27 December 2011

The pitch at the Camp Nou will be transplanted after the Cup match against Osasuna

The Camp Nou pitch transplant will be delayed until after the King’s Cup match against Osasuna as the Club will import the new pitch from Germany and begin the transplant process on January 4.

FC Barcelona will change the pitch at the Camp Nou after the away game of the last-16 King’s Cup playoff against Osasuna. The game will be played at Barça’s stadium on January 4 at 22.00 hrs. FC Barcelona has withdrawn its petition to the RFEF and Osasuna to change the order of the knockout round games. The first game that Guardiola’s men will play on the Camp Nou’s new pitch will be on the Liga’s matchday 19 fixture against Betis on January 15.

The pitch transplant, which was initially scheduled to be finished on the 29th of December, has been delayed due to the recommendation made by the project manager to bring in German turf, which is optimal for colder climates. The pitch might be changed once again in the spring, the Club would import the turf from Bordeaux, which is optimal for Barcelona’s springtime climate.

FC Barcelona will spare no effort or resources to guarantee the best possible pitch for the first team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Lahm: "It is difficult to compare with Barça"

Philipp Lahm, captain and key part of Germany, described his play as "spectacular and effective" but acknowledged the patronage of Spain for the next Euro.

The captain of Germany, Philipp Lahm, spoke to 'France Football' (magazine chose Germany as the best selection of 2011) on the good feelings going through the German team in recent times, which only has overshadowed by the defeat against Spain.

"Our confidence has never been so great as now. The results are excellent, our game is spectacular and effective and have recently gained great teams " such as Brazil and the Netherlands, said Lahm.

However, the Bayern Munich side added that "Spain is the favorite. Then there are four or five teams that may struggle to dethrone" . He recalled the World Cup in South Africa, where the Germans were placed at a "very close" to the Spanish, despite being defeated by one goal to nil in a masterly game of Spain in the semifinals.

"Then we learned to take possession of the ball as possible. All our players want to always have the ball and play to up front. That's where we've come over" he summarized.

The secret of the new football in Germany, Europe and the third runner-up in the last World Cup, is that it has "a pool of young talent like never before, solid one-on-one with an excellent reading and playing with real talent pins " said the captain.

In addition, the combined physical strength Germanic retains that has always characterized the German team, said Lahm, who "is our virtue always. The difference is that our game has become more modern," he added.

And responsible for this metamorphosis, in large measure, Joachim Löw, who has managed to support the game on the attack than on defense.

"With that philosophy, we have the means to work together for many years, knowing that the coach can have a core composed of Schwainsteiger, Khedira, Ozil, Neuer and myself. It is important to be able to support on these important players for several years" said the 28 years.

According to Lahm, who leads the selection has not yet reached its climax and the group is in the perfect age for "to aspire to great things in the coming years" .

"The best is yet to come. With this young team got a lot of experience in the World Cup in South Africa" ​​although there is still room for improvement, such as achieving fewer goals fit that Lahm identified as the "greatest defect" for Germany.

However, despite the confidence with which the captain spoke of his own, did not dare with a direct comparison with FC Barcelona: "I would say we propose a dynamic and technical football. It is difficult to compare with Barça". (via SPORT)

Cardoner: "Neymar is able to play at Barça"

The social Vice-president of Barça, Jordi Cardoner, reviews the topics of present time azulgrana: partners, payments, tier of animation, clásico and Neymar.

Jordi Cardona was interviewed on the radio show Basté Jordi "El món a Rac 1" on Tuesday morning and discussed the burning issues of today Barcelona in full holiday season.

The social vice president, argued that FC Barcelona if Barca and Madrid were in the Cup quarter-finals , the party "would not pay, it is usually included in the fertilizer."

Cardoner continued to talk about the values ​​transmitted Barcelona and Madrid , respectively, and recognized that it is true that there is a difference between the messages they give Guardiola and Mourinho, and the main idol of both sets (especially Messi and Cristiano).

Then they talked about the degree of animation that "time is a future project and are working with the Catalan police to that effect", as expressed by the interviewee, who then said: "I would like to keep it for next year ".

Today also analyzed the socio Barcelona : "We have over 177,000 members, which must be subtracted deceased and new customers. The ship can take on more partners, but there must be a balance."

In addition, Cardone said that "there are 383 people attended last year not even once to the field despite having a seat, and even gave him, while there are others who only go once, twice or three times a year."

Finally, the manager of the social area of ​​the club said: "To my knowledge we did not pay 10 million euros to have a preferential option for Neymar." To which he added that "these issues should always be carried in 'small committee'."

"If you're talking (Neyman) is because it is a player from the club is considered qualified to be part of this team, but our technicians will decide," he said finally Jordi Cardoner. (via SPORT)

Pinto will continue and the plan is to have three goalkeepers

Coaching staff seek to bring someone with future potential to invigorate competition in goal.

The first team of Barca 2012-2013 will have three goalkeepers. Mundo Deportivo has been reporting that the intent of the technical team to face Barca next season is somewhat different compared to previous campaigns, since the departure of Albert Jorquera left Victor Valdes and Juan Manuel Pinto as official gatekeepers.

Clearly, two weeks before turning 30 years, Victor Valdes has great reference as the goal of the Camp Nou and that its experience and its place in the group dynamics, Jose Manuel Pinto will continue for another season keeping you shoulders because the same goalkeeper made ​​36 years gave their renewal shortly before enjoying their Christmas holidays.

The big news regarding the planning of Barca in terms of goal is the willingness to incorporate a new goalkeeper to gather some very specific virtues: first, obviously, a quality to match Barca, the second, his adaptability to the peculiar style of the team, and the third projection of their youth and dynamism to competitiveness. It never hurts to have more than one alternate, with a goalkeeper with real future potential to be a starter one day.

Incorporating this would not disrupt young goalkeeper as has happened from time to time the daily activity of the subsidiary, to recruit some of their porters occasionally. (via MD)

Bilardo places Messi to the height of Maradona, Pelé and Di Stefano

Carlos Bilardo considers Lionel Messi "an extraordinary person and a super-footballer".

"Play well, score goals, he never complains when it is kicked, always arrive on time to training, works well, signing autographs, never angry," said the head of Argentina's national team in an interview published by the magazine "France Football" .

Bilardo said it is difficult to compare players of different stages because football changes very quickly, but he was among the best ever "with everything he has won with Barcelona."

Former Argentina coach said the departure of Diego Maradona of the albiceleste after the World Cup in South Africa and noted that since then, not on speaking terms.

"We do not talk. Since 1983 we have been angry with Diego at least forty times. Over the past year and a half, all over. But you can not say never," he said.

Bilardo Maradona acknowledged that "should continue" after the World Cup 2010, but his intention to keep all his coaching staff was not acceptable.

The former coach refused to talk about Cesar Luis Menotti, who for years maintained a war of words on tactics.

"It's the past," he said when asked about it, but defended his vision of football in which the result is above the game.

"If you do not have time to feel like work," he said in reference to the new Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella, whose results in positive progression are allowing to save time.

Bilardo said he was at the origin of "the newest tactic of the century" XX, with the introduction of 3-5-2 later copied by other teams.

As for the fact that the "albiceleste" has not gone far in the last World Cup, Bilardo blames the player drain to Europe.

"In my time nobody wanted to go to Europe. Players earn more here (in Argentina) that Real Madrid in the late 60's and early 70's.

"Now it's different every country pays better than Argentina and our players migrate (...) In these conditions it is difficult to build a team," he said. (via SPORT)

Özil: "The poor result for Barça was fruit of the chance"

The German midfielder of Real Madrid said in an interview that Mourinho "is like a father to me" and assumed the lead in the league.

The German player of Real Madrid, Mesut Özil, was interviewed by the Turkish chain NTVSpor to review, especially now in the German, and its relation to Turkish players with which coincided Özil in Madrid.

However, during the interview was no lack of references to Mourinho and the Liga.

Luso on coach, playmaker said "Mourinho is like a father to me. It's a great teacher, with a strong character and a coach who really cares about all his players."

When asked if his team, Real Madrid, was already recovered from the defeat against FC Barcelona in the last clásico, which resulted in a 1-3 for the Catalans, Özil said: "That result arrived for bad luck, it was fruit of the chance. "

"Right now we are three points ahead of them and we are leaders of the Liga," continued the Germanic player as a sentence.

In the end he confessed: "I want to win trophies with Real Madrid and the German team." (via SPORT)

The signing of Andrada hardens

Lanús president warns that there "no one is desperate to sell" after renewing its goal until 2015 to know the interest of Barcelona.

Barca should be used if you intend to thoroughly re-negotiate the signing of Esteban Andrada . The president of Lanús, Nicholas Russo , told Mundo Deportivo negotiations with Barça last summer and said he would not have played even contacts. Also revealed his interest in turning the young 20-year goal in his second goalkeeper next season. "We're not so desperate as to sell at any price," said a player who renewed until 2015-ended contract in 2013 - nothing but Barça dismissed his immediate recruitment for its high price.

Last June, agents and Luciano Sánchez Nicotra Siro met twice with an emissary of Barca in the hotel I stayed in Argentina. At the summit with Albert Valentin, professional technical secretary, it was agreed the terms of both economic and sports. The Catalan club put forward a proposed two ways: either in the first year playing in the reserves or first team started from bypassing the B. The way forward would depend on Pep Guardiola.

Enter directly into the locker room 'major' supposed to be the third goalkeeper of the workforce for a while accompanying Victor Valdes and Jose Manuel Pinto and continue following the natural relief. Learn, adapt and be the alternative within two years.

The reports said that their goalie was outstanding qualities and philosophy fit the squad. The only question, and this was clear at the meeting, was his footwork. They had not had a chance to check it but hoped that would assimilate an essential technique in the system used by Barça.

The economic impact to the goal was not any problem. The figures were adjusted to their claims and to records of a subsidiary player, asícomo his buyout clause, which did not materialize amount. A fixed charge was provided an additional increase depending on their ownership in the first team. They all said yes. As the final agreement did not crystallize with Lanús, Argentina entity put forward a lease renewal for two more seasons, until 2014, he accepted.

Barca also had contacts with Lanús. In conversation with MD, its president Nicholas Russo's confirmed. "True, there were. It was an honor to receive Barça, but I will not comment on the terms or amounts. Never talk about money." From the outset, there was talk of signing valued at four million euros, an amount that Barça refused to negotiate on the ground that he was talking in the third goalkeeper of the team and had not yet debuted in Primera. "Barcelona and was not doubted. Fortunately, the club money through problems. We are not desperate, so if you pass on to someone for the money that we consider fair," he said.

Similarly, denied that the contacts have been played and revealed its intention to sell any of the two main gatekeepers. "It will be one of the two, and Stephen will remain," he warned

From 1'93, agility and reflexes
Born in Mendoza (Argentina), January 26, 1991, Esteban Andrada is seen by analysts as the heir Argentine football figures albiceleste frame as Fillol. In May 2011 he was summoned by the selection without his debut in the top flight. High (1.93), agility and reflexes, was an idol to Chilavert. (via MD)

Messi, to Cuba in 2012

The Argentine star might be planning to visit Cuba after being awarded the prize for Best Latin American Athlete 2011.

Visit Cuba could be in Leo Messi plans for the forthcoming 2012 after learning that has won the award for Best Latin American Athlete 2011 awarded by the agency Prensa Latina.

The player's father, Jorge Messi, who has been unveiled plans stating that his son Leo is planning to visit Cuba on your next vacation in 2012.

After learning that has received this award, Jorge Messi revealed that his son is very proud because before I had only gotten a Argentine footballer Diego Maradona in 1986.

Messi with 38 votes to beat Usain Bolt, who was 32, and Luis Suarez, who got 29. Furthermore, the humanitarian work of Leo Messi for children thanks to its foundation has also been one of the points that have helped to opt for a number of world football. (via SPORT)

Neymar will sign for four seasons with Barça

After the resounding flop of Madrid, Barca board the whole operation has left bound and right bound.

All parties are committed to act with the utmost secrecy, a complicit silence that comes after the satisfaction of having achieved the foundation of future contract Neymar as FC Barcelona. The board of Sandro Rosell, the heads of the Santos and the environment front and did not want to leave anything to chance. After several months of arduous negotiations and confusing multiple bands, the bases of the complex are deposited in secret transfer summary. Nobody wants a repeat of the disaster opera that starred for Real Madrid and his alleged contracts and agreements through Wagner Ribeiro, but despite the efforts of all actors who have participated in this work, the first leaks have transcended beyond the offices of the Camp Nou. In the last hours has seen the light of the principle of the transfer agreement between clubs and the payment of the first 'token payment' that Barça would advance to show their willingness to leave no escape Brazilian starlet. Rosell not want any unpleasant surprises in their field. With Real Madrid got off against negotiating carrrera forecast, the Blaugrana president has moved swiftly tab to prevent Arab magnates scene and break into even more recruiting more expensive footballer.

Neymar, his father and the new professional environment are fully conversant with the inner workings of dress Blaugrana and comply willingly join him without hesitation. And, of course, the contractual issue is one of the sacred pillars have been established to prevent giving rise to jealousies and conflicts that threaten the overall stability. Brazilian star would be assigned directly to the second echelon in the economic scale culé. That is, the framework contract with Barça Neymar covering four seasons, with a fifth option, and would receive a monetary amount close to EUR 7 million per season. Amounts are available to cracks consolidated as Xavi and Villa. No one disputes that the case of Leo Messi is going in another direction. Neymar advisers themselves have fought back the issue of player's image rights and a series of bonuses rather than juicy. For example, obtaining an award from the caliber of the FIFA Golden Ball entail an additional shed close to one million euros. Neymar be integrated as one. Assume that a player is still in progress and can not discuss the status of the likes of Messi. No problem there. Commitments and framework contract will be made ​​effective upon the transfer to become effective. The times they are accompanied by different appraisals and possible penalties for both parties. Everything is perfectly designed to perform an operation on different dates. Initially, the period marked Neymar to grow and evolve without pressure naturally would last until 2014, coinciding with the World Cup in Brazil. The date has significance as several football-related advertising contracts and the Santos have established their right to force World Cup event. And Neymar has to be front monetizing its huge popular appeal. Guardiola waits. In Barça nobody wants to confirm anything. Rosell and has demanded, but the market is buzzing with rumors and from the bustling Premier said for days that the big English clubs have been discarded because they see Neymar dress Blaugrana. Is the case of Stamford Bridge. Chelsea's official emissaries made ​​an attempt just over a month but were met with refusal of Santos and the father to negotiate the future of striker. Abramovich, without a precedent, with its bid was late. (via SPORT)

Messi: "Not worth the pain compared Barça with Argentina"

The 10 has made clear that his club "is the best in the world" while his selection "unfortunately did not get the results we wanted".

Lionel Messi, forward of FC Barcelona, believes that it is "not worth" to compare between the yields of its club and the selection of Argentina.

"You can not compare, not worth it. Today, Barcelona is the best team in the world. The selection, however, unfortunately did not get the results we wanted," Messi said in an interview to the official journal of the Asociación Argentina de Fútbol (AFA).

The best footballer in the world, recent winner of the Club World Cup, defined as a team Barcelona "is a path that is a consequence of transmitting to the court. For nothing is known. Those who are not from Barcelona or the Pets: This is the result of work of many years with the same teammates. "

Instead, he lamented Messi, the selection of his country found itself in recent years immersed in the process of instability.

"There were many technical and started from scratch. Logically, each came with their planning and different mentality," said the Argentine, who is in his country to spend Christmas and New Year.

Until recently, Messi had to endure some criticism of his countrymen, who reproached him for his inability to repeat their excellent performances selection of Barcelona.

The opaque performance of Argentina in the Copa America 2011, when he was eliminated in the quarterfinals despite being the host country, revived the question. However, in recent months, Messi seems to have finally conquered the public of his country. Last week, even, was awarded the Argentine sportsman of 2011.

"I'm not beholden to anyone or anything. Of course, I'd love to get a degree with the selection. But I'm just one more of this team that wants the best for Argentine football" was defined who is favorite to win the January 9 the award for best footballer in the world for the third consecutive year.

Asked about the dreams that have not yet met, Messi insisted repeating a slogan for several years: "Leave the world champion."

Finally, Messi thanked the praise he usually receives from his compatriot and Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano.

"We are proud barbarian, very happy. That a player like Di Stefano, who got everything in his career, praise me, I'm proud," said Messi. (via MD)

Iniesta: "It would be charmed of doing Messi or Xavi with the Ballon d'Or"

The manchego, after receiving the prize to the Excelencia Deportiva en la VIII Gala of the Deporte de Albacete, said that "a year we have exciting".

Andres Iniesta , Barcelona FC Spanish international, after receiving the award for SExcelencia Deportiva en la VIII Gala del Deporte de Albacete said when asked for their favorite to receive the Ballon d'Or this year will be equally pleased if you receive one of his two fellow nominees Leo Messi-Xavi Hernandez.

Iniesta is already thinking about what lies ahead in the near future. On the Championship of Ukraine and Poland, to be held next summer, said: "We have a challenge, although there is a lot." And on the Barcelona said: "We have a year that will be exciting."

Regarding the next Ballon d'Or, Iniesta has no favorite, although he would like to be receive a Barcelona player. "The three that are there (Xavi, Ronaldo and Messi) are the top three, as they have decided, but I have two colleagues and I will be happy to be one of them," he explained.

Iniesta sent back its support for Albacete, the team of his land. He said he "would have been nice" to see the team in this city at the Camp Nou, the fact that fortune would have happened if the team had matched castellanomanchegos with Barcelona in the draw for the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey.

Iniesta is Albacete, in the town of Villalbilla, and left the quarry of Albacete. In addition, currently the largest shareholder of a club that was drifting, and the winery that bears his name sponsor the set target.

Iniesta is very aware of his childhood club and wished him "all the luck in the world in their Cup match" in the second round against Athletic Bilbao. The FC Barcelona believes that "this step gave Atletico winning Alba is a very important and exciting" and hoped that "above all in the league can be on top all season."

"It's the main thing," he added, although it is aware that "everything that comes over is welcome, and eliminate a team first."

When asked why he did with the maximum package of shares of Albacete said: "I was there was always a possibility. I had already talked with my family and the president of Albacete. I have never hidden my love for this team, this city ​​and my people. " "When people who can lend a hand we are able to do so, because we do comes from within," he added.

Regarding the award received, Iniesta has explained, "is much welcome in my country, my people, with love and respect they give me. One should always be thankful when valued for what it does and what it conveys ".

Andres Iniesta fired in 2011 sporting last week with a hamstring in the match before the Hospitalet butler, but this afternoon has said he is not concerned by the injury.

"I'm fine, trying to enjoy these holidays with the family, turning off a bit and also thinking a bit on my leg, although it is not important and I hope to be right around the corner," he said. (via MD)

Piqué: "It is stupendous to repeat with Cesc and with Messi like in the cantera"

Gerard Piqué spoke during an interview that 'Sky Sports' Cesc Fabregas was performed.

The FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué acknowledged that it is "great to have Cesc back to Barcelona with Messi and I repeat the team we had in the lower grades."

Piqué accompanies Cesc in a report of 'Sky Sports' says how great he is to "play at home with your family, your friends, play at the stadium where you were going to see your team every two weeks."

Cesc and Piqué talk about his childhood through the ranks at Barca and Cesc says: "In our team, three of the same team (Cesc, Piqué and Messi), we have achieved and we are proud."

They also had some mischief, "ropimos lot of other houses with the ball" and recalled that "throwing eggs".

Fabregas added: "It was fun to play in childhood, we learned many things, grew up together, we were always together until I went to London". (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Petit: "Messi is exceptional, but I prefer Cristiano Ronaldo"

The ex-barcelonista Emmanuel Petit would give the Ballon d'Or to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ex French footballer acknowledges that the '7' of Madrid is his favorite player, but stresses the category of Leo Messi and Xavi Hernandez, the other two candidates for the 'Ballon d'Or'.

"Barca is the embodiment of modern football"

Petit, however, spared no praise for the game Pep Guardiola: "The current boat is the embodiment of modern football. It is part of the few teams who can carry the game to its fullest expression, such as Brazil in the years 70, "he said in an interview to 'FIFA.com'.

In his view, "many are bored of seeing the passing of ten men, but the Barca players have returned all their luster to terms such as pressure, recovery or possession of the ball."

"Xavi has an immense talent"

Regarding the race for the Ballon d'Or as best player of 2011, that dispute Messi, Xavi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Petit believes that "all three deserve it. Xavi has redefined the position of midfielder organizer, while it has progress.'s the man for all of the boat: the game channels, organize, make, pass ... It has an immense talent. "

"Messi are the Play Station"

About Messi, Argentina believes that "exalts the whole of Barcelona. It is outstanding. He is a player of 'PlayStation'. Still, I opted for Cristiano Ronaldo, and God knows that the other two I much like. The Madrid has a context a little more complicated than Barcelona, ​​but he has some impressive statistics. "

"Cristiano stands out more"

"After being King of England, he adds, Cristiano did not hesitate to take a chance on a new challenge by going to Madrid. Has been able to assume their responsibilities fully, and may have more ability to score Argentina's head. For he stands very little. But I hope that the two once and for all, yield to its highest level with their teams. "

"I came to Barcelona at the wrong time"

Petit also speaks of his experience at Barça, where he arrived from Arsenal as president Joan Gaspart. The Frenchman joined Barcelona regrets that "the worst possible time in the last 20 years. Now I laugh, but then so was not joking, but I feel no bitterness. We were a group in order to cycle. Rivaldo, Pep Guardiola, the brothers De Boer, were fantastic players, but in decline. myself included. There's the explanation. "

Blanc and the French

Looking ahead to the next Euro, Petit does not hesitate now to ensure that the French "no footballing ability to psychologically or assume any role of favorite." In any case, the technician hold harmless 'bleu' Laurent Blanc, who says he "tries to do his best, and I think we are getting. After the deplorable image provided by the selection, was suicidal be at the helm ". (via SPORT)

L’Equipe names Leo Messi 'Champion of Champions' in 2011

The Argentinean, who beat Djokovic and Vettel, is named best athlete of the year by the French newspaper. FC Barcelona’s number 10 won five titles in 2011 and was the highest scorer of last season’s Champions League.

Another one for the collection. The prestigious daily newspaper L'Equipe awarded the best athlete of the year award to Lionel Messi. Messi is the newest 'Champions des Champions' (Champion of Champions), and figures amongst other athletic greats such as Carl Lewis, Ayrton Senna, Michael Jordan or Michael Schumacher who have also won the award. The tennis player Novak Djokovic and the Formula 1 pilot Sebastian Vettel finished second and third, respectively.

Leo Messi is only the fifth footballer to be named the best athlete of the year since the daily started giving out the yearly award in 1980. Until now, only Paolo Rossi (1982), Diego Armando Maradona (1986), Romario (1994) and Zinedine Zidane (1998) have won the award. Furthermore, all of them were named athlete of the year after they lifted the World Cup trophy; Messi is the only one to win the award in a year where the World Cup has not been played.

During this 2011, the Argentinean has won five titles with FC Barcelona (League, Champions League, Spanish and European Super Cups and the Club World Cup), and he was the highest scorer of the Champions League last season. He’s also on the shortlist for the FIFA Ballon d’Or award, an award he won in 2009 and 2010.

The French athlete of the year award, also given out by L’Equipe, was won by Nikola Karabatic. The Frenchman helped the Les Bleus win the handball World Cup. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Past champions]
2010 Rafael Nadal
2009 Usain Bolt
2008 Usain Bolt
2007 Roger Federer
2006 Roger Federer
2005 Roger Federer
2004 Hicham El Gherrouj
2003 Michael Schumacher
2002 Michael Schumacher
2001 Michael Schumacher
2000 Tiger Woods
1999 Andre Agassi

Copa Barça-Osasuna will be played on Thursday, January 5 at 20h.

Barca play the first leg of the knockout round of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday, January 4 at 22h. and return on Thursday 12 at 22h. at the Reyno de Navarra. For its part, the Real Madrid-Malaga match will be played on Tuesday January 3, at 2200 local time, while Real Sociedad, Real Mallorca goes to Wednesday January 4, as reported by the Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) . (via MD)

The final hours of the qualifying round of the knockout round of the Copa del Rey, are:

First leg:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
20.00 Albacete - Athletic Club Bilbao
21.00 Mirandés - Racing Santander
21.00 Alcorcón - Levante
22.00 Real Madrid - Málaga

Wednesday, January 4
20.00 Real Sociedad - R. Mallorca
22.00 Barcelona - At. Osasuna

Thursday, January 5
20.00 Córdoba - RCD Espanyol
22.00 Valencia - Sevilla

Return leg:

Tuesday, January 10
20.00 R. Mallorca - Real Sociedad
21.00 Racing Santander - Mirandés
22.00 Málaga - Real Madrid

Wednesday, January 11
20.00 Levante - Alcorcón
21.00 RCD Espanyol - Córdoba
22.00 Sevilla - Valencia

Thursday, January 12
20.00 Athletic Club - Albacete
22.00 At. Osasuna - Barcelona