28 December 2011

Iniesta delivered in a hospital the 'Baby Geniuses'

Before receiving on Monday at night the prize to the Excelencia Deportiva en la VIII Gala del Deporte de Albacete (image of the left), Iniesta went for surprise to the Complex Hospital University student of Albacete to give the prizes 'Baby Geniuses' (image of the right) that year after year it distributes the Infantile magazine 'The Ribbon' to the children and girls that have shown better attitude in the long periods entered because of its illness. The barcelonista was named 'Guachi de honor' and received the Badge of Gold of the Institution, the Paloma del Amarejo. (via MD)

Fatigued to Barça

The football experts, former players, coaches, politicians and journalists coincide in underlining that never before had enjoyed point of the football like with this team.

Barcelona closed 2011 with five titles in the windows of the Museum (League, Champions League, Super Cup in Spain, European Super Cup and Club World Cup) and intend to repeat in 2012 that won the historic treble in 2009. But beyond the titles, this Barca of Guardiola has won the admiration of the world is not only to win but mainly by the shape imposed on the contrary. Fans, whether or not Barca football connoisseurs, political, technical ... all give up football displaying the Barca team and especially its architect, Pep Guardiola.

Michael Robinson , a former player and now director and host of 'Robinson Report' of Canal +, explains his own theory about this Barca . "For me it is an evolution of football. Has gone beyond the total football implemented Rinus Michels and then followed Johan Cruyff "he reasons.

"In the 70's in Europe, Holland made the best football, but imposed the style of Germany and England, who gave the football a scheme without end. Then came the catenaccio of Italy, where there was no respect for the ball, but what mattered was run faster than the ball, scoring the first goal and shut ago. Now this club has shown the world that still owns the ball can not only play well, but also can win, "Robinson summarized.

As an example of the style Barca is seeping out of Catalonia, the former Osasuna player says a personal experience. "I was recently in Liverpool training camps to see my nephew, who plays in the lower categories and coaches heard the children say," Pass the ball. Receives, controls and passes the ball. "However, in my time what we were told the same technicians was" give strong, give it strong. "In his opinion, the style is catching Barcelona." ElBarça has shown that if you bet strong the quarry and educates children from a young to understand this style of football, the results come, "says Robinson .

The current mayor of Barcelona, ​​Xavier Trias , and former Mayor and President of the Generalitat, Pasqual Maragall are two other lovers of Barça. "For me it is the best team ever. No matter who the opponent and what is the scenario that Guardiola is always able to surprise without losing any essence of philosophy Barça", argues Xavier Trias. For its part, Pasqual Maragall, jokingly said that "it is so good, how well it gets to play in every game and always see him win, just bored." "I had not enjoyed so much watching football and with this boat," he adds.

The journalist Olga Viza , a Barça that lives between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​acknowledges that reside in the capital now "is a joy. There were years that I had to cover myself, but now I presume, and it is they who are covered," he reasons. "I enjoyed the Dream Team , but this Barca Guardiola is even better. " Viza synthesized representing the current Barca to her: " Xavi is the conductor, Iniesta, Messi football and the genius. " (via MD)

Sacchi: "Pep is the director of the show"

Arrigo Sacchi, the coach who made history with Milan in the late 80's and early 90's, confessed admirer of Pep Guardiola and Barca. "Guardiola is the author of the great Barcelona. Creator and director of the lovely gameplay his players practice, and coach that achieves results through education. He has written a great script and the director of the show," says Sacchi on uefa.com. It is so impressed that he wakes up the current club, the former coach 'Rossoneri' selects the most players from Barca's Dream Team for 2011 and Guardiola as coach. Alves, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi are on his list.

A Messi defines it as "simply the best player in the world." Xavi says "has a technical qualities and skills, huge, and always in the right place at the right time." "Lethal and unpredictable one on one with a defender," Sacchi said Iniesta, Piqué while it considers as "the leader of the defensive line of Barcelona.'s Smart, he can play the ball well and is always well placed" . Finally, Alves says "it is a good defender and an excellent attacker". (via MD)

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "In Barça they don't want my knowledge, only my name"

The Barca ext-coach was critical in its relationship with the current board.

Johan Cruyff, in an interview published in the 'Diari ARA', again proves to be at war with the current board Barca.

"In Barça do not want my knowledge, only my name," he says, and adds: "My name is not so quick to defend anyone but me."

However, Cruyff, in total disagreement with how to make leaders FC Barcelona, ​​the club welcomes the fact that there are still people very close to his understanding of football. "Now I look back I left and people who see football as I think," he says in reference to Pep Guardiola.

Finally, the current coach of Catalonia, is also preparing for the match against Tunisia at the Olympic Stadium and declares that, thankfully, "not now need to convince anyone or make small traps as when I played with Catalunya". (via SPORT)

Alves put to Neymar and Messi to the telephone

Dani Alves has been a key player in the 'love affair' between Barça and Neymar. Barca side has always believed blindly in the quality of Santos striker and has always 'paddling' strong for one day end up playing with him at the Camp Nou. Concentrations of selection 'canarinha' has become the best friend and confidant of the great Neymar, who spoke wonders of Barça and the city of Barcelona. Furthermore, any information that would facilitate Neymar the interest of other clubs reached the Barca sports management for not missing a single detail. Also took advantage of these meetings the Barcelona side to 'recommend' to his young friend to all praise directed towards Guardiola's team and to the institution would be well received in the locker room in the offices noble and in the stands.

And as Dani Alves, one of the most clever that Barca are in the template, you do not pass one, was very clear from the outset that the arrival of Neymar was directly or indirectly linked to Guardiola's OK ... and Messi. So much like another one has been eating them 'coconut' speaking of the high quality of its Brazilian friend. Guardiola is convinced, not only for advice but because Alves was in great consideration the talent of the crack from Santos.

As for Messi, Alves has not been limited to rave about Neymar: in the latest edition of the America's Cup, played last summer in Argentina, and after he was 24-hours a day by Neymar, Dani called Leo Messi to bring about a telephone conversation between Barca and crack the Santos. A symbolic act but also significant because it led to Neymar and Messi were known personally and speak after Alves properly prepare the ground in Argentina. Conversation was brief but adequate, especially for the Brazilian, who until then spoke wonders if the '10 'Barca since it is on a pedestal and declared fan of his and to apprentice. Messi also seemed satisfied. A few days ago, upon arriving in the country to enjoy the holidays, Neymar opened the door to Barça joined by a very eloquent statement to the press in Argentina.

A conversation with constancy in the heart of the Barca directors and has also helped his own. For Alves gets goals and assists in the field, but also moves well between racks. (via MD)

[Former B player] Barça non repechage to Oriol Romeu

Barca has already decided that this summer will not execute the option to repurchase by the middle of Chelsea.

Oriol Romeu consolidation as one of the most important players in the Chelsea midfield is not going unnoticed in the FC Barcelona or the environment club. It has been much speculation in recent days about the possibility of exercising the option Barca repurchase signed when the player was transferred to the London club. However, as has been told Mundo Deportivo, the sports officials of the entity Barca have already made the decision not to soccer playoffs at least this summer. Despite the expected output of Seydou Keita, one who is discarded to make some money through a transfer, the experts consider that so far no 'overbooking' in the Barca midfield and the situation does not vary much (there was a plague injured or something similar), Oriol Romeu remain at Chelsea next season. Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Busquets, Thiago, Mascherano ... all of them, plus some of the subsidiary may act in the wide field and close the door now.

The midfielder from FC Barcelona quarry entity committed to the Stamford Bridge for four seasons. By transfer, FC Barcelona last summer saw about 5 million euros. In the purchase agreement was established between entities an option to repurchase the squad. If this option is exercised at the end of the first year of Romeu at Chelsea, Barça would have to pay 10 million euros. If carried out at the end of the second season, the amount would rise to 15 million euros.

That Barça will not Oriol Romeu playoffs does not mean it does not value what you are doing the young footballer. The midfielder started as a deputy and his arrival coincided with the ownership of the overall performance improvement Chelsea habíacomenzado not a good season and was slowly improving. Also in the Champions League competition has been determined to have completed the English as group despite the irregularities that had football in his home. (via MD)

[Former B player] Barça already thinks about repescar to Oriol Romeu

The Catalan club must pay Chelsea 10 million for a footballer that was already his.
The canterano holds in England and knows the functioning of the Barcelona.

Less than four months have sufficed to Pep Guardiola and technical secretary to verify that Oriol Romeu is a player that scheme applies to the Barcelona first team. The squad is made ​​with a hole in the side of Chelsea and it seems increasingly necessary for Villas Boas.

Now the Catalan club and is considering playoffs, with the financial outlay that would be something reprehensible when you consider that the player was of the house. In the Camp Nou no doubting his quality but with Busquets and Keita , his arrival at the first team seemed complicated.

He then took the decision to move to Chelsea for 5 million euros. Villas Boas, who had tried to sign him when he was at Porto midfielder managed to grab the wanted. The boat includes a repurchase clause of 10 million euros if executed in 2012 and 15 million if he did in 2013.

The offers that are coming to Keita from Italy seem to have turned around the situation. From the Alpine country is assuming that the African end up leaving in June to Milan, Barcelona and that is taking the leading role he would like.

Although it has never raised his voice for his supporting role and has adapted to all circumstances performing at a high level, the midfielder has been named player of Mali and second best player in Africa, need to feel more important which is being now.

This is where Oriol Romeu comes into play, as Guardiola has asked to be the squad to replace the Keita if he finally leaves in June. His performance in the Chelsea and Barca knowledge he has for playing a long time in the lower categories are the arguments wielded Pep to apply.

Managers of the vessel must give approval to an operation that, economically, can be ruinous, because entry pay 10 million euros for a player who was his last year. It depends on what they can get from the sale of Keita , which is under contract until 2014 and a termination clause of 100 million.

On the other hand, we should mention a few words of Alexis Sanchez , located in Santiago. "At Barcelona I have not done anything yet. I'm going step by step," the Niño Maravilla. Alexis also spoke of the good relationship with Leo Messi: "Every day I learn something from it. I think this team wants to win things and there Barca to rat o. go the way of Messi, to win it all. " Y? Joked: "Messi is the only one who understands my jokes, really." (via Marca.com)

Löw, in the chamber of Madrid and Barça

Marca has reported that the German coach is the leading candidate to succeed Mourinho.
Also like the club azulgrana, who nonetheless prefer someone from home to relieve Pep.

The newspaper Marca has published in its edition of Tuesday December 27 the German coach Joachim Löw is the leading candidate to succeed Jose Mourinho on the bench blanco. MundoDeportivo also has learned that foreign coaches is one of the most love the Directive and the technical secretariat of FC Barcelona , but the idea is to fill the vacancy of Pep Guardiola , when you decide to leave, someone from home.

According to Marca, to replace Mourinho, "the most like is Löw, already considered one of the best coaches in the world" and that "given the profile offensive game and philosophy and modern working methods." Löw has an agreement with the German until 2014, after the World Cup in Brazil. Same as 'Mou' with Real Madrid.

In Barça also valued very positively the course of Löw on the bench for international football. Plan B of the directive and the Technical Secretariat regarding Guardiola Barca goes to this day, a coach house to keep the philosophy, style and current values. But foreign coaches that have been studied, one of the club understands that the best fit in the Camp Nou is Löw, committed to attacking football and the pulse is not afraid to trust when younger.

Loew has coached in the Bundesliga ( Stuttgart and Karlsruhe ), Austrian ( Tirol Innsbruck and Vienna Austria ) and Turkey ( Fenerbahce and Adanaspor ), Klinsmann was assistant in international football since 2006 and is ultimately responsible. Was a finalist in the 2008 European Championship and third at the 2010 World Cup, falling in both championships against Spain. (via MD)

The goal is not only thing of Messi at Barça

Barça enjoys the Christmas fiestas after beating all records made since Guardiola was taken charge of the team.

Also, never so far had seen many players door after the first four and a half months of racing. And already there are 18 players who have scored in the current year, surpassing the record of 17 that was established last season. In the first of Pep were 13 and in the second, only 10.

In total, 14 players have been released since the first team in this order (Villa, Messi, Iniesta, Cesc, Thiago, Alexis, Xavi, Pedro, Adriano, Alves, Pique, Puyol, Keita and Maxwell) and four subsidiary tab (Isaac Cuenca, Roberto Sergi Martin Montoya and Cristian Tello).
This means that among the only field players who have not yet concluded any target are Eric Abidal in his 24 appearances, Sergio Busquets with 22 games played, Javier Mascherano with 20, Andreu Fontàs with the unprecedented five Ibrahim Afellay.

In the section group, Barça has scored 95 goals in 29 matches played, giving the best average with Guardiola at this point (3.28 goals per game). In 2008/09 the team totaled 72 goals in 26 games (2.77 average), in the following one the production descended up to 61 in 28 crashes (2,18) and in the passing 82 were marked 'reveilles' in 27 games (3,04).

[Barça B] Zaragoza attempted transfer of Tello

Zaragoza continues to put his eyes on the most prolific quarries of our country. The Aragonese club has set its sights on Cristian Tello, Barcelona B squad, which recently scored two goals with the team for Guardiola in the Copa del Rey tie with L'Hospitalet.

Barca does not include the sale, believing that the player can play an important role in the first team soon. However, if you would welcome an assignment, so that the player is blank in the First Division.

Cristian Tello, 20, can play point, but it operates perfectly in the end position. His good season in the reserves game Barca and the butler, has attracted interest from several teams so, Zaragoza, hopes to convince the player and Barca's own so the player ends up playing in La Romareda.

Tello would continue the policy of canteranos signings that began last summer with Real Zaragoza. Its chairman, Agapito Iglesias, led four players from the quarries of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Abraham Minero and Edu Oriol arrived this way of the Catalan group and David Mateos and Juan Carlos of the 'factory' madridista.

However, the club seeks players hand also more experince to help the team out of the situation in which it is located. Thus, also located in the group from Ebro to Bruno Uvini, Brazilian centre-back 20 years old, that at the moment plays in Sao Paulo.

The Rio centre-back fit the profile you are looking for leaders were it not occupy extra square so your only option of calling at the set Zaragoza is being given low to Paulo Da Silva, Pablo Barrera and Efrain Juátrez extra-current the template. (via Marca.com)

[Dia del Inocente?] Fernando Torres, Barca in exchange for Montoya, Roberto and Cuenca!

Chelsea forward, who has always liked Guardiola, cover the floor of the injured Villa.
Villas-Boas, delighted with Oriol Romeu, asked the three homegrown change and Barça accepted.

Barça and Chelsea have closed will be, undoubtedly, the highlight of the market operation in winter. Fernando Torres , who still does not perform to their highest level in Stamford Bridge, will land in the next few hours at the Camp Nou, while three of the most promising homegrown Catalan club, Martin Montoya , Sergi Roberto and Isaac Basin , follow the steps of Oriol Romeu and travel to London next Saturday, 31.

The original idea was technically 'blue', André Villas-Boas , after learning that David Villa will be low at Barça for four to five months. The Portuguese, who want to rejuvenate Chelsea and last summer and wanted to take Roberto Montoya and spoke with executives and asked them to London offered Fernando Torres in exchange for both homegrown and Pedro .

Saw Chelsea welcome the proposal to his coach and athletic director last week, Michael Emenalo , met secretly with Guardiola in Brescia. Pep, who has always publicly praised the 'Child', do not hesitate to accept the idea, but refused to lose to Peter and included instead in the operation to Cuenca.

Fernando Torres, who was again booed by the fans at Stamford Bridge during the match against Fulham on Monday, will bid farewell to Chelsea having scored only five goals in a year. In recent days, speculation about his possible return to Atletico, but eventually put on Barca until June 30, 2021. The setting of the player says he is very happy.

For his part, Montoya, Roberto and Cuenca cost them more accepting of change. It was Oriol Romeu who got personally telephoning each. The only condition imposed by the three youth players is to play the Catalunya on 30-Tunisia, for which they have been called by Johan Cruyff . After the game, will travel to El Prat airport, will travel to London on a private flight and day 31 and will debut for Chelsea against Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge.

Isaac Cuenca's girlfriend, a political science student, has come to convince the player to make the move to sign for Chelsea. The London club has offered the possibility that Carme, the forward couple, study a máster in London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), one of the most noted abilities in the world in her discipline.

On the other hand, the pair of Montoya also accompany the side and take the opportunity to take off the helicopter driver license, knowing that the player made him special pleasure to fly in one of these gift that she herself did.

Sergi Roberto, finally, is the eligible bachelor. So his parents have decided that his sister Anna will travel with the young player to closely guarded and no mess. (via MD)

[Selection; Catalunya] Cruyff wanted to call the Oriol Romeu

Ulldecona midfielder then removed from the Catalunya-Tunisia on 30 because 31 is a Chelsea-Aston Villa of Premier.

On Friday, December 23, the Catalan football coach, Johan Cruyff , provided the squad for the friendly against Tunisia on 30, to be held in the Olympic Stadium Lluís Companys (19 h.). Consists of eleven players of FC Barcelona ( Victor Valdes , Puyol , Piqué , Fontàs , Busquets , Xavi , Cesc , Cuenca and Montoya , Muniesa and Sergi Roberto 's subsidiary), seven from Espanyol ( Kiko Casilla , Jordi Amat , Raul Rodriguez , Vilà Dídac , Verdú , Sergio García and Álvaro Vázquez ), Bojan (Rome) and a representative from each of the three clubs from Segunda A ( Ferran Corominas , of Girona, Sergio Juste , of Nastic, and Albert Puigdollers of Sabadell).

During the event, it transpired that Valencia did not grant permission for three players that Cruyff and his deputy, Oscar Garcia , wanted to be at your disposal, defenders Bruno Saltor , Victor Ruiz and Jordi Alba , and subsequently dismissed the Catalan ask permission First that other clubs on 30 and have resumed training.

Mundo Deportivo has learned also that Cruyff was very interested in having their orders to Oriol Romeu , who in four months and has become an undeniable part in the team Chelsea midfielder ahead of theoretical head Obi Mikel and players enshrined as Lampard .

The Catalan Federation contacted the Ulldecona to communicate the desire of the coach, though, aware that on 31 playing a Chelsea-Aston Villa of Premier, also said they did not force the issue. The call excites Oriol Romeu, who came to ask permission to ponder his coach, Villas-Boas, to attend the meeting, but finally understood to be at Chelsea and it was more important league match against Aston Villa that the friendly against Tunisia. (via MD)

Fernández Borbalán will arbitrate the Barça-Osasuna

The Andalusian collegiate David Fernández Borbalán has been appointed to lead the Barcelona-Osasuna, leg of the knockout round of the Cup to be played on Wednesday, January 4, while the Spaniard will Vitienes Teixeira at Real Madrid Malaga on Tuesday, 3. (via MD)

The collegial relationship designated for the knockout round of the finals of the Copa del Rey, as reported by the Real FederaciónEspañola de FútbolReal FederaciónEspañola de Fútbol (RFEF) are the following:

Albacete-Athletic Club Bilbao - Mateu Lahoz
Mirandés-Racing Santander - Muñiz Fernández
Alcorcón-Levante - Pérez Montero
Real Madrid-Málaga - Teixeira Vitienes
Real Sociedad-R. Mallorca - Paradas Romero
Barcelona-At. Osasuna - Fernández Borbalán
Córdoba-RCD Espanyol - Undiano Mallenco
Valencia-Sevilla - Turienzo Álvarez

Alexis Sánchez: "Messi is the only one who understands my jokes"

The Chilean player of Barça, Alexis Sanchez, Chile spoke about his situation at Barça.

Alexis Sanchez renewed as advertising image of Movistar in Chile at a ceremony in front of the press in which he spoke about the situation of the Chilean and the days you're looking at FC Barcelona.

The 'niño maravilla' he talked about Leo Messi in the press conference of which said that he is "learning" and "following the one on the way to Messi of winning everything." Also Alexis Sanchez admitted that Leo Messi is "the only one who understands my jokes."

On his understanding with colleagues, Alexis said: "I always said Victor Valdes' Chile, do not understand anything."

"I do not know if I have milestones. I stay with Udinese's campaign. I'm only in Barcelona," Alexis told the Chilean press.

Alexis was asked if he had Neymar preference, the player of Santos and Eduardo Vargas University of Chile and Alexis replied: "I am Chilean, Vargas".

"At Barcelona go step by step," said Sanchez, who more important than titles or money you can earn is your personal growth.

At the recent Christmas Sanchez in his hometown led a massive distribution of toys and gifts to the locals, including footballs and jerseys Barcelona.

Although it was declared fan of the University of Chile, today said that the front end of the Clausura, the dispute with the Cobreloa U wants to win this last team, which started as a professional at age 16 .

"This time I'm on Cobreloa by the people of the north" he said. The U and define the title Cobreloa on Thursday, having drawn 0-0 Monday in the first leg of the final.

In another apparent sign that is not a fan of the U de Chile as everyone thought, said he would like to play for Colo Colo, club that was devoted, before leaving the River Plate and then give the jump to Europe.

"You never know, but I'd like to Colo Colo some day, but no one knows what may happen in the future, maybe I could end my career in Europe," he said.

Regarding the selection of Chile, said the costume "still attached" after the separation of five players for indiscipline and said that they "must meet" the ten-game suspension for which they were punished.

"You can not turn back, they must meet the ten games. They are very important players for the Chilean football for kids too, which always are seeing," he said. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Jeffren: "With Guardiola I am who I am"

The exazulgrana attended the barrage of questions received and reviewed his career, his time in Barça and the current stage that lives in the Sporting of Portugal.

Jeffren Suarez rushed one of his last days of vacation in the midst of recovery, to move to Barcelona and, incidentally, visit SPORT writing where he had a digital encounter with our Internet users.

Jeffren could not hide that is connected to everything happening at Barça. A stage recalls a very special affection.

"We are proud to have belonged to Barcelona and closer to the golden age to have won both. Being on the sides of the big players in the world is a privilege," he said.

In its passage through Barça also had many words of thanks to Pep, who gave the final impetus to the first team despite the lack of minutes for his departure. "I do not hold a grudge against Pep. I thank him for the opportunity. Thanks to him I am who I am" he said.

Barca said his best experiences was the day of their debut and "have ended 5-0 against Real Madrid" but keeps "having learned to be a person."

In its passage through the wardrobe Barca, remember the great atmosphere that exists behind closed doors, which considers the vast difference from the rest of the team. "I had more to do with Dani Alves, Abidal, Xavi. But there were no cliques in the locker room. I think that's what sets Barcelona the other teams," he said.

Regarding his present in Portugal, Jeffren remains convinced his current team succeed in not thinking about the future.

"I see a great future in Portugal. Fans have welcomed me very well. I'm happy with the team and I have really wanted to succeed there because they deserve it," he said.

He added: "Right now I think of the club where I am. I signed for five years and the truth that I have that thought now. I have to show people that my goal for Sporting now is to win there. If a future there is the possibility to come back, come back with eyes closed. "

To achieve his goal, Jeffren wishes with all his might to get injuries and you respect that was blunt about their desire for next year: "In 2012 I ask you to respect me injuries to prove who I am."

In the struggle for the next Ballon d'Or, Jeffren also had doubts: "The Ballon d'Or give it to Messi." While noting that Cristiano is "a great player."

However, it is certainly not Jeffren that "Barça is the best club in the XXI century, no doubt about that." (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barça B is the cleanest team in Second Division A

Last season, with Luis Enrique on the bench, the team received the Fair Play Award. He amassed 97 yellow cards and red only five of this year, only Nastic de Tarragona has been less yellow cards the branch of Barca, but have shown a red card.

Barça B , formed by young players from the cantera azulgrana has a form of play that emphasizes possession and good treatment to the ball. Proof of this is that the team is cleaner Seccond Division A . After 18 days of the League of Eusebio Sacristan have only seen 41 yellow cards and no red . Some statistics similar to last season. With Luis Enrique on the bench the team was awarded the Fair Play as the cleanest team in the league, with a record of 97 yellow cards and five red.

This season, only Nàstic less yellow cards has been the subsidiary of Tarragona Barcelona but they have shown a red card. If we focus on the defenses, including Montoya (1), Lobato (1), Bartra (1), Muniesa (1), Gomez (2), Armando (2) and Balliu (0) only account for eight of the 41 cards that has seen the team.

These figures are similar to the first team. Those of Guardiola is the second cleanest whole First Division with a record of 30 yellow cards and no red after the first 16 days. In addition, as defenders Puyol and Abidal have not seen any.

Recall that Barça B currently occupies the fourteenth position of A II classification with 23 points. The balance is six wins, five draws and seven defeats. He has scored 28 goals and conceded 26. (via FCBarcelona.cat)