play a big team and one of the big leagues. It has also sucked Barcelona football from the lower grades, so that his return would be practically a guarantee of success. And we must take into account that has the approval of Guardiola. However, under the direct arrival there was some way out in the Barca midfield. (via Marca.com)

[Former player] Riquelme: "I am excited to play with Messi"

The Boca Juniors player, Riquelme said he would like to re-dress after winning the opening albiceleste, and you want to "play alongside Messi, the best in the world".

Juan Roman Riquelme, a former player of FC Barcelona and Villarreal, and now Boca Juniors reference, was interviewed on Fox Sports after he managed to raise the cup of the Argentine Apertura tournament prinicpios December after 3-0 win Banfield.

Argentine footballer through a good moment of form and that is why openly admitted: "I want to help the team, playing alongside Messi again and enjoy the selection. I look forward to play with him, which is the best player in the world, and help you qualify for the team. "

On the Barcelona striker, Riquelme said that "you may be asked to play as in Barcelona," implying that the game system that uses Barça and the players surrounding Messi are not yet available to the albiceleste .

In another vein, Riquelme said "playing for people, I am of the people" and reviewed the latest developments that have occurred in his current club, with the change of presidency and his alleged poor relationship with the new president, Daniel Angelici.

"Footballers do not have to talk about money," said the captain of Boca avoiding the controversy over a premium that would have agreed with the former president Jorge Amor Ameal. Then he acknowledged that "the best president that I had was that of Villarreal and (Peter) Pompillo."

Finally, he was pleased that the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, say he was "happy as a Roman" in a recent statement. "I was surprised that the President of my country will remember me was wonderful," praised Riquelme, visibly happy. (via SPORT)

Pep: "Hunger keeps the engine running"

Josep Guardiola, coach of FC Barcelona, ​​has given an interview to the medium Qatar 'Doha Stadium Plus Qatar' in which reviews his career since he came to Barcelona, ​​his philosophy of football and Barca team today. For Pep, unlikely to give interviews, the titles continue to be what makes his Barça keep it running.

"Let me say that my team will go hungry is perhaps the highest praise that can be done. Next to the skill and vision and hunger is the most important factor. Hunger for further improvement and hunger to win. That is what keeps the engine running even after 13 major titles, "he said. (via AS)

Bale, the untouchable of Redknapp

After showing off to Norwich, with two goals, the left-back Gareth Bale returns to the international showcase.

Gareth Bale is not for sale. The Welsh full-back Tottenham heritage is not going to move to White Hart Lane. Harry Redknapp, the coach of the Spurs has been commissioned to remind the European football in the north of London there are no plans to divest most decisive player of the team.

The last exhibition of Bale, author of two goals from Tottenham's victory in Norwich, has relocated to escape Welsh international in just a few days when it will open the winter market. But Redknapp has been commissioned to dissuade potential buyers. "No, of course Bale is not for sale," he said after the game against the 'canaries'. "And anyway, he added, the Barcelona-only club that has on its agenda-, Real Madrid or Manchester City, no money to pay the clause and the tab."

At 22, Bale sport has reached maturity. Started in rugby, the Welsh soon realized that his site was in football. Of Southampton, his first club, made the leap to Tottenham in the summer of 2007. The White Hart Lane club paid seven million euros for his transfer. Today it is rated at 40. "I do not know if this is the best player in British football, I can say is that it is an incredible player, sometimes unstoppable," said his coach. Bale, however, was elected last April best player in the Premiership.

The player believes that one of the reasons why stands out above the rest is his versatility. "I've always played more on the wings, but now I do more for the environment," said Bale. However, he acknowledges that this freedom of movement means that sometimes have to overcome "the marking of two or three players." Thanks to the contribution not only but also Bale Modric, Van der Vaart or Adebayor, Tottenham is third, seven points of the two teams in Manchester. "They are the favorites," insisted Redknapp. (via SPORT)

The German Löw, an option for the future

The current German coach, Joachim Löw, is one of the options for the future that has the FC Barcelona in the event that Pep Guardiola decided not to go someday. In the event Santpedor over from the heir would first like someone out of the house, but otherwise you have to Löw as a coach would fit into the philosophy of the organization, because he likes attacking football and often rely on young talent. (via MD)

[Barça B] More cantera still for Barça 2012

Cuenca, Montoya, Bartra and Sergi Roberto part of the first team next season, which may also be Dos Santos.

The spate of renovations that have occurred in the last days of Barca players 'B' in specifying that next season the first team players will respond to the intent of Pep Guardiola to build the new boat project, the 2012-2013 season, relying again on the quarry as a complement to the cracks that are currently leading the first team. Up to four players who currently have the tab of the subsidiary will play next season in the Primera Division does not change much if the plan has established the coach. It is about Isaac Cuenca, Martin Montoya, Marc Bartra and Sergi Roberto, with the possibility also that Jonathan Dos Santos is the recruit. The Mexican renewed his contract in early December until June 2015, but that does not mean that Barca are thinking about a possible transfer of the player this summer. In fact, one of the players from the reserves with more offers. If the aspirations of the entity that came, it would not be a problem for Guardiola to continue a player who can act both in the center of the field as right back. What has made it clear that the Mexican is if he stays, will play the first team and not the subsidiary.

In all other cases, it also relies heavily on the four to join the staff of the First Division. The first thing to be resolved is the renewal of Isaac Cuenca, contract ending in June 2012 and still has not reached an agreement. The two parties have shown their willingness to fix the issue and once it is achieved, the end will be the first team for all purposes. In the case of Martin Montoya, who extended contract until 2014, will be the alternative to Alves on the right side. His progress has been dramatic and is seen as the winger for the future. As Bartra, his promotion could go endetrimento of Fontan, who is having little prominence. The player at the moment, not think about leaving. One in which much hope is being deposited Roberto Sergi. That is why even be sold to Keita, club officials have decided not to Oriol Romeu playoffs and give opportunities to Reus. The plan is already underway. (via MD)

A third goalkeeper will arrive

Another of the additions that you plan to make is that of a third goalkeeper Victor Valdes to accompany and Jose Manuel Pinto. It would because Guardiola believes that if you are injured, you should always have two goals that provide the necessary guarantees. The leading candidate is Esteban Andrada (Lanús), although it is possible that the subsidiary, Oier, occupying the square end. (via MD)

The year 2012 will be the defenders at Barça

The biggest investment of Barca in the summer will be in the back area.

If the summer of 2011 was that of Cesc Fabregas and the 2013 is presumably the end of the economic profile of the operation Neymar, who is coming, that of 2012, aims to use the largest possible economic investment to shore up the defensive zone Barça. The priority is to hire a left or a center that can move through the area both in the back four and in three.

The reason to consider strengthening that flank meditate because the club is an outlet for Keita, Maxwell and even Adriano. In the case of Adriano, low priority and is executed only if a good deal. As for Mali, it is understood his desire to have more minutes and finally get a good contract: the Milan is back and Barça could get a good amount in return. As for Maxwell, is terminated at Barça stage. If these three outputs are produced, the arrival of a player for the band seems more than necessary. The player who is more like central Milan's Brazilian Thiago Silva. Although not a specific player band, is seen with the right profile to be on that side when Barca defense used three. The problem is economic. Besides it would have to pay the Italian side for a player who extended contract last season, is the central tab, too high for what you are willing to pay Barça.

Another player who has always been interest is Welsh left-back Gareth Bale Tottenham, 22 on Tuesday and scored twice. The problem with Bale is like there is with Thiago Silva. Renewed contract until 2015 last season and would very expensive to hire. Would have to see how he would be willing to pay Barça, which usually count each season with 45 million more sales. A cheaper option would Jordi Alba, of Valencia, while the future of the youth squad Muniesa is unclear. (via MD)

[Youth] The infantil falls in the first phase of the tournament of Arona

Infantil B of FC Barcelona said goodbye yesterday of the Tournament Alevín Blue BBVA after falling in the first phase.

The combined azulgrana added single three points and it was third of the group C after facing on Tuesday Valencia (defeat, 0-1) and Borussia Dortmund (victory, 3-2); and yesterday to the Atlético (defeat, 2-3) . The combined azulgrana stayed outside of the tournament after not being able to be classified like better one of both third of group of the tournament (both first of each group they happened directly). Espanyol, the Catalan other representative of the tournament of Arona, was also eliminating, while Real Madrid 'one of the favorites of the tournament' they passed to semifinals. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Catalunya] Cesc Fàbregas, from Pichi Alonso to Johan Cruyff

Seven years ago, does not wear the shirt of the 'Selecció', most recently to Brazil on May 25, 2004.

Cesc Fabregas was never able to play for the Catalan Christmas because when I was a militant in the Arsenal it was scarcely possible to meet the coach called Catalan to be immersed in the competition with his team, because we must not forget that during the Christmas season competition never stops in the British Isles. Hence in the last five years, Cesc not able to participate in this great Catalan football game, however much he wanted to join because Wenger was always adamant against this possibility.

Only once could play with Catalonia in the match which was played at the Camp Nou on May 24, 2004, when Pichi Alonso was the coach of Catalonia, and being almost summer dates, the rsenal freed him to play with the Catalan.

In the same vein that is now Arenys Catalan Barcelona midfielder on loan to Chelsea, Oriol Romeu, who was unable to be with his countrymen to be in full competition with the 'blues ¿.

So Romeu have to wait to get back to Barcelona debut 'options With the Catalan. (via SPORT)

Keita won't decide its sport future until meeting with Guardiola

Between Tevez and Mascherano, Milan also follows closely the track of Seydou Keita.

In fact, as Malian midfielder, the Italian club has gone further and has proposed an attractive both economically and sporting. However, the African player has been true to his word and has conveyed what it has informed the other clubs that were interested in his future.

Keita contract ends at the end of the season and decide what your next destination to meet with Guardiola when he returns from Africa Cup. It has the power to extend his contract for another season. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Dongou, a lion Cameroon in love with the football

Dongou is juvenil of first year but, with twelve goals, already fight for the top scorer of the Division de Honor.

Barca saw the Cameroon team in three youth football tournaments played in Tenerife, Lanzarote and Leon before adding half of the 2007-2008 season. Since then, Jean Marie has been proposed Dongou succeed at Barca.

For now, it is on track. Its success will also be the family, which resides in Mbanga, a village west of Cameroon. He is the youngest of five children and the only boy among four sisters. You see them several times each year, but less than they want. His life basically runs between the walls of the Ciutat Esportiva, including training camps and La Masia. In fact, you can spend a whole week without leave. Train with the youth in the morning, eat, rest and study in Sant Joan Despi and all his leisure hours were devoted almost exclusively to football, his passion. Besides being the top scorer of the team of Oscar Garcia is not lost even one of the games broadcast on television. From the Premier League to Come, all you are interested. Indeed, it has been an ardent admirer of Ronaldo since he was in Barcelona and now of Rooney. Also interested in training the rest of the youth teams and their matches this weekend.

He sleeps with Miguel Ángel and Bagnack, his best friend, speak Catalan language immersion through some want to eliminate and, above all, score goals. It is, at age 16, first year junior with 12 goals, is the top scorer of the team, over Cristian Herrera, who has 10. Compete with Rufo (Espanyol), who has scored 15 and Ernest (Nastic), 13. The NextGen Series adds 8 points. Is a new classic that dominates both legs and must improve the header and gain mobility. He is young, has time and inclination to learn. (via SPORT)

"Neymar is the best, but now we need Alexis"

The technical staff blaugrana discussed to first of year about the convenience of betting the forward of Udinese or Santos's promise.

A brief declarations of Albert Valentin in Globoesporte activated all alarms. The current technical secretary and coordinator a few months ago the entire network of scouts was in Peru to oversee the South American U-20.

Neymar broke easily and rising over half of the championship. Valentín's presence did not go unnoticed and several journalists came to him seeking his opinion. Globoesporte surprised on February 5 with a most unexpected manifestations of the discretion given the Valentín: "Neymar has the profile of Barça. He has a huge talent, but lacks physical. If you can raise both sides will be an excellent player, "picked up the story.

Upon arrival in Barcelona, ​​Albert Valentin denied any interview so blunt, but he confessed having had a brief informal chat with a reporter.

In any case, the name of Neymar da Silva was already on the table and pressed the time. Decision was needed and was on track signings chapter with some urgency. The summit came quickly and before the end of the month, Barca sports dome had marked his road map. There was a priority, and this was not Neymar. Entrance, waiting to see how the negotiations succeeded with Udinese's Alexis Sanchez had won the Brazilian. The technical argument in those days was simple and blunt: Neymar was considered the best young player of the moment, but Alexis, after his brilliant Italian step by calcium was the most suited bet Barca. His maturation process was vital to accelerate joint link to Guardiola. Back in March, the Pozzo family, owner of Udiinese, was calm and quite confident that the formal offer would arrive Barca despite all the rumors and market difficulties.

And it was. Earlier this year, Neymar was still a young talent, Santos had not made the leap to international and rumors of a complicated personal life were the order of the day. In February, reports requested Barca a holding pattern but recommended a comprehensive monitoring of the player.

The first face to face smiled at Alexis Sanchez, but all indications are that both will regain within a couple of seasons sharing the insides of the locker room of the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "Cruyff has shaped my career and this club"

FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has given an interview to the magazine catarí 'Qatar Doha Stadium Plus', which has recognized the hand of Johan Cruyff in his career.

Pep Guardiola has given an interview to the magazine catarí 'Qatar Doha Stadium Plus', which gives an overview of his career as a player and coach. It also discusses the moment he is living and recognizes how he felt when he played in the 'Dream Team'.

The Barca coach is cautious when asked about the current situation and asked if you are satisfied with what he has accomplished: "You always have to be careful with satisfaction. There is room for improvement," responds Guardiola.

"It is perhaps the best compliment a coach can get," Guardiola responds when asked if he thinks the team is hungry. "Besides the technical skills and the vision comes hunger. It is the most important factor at this level, hunger and makes you better be hungry for victory. That's what makes the engine run. After 13 degrees, still burn with ambition, "he added.

Guardiola gives an overview of its beginnings in the FC Barcelona: "I came Santpedor, 70 kilometers from Barcelona. I joined La Masia, Barca academy at age 12. Not only train, live there. From day one I loved and played soccer every day, with the sole purpose of being better. Everything, in the shadow of Camp Nou. There could be more inspiring. "

On the large number of players trained in this farmhouse and its large presence in big games, Pep Guardiola said that eight players trained at La Masia, were present in the final of the Champions, "We are proud to play a final Champions with eight players made at home. It's very special if a professional team debut for the club to dress as a child. "

"Almost no because you have to adapt over the years, have been learning to play in a club filosfía what we call the seal of La Masia" said coach Guardiola on the fact that youth players appear in the first team. "No matter where you come. Messi is Argentine but if you look at his style, it's all a player all of Barcelona. For our fans, is great to have players that automatically identify," said Guardiola on the Argentinian star.

"Play Dream Team was like a dream. Four League and European Cup in 92. Playing with guys like Ronald Koeman, Bakero, Michael Laudrup, Hristo Stoichkov and Romario later. Not only the results were, was also played, "Guardiola said his presence in that mythical team that laid the foundation of Barca we see today.

"Cruyff has the tools to shape my career and this club," Guardiola highlights, which describes the role of Johan Cruyff at Barcelona: "As a player, the club brought to life in the 70's. More Later, as coach did the same. And I learned a lot from him. but you take something with you as a coach, good or bad and end of the day, you have to do things your way. "

On the role of the media, Pep Guardiola sees them as a way to be close to the fan: "With the press, trying to be as open as I can. It is sometimes difficult but the best way to stay in touch and close to your fans. nuna is clear that you can speak your mind completely, but if you are honest, for example, admit that the team has not played well. This prevents a lot of speculation. "

Age does not matter
"is the same as player and coach, when you're good enough, you're old enough," said Pep Guardiola on his precocity. "Of course, when I still had much to learn, gain experience, but I had to do alone. He had a great coaching staff and many of my former teammate in the address. This gives a lot of experience and knowledge," he added.

Pep Guardiola tries to identify their style of play and having that although his game seems to run the attack, defense and out of the ball are key to this team game citing its role in the team as a player: "It seems contradictory, but the more you attack, you need more discipline defensively. If you look at my work life as players, it was always balance, have the lines together, make sure the spaces between the players never be too big. From there, we started to play football. "

"In the field, everyone must play together, pressing the attackers need help, advocates should help attacking. My way of approaching the game is that if the ball is on the other side of the field in the field, and if I am relaxed ours is not, "he adds.

Busquets and Xavi VITAL
order to raise its game system and the likes of Dani Alves enjoy much freedom in the field, Guardiola highlights the vital role as Busquets and Xavi: "for example because if you look at our defense, players like Dani Alves , attacks a lot. This only works when players like Sergio Busquets and Xavi controlling the midfield. Almost all of our attacks start from Xavi and he does it fantastically. With Puyol, we have a reliable central and that helps a lot. "

On the issue of turnover Guardiola sees necessary for the team to achieve titles: "Anyone who plays for this team has my blessing, but on today's elite in football, a large staff is needed to win many titles in a season. "

He adds, in conclusion, that despite the great players, above all, is always the club: "We played many games, the key elements of the team are the strength, desire, dedication and hard work. I owe all the players. Although the team is full of individual talent, no player, absolutely nobody, is above this great club. " (via SPORT)

In England they talk about Barca's interest by Van Persie

Following the injury to David Villa, who will be sidelined for at least four months, from England was speculation yesterday with a possible interest of Barcelona for Robin Van Persie . The Dutch contract ends in June 2013 and so far has not renewed its links with the whole 'gunner', which would force Arsenal to transfer this summer if you want to receive any money for it.

Himself Van Persie winked a few days ago to Barcelona by stating that "when not playing, I only see matches of Arsenal and Barça. He alone deserves an exception." (via MD)

Fernando Torres will remain at Chelsea and Montoya, Sergi Roberto and Cuenca, in Barça

The innocence of mundodeportivo.com, barter of 'Niño' by the three canteranos culés.
In 19 hours, the article has seen over 180,000 entries and more than 1,100 comments.

Mundodeportivo.com wanted to join the day of the Santos Inocentes (Holy Innocents) , in which the media tend to pick up false news in jest . He did so with an issue that has been around the world and has broken records on our website : the agreement Barca-Chelsea by which Fernando Torres landfall in the Camp Nou to cover the floor of the injured David Villa in exchange for Martin Montoya , Sergi Roberto and Isaac Cuenca.

The news was false . The three youth players remain in the Catalan club and Fernando Torres , in principle, at Chelsea, although it is true that the future of the 'Niño', because of its uneven performance at Stamford Bridge, is uncertain.

There were many clues to identify the innocent. For starters, the name of the author, Augustine Mequedao . Also the location of the meeting between Chelsea sporting director, Michael Emenalo, and Pep Guardiola: Brescia . Also made ​​sure that Torres signed for the club until 2021 . And the only condition imposed by the homegrown was able to play the Catalunya on 30-Tunisia, a condition accepted by Abramovich, who had managed a private jet to travel to London in the evening after the meeting and to make his debut and 31 in Stamford Bridge against Aston Villa in Premier match.

The final paragraph also evident that it was a joke. Carme , the girlfriend of Cuenca, a political science student and was enrolled at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), one of the world's most prestigious schools in their discipline, to pursue a master, Chelsea, on the other hand, had given a course of plane to Maite , Montoya partner, knowing that the player made ​​him a special pleasure to fly, and finally, Sergi Roberto, the Bachelor of Gold subsidiary, would not travel just because their parents had decided to accompany him his sister Anna to not riot.

The news had impact around the world and in some countries are not aware of the tradition in Spain came to consider it true. The website of Mundo Deportivo, meanwhile, broke records. At half past seven p.m., nineteen hours after its publication, had already registered more than 180,000 entries and 1,100 comments. (via MD)

Chile's Alexis Sanchez appointed ambassador of the "Choose to live healthy"

The forward was named ambassador for this campaign, aimed at children and promotes Cecilia Morel, wife of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.

Barcelona forward Chilean Alexis Sanchez was appointed today Ambassador of the campaign " Choose to live healthy , "directed to children and promotes Cecilia Morel, wife of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.

Morel received the 'Boy Wonder' in La Moneda, the last day of the holiday season of Sánchez , who in a few hours travel to Spain to resume training on Thursday at the Catalan club.

The footballer, who just turned 23, came in formal attire to the seat of government, was in good spirits and chatted in a relaxed manner with the First Lady and a group of eleven children hosted by the National Youth Service (Sename) that had the opportunity to meet you. "Thanks to the sport who I am today," Sanchez said the children, having expressed its full support for the campaign, which seeks a better development of children through sport and healthy eating.

"I say the 'boy wonder' through sport, which was what made ​​me grow as a player and person, "he said." When I was little I had the opportunity to help me. Only I thank the First Lady's invitation and accepted to be a contribution to them (the children) are the most important, "said one born in the northern town of Tocopilla.

"Do not let be," concluded the player, who played for Cobreloa, Colo Colo, the River Plate of Argentina and Italian Udinese, before becoming, in mid-2011, member of Barcelona, ​​considered the best team in the world . Today was Sanchez's third visit to La Moneda, for it was with the Chilean national team that participated in the World Cup South Africa 2010 and before the selection Under-20 that won third place in the World Cup Canada 2007. (via MD)

[Selection; Catalunya] Cruyff: "For Barça, Joachim Löw is more dangerous than Mourinho"

Johan Cruyff has said in reference to the rumor emerged in recent days about the hypothetical arrival of Joachim Löw to Real Madrid to replace Jose Mourinho , which if so would prejudice the interests Catalans. "For Barça, is more dangerous German coach," said Cruyff.

Catalan coach has been received by the President Artur Mas in the Palau de la Generalitat, which has appealed to the fans to come to witness the day-Tunisia Catalunya 30 in the Estadi Olímpic Lluis Companys. "It's an important game for the country because there is no football this weekend and will be worldwide. It is a bit embarrassing if the field is not full enough," said Cruyff.

The former Barcelona coach has called for the match against Tunisia at all its stars, with a staff made ​​up primarily of players from Barça and Espanyol. Among them, Xavi Hernandez , Carles Puyol , Victor Valdes , Gerard Pique , Cesc Fabregas and Sergio Busquets , Barca and Sergio Garcia , Joan Verdu and Alvaro Vazquez , from Espanyol. On Tunisia, the combined rival Catalan, Cruyff has said that "it makes little name, but a fairly high level in the FIFA rankings."

For its part, the President has coincided with Cruyff But asking the massive attendance at Montjuïc in a game in which he will present and intended to enjoy the Catalan combined. "We intend to once again a game of 'Selecció' is a success. The most important thing is that people go, enjoying the football and make the country", said the President of the Generalitat.

But Cruyff In addition, in the event attended by the President of the Federación Catalana de Futbol (FCF), Andreu Subies, and the Secretary General for Sport Català, Ivan Tibau. (via MD)

Sandro Rosell commitment to new technologies

Sandro Rosell, president of FC Barcelona, ​​said in Dubai during the sixth edition of the International Conference of Sports, the new technologies in Asia, "is the only way to further increase revenue".

"While the costs are balanced, new technologies in the Asian markets are the only way forward," said Rosell, who announced a new agreement in China with a website that would bring new revenue to FC Barcelona.

Rosell said that thanks to the spate of titles won recently the presence of FC Barcelona in the world is getting bigger and the proof is in the 180,000 members who have the club azulgrana at the moment.

FC Barcelona president defined his club as the "club kids" who admire from anywhere in the world to the square azulgrana. (via SPORT)

[Former youth player] Braga 'returns' to Fran Mérida

Sporting Braga de Portugal has decided to dispense exazulgrana Fran Merida, who was on loan from Atletico Madrid until end of season.

Fuentes of the club luso confirmed to EFE that the Barca squad of 21 years, no longer trains with the squad by decision of the coach, Leonardo Jardim, and assured that his move back to belong to the rojiblanca.

Merida had played just seven games so far this season, which had just scored a goal. minutes enjoyed Braga calling at the line last summer paid off in seven games with a goal. (via SPORT)

Leo Messi has a good time this way in Argentina

Leo Messi has a great time in Argentina, where Christmas vacation until Jan. 2.

Nearest Leo. The people's Messi. In these days of Rosario enjoy more intimate version of La Pulga. Ten Rosario not bathe this time with the dolphins in Mexico nor stroll with his boat Ibiza. Lio, as is known in Argentina, has chosen the privacy of their own. The Argentine is going on these days as indicated with their families and is in its element.

A Messi is more relaxed than ever seen in the photos accompanying the story, published by @ LeoMessiFanClub. Surrounded by his cousins, growing media for its sporting successes. Biancucchi Maximilian, who is making a name in the Olympia, and Emanuel, who plays for Independiente of Campo Grande in Paraguay, accompanied by the star during hours of decompression for the star.

La Pulga is comfortable in his home in Rosario, away from the spotlight. He likes to sleep, play Play, share a mate. You can spend hours with their own. I am too lazy to go out and Messi again be the player, the icon, the new Maradona. A difficulty in accepting that Leo Rosario do I also can not it be a normal kid when you cross the door of his house. The people over in the street and shyness Messi can.

FC Barcelona named best team of 2011 by AIPS

International Sports Press Association (AIPS) names FC Barcelona as the best team of 2011.

Furthermore, Barça Intersport was named fourth best team of the year, behind the All Blacks and the Brazilian national volleyball team. Leo Messi was named second best athlete of the year behind Novak Djokovic.

The list of winners for the annual awards given out by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) was published this Wednesday. FC Barcelona was named the best team of 2011, with 43% of the vote, ahead of the All Blacks and the Brazilian national volleyball team, after the votes from 363 journalists, representing 80 countries, were tallied. Barça Intersport, reigning champions of the Asobal League and the Champions League, finished fourth, garnering 7,57% of the vote.

Leo Messi finished second in the individual award, with 20% of the vote. The Argentinian finished ahead of Usain Bolt, Sebastian Vettel and Roger Federer. The tennis player, Novak Djokovic, who won the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, finished first.

The awards gala will take place on January 13 in Innsbruck, where the President of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge and the FIFA President, Joseph Blatter will be in attendance. FC Barcelona Institutional Area Vice President, Carls Vilarrubí, will represent the Club at the gala.

Fair Play award for the Under-17 B side

Barça’s Under-17 B side was awarded the Fair Play award for allowing Castelladefels to score a goal after Barça had scored on their injured keeper. The team was managed by Sergi Barjuan at the time. This is the second year the Fair Play award has been given out and it will be awarded during the gala on January 13. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Cuenca’s unexpected and incredible year

The winger finished 2011 by consolidating his place in the first team, after starting it in Second Division B with Sabadell. During his time with the infant and junior teams at Barça, he showed his worth as a footballer.

In July this year, Isaac Cuenca began the season with Barça B, with the goal of consolidating his place in the reserve team, after his excellent loan period with Sabadell. In the previous season he was one of the key players in Sabadell’s promotion from Second Division B to Second Division A.

Isaac Cuenca couldn’t have imagined six months ago that, in the first half of the season, he would play more games with the first team than with the reserves. Cuenca made his Champions League debut against Victoria Plzen, and he’s already scored his first goals in the League and the Spanish Cup.

Making his first team debut was special, but the best part for Cuenca has been the faith that Pep Guardiola has shown in him. Guardiola has appreciated Cuenca’s qualities as a different type of player, since pre-season. He’s played most of his games on the right wing, from where he’s taken on defenders, and got in some great crosses, both of which have helped to break down the oppositions' defensive systems.

Cuenca has grown so much as a player that he’s even allowed himself the luxury of showing his virtuosity in first team training sessions loaded with superstars. After honing and perfecting his trade at Reus and Damm, Cuenca is back with Barça, employing the skills that set him apart at infant, junior and under-17 levels in the Masía. (via FCBarcelona.cat)