26 December 2011

Turienzo Álvarez will beep Espanyol-Barça

The Castilian Leonese collegiate Javier Turienzo Álvarez the Catalan derby will whistle Espanyol-Barcelona and Asturian Caesar Muñiz Fernández Real Madrid-Granada, parties both of the day 18 of Primera division that it will be played next January 7-8. (via MD)

The Comité Técnico de Árbitros (CTA) today announced appointments to the first day of 2012 in First and Second division are:

18a jornada (Primera división)

Racing-Zaragoza Paradas Romero (C. Andaluz)
Getafe-Athletic Álvarez Izquierdo (C. Catalán)
Levante-Mallorca Undiano Mallenco (C. Navarro)
Real Madrid-Granada Muñiz Fernández (C. Asturiano)
Rayo Vallecano-Sevilla González González (C. Castellano-Leonés)
Espanyol-Barcelona Turienzo Álvarez (C. Castellano-Leonés)
Betis-Sporting Estrada Fernández (C. Catalán)
Málaga-Atlético Madrid Teixeira Vitienes (C. Cántabro)
Villarreal-Valencia Fernández Borbalán (C. Andaluz)
Real Sociedad-Osasuna Teixeira Vitienes (C. Cántabro)

19a jornada (Segunda división)

Córdoba-Girona Martínez Munuera (C. Valenciano)
Gimnastic-Real Murcia Jaime Latre (C. Aragonés)
Alcoyano-Celta de Vigo Arcediano Monescillo (C.Castellano-Manchego)
Guadalajara-Elche Sánchez Martínez (C. Murciano)
Alcorcón-Almería Burgos Bengoetxea (C. Vasco)
Sabadell-Valladolid Vicandi Garrido (C. Vasco)
Barcelona "B"-Numancia López Acera (C. Extremeño)
Hércules-UD Las Palmas Gil Manzano (C. Extremeño)
Deportivo-Xerez Prieto Iglesias (C. Navarro)
Cartagena-Huesca Mariscal Sánchez (C. Andaluz)
Recreativo-Villarreal "B" Pino Zamorano (C. Castellano-Manchego).

Eight footballers of the eleven ideal of the 2011 of "L'Équipe" play in Spain

Six Barça players come into the ideal of sports daily Gallo "L'Equipe" in 2011 with Messi at the head and a scheme with a 4-3-3.

Up to eight of the eleven players on the team's ideal Frenchman told sports daily "L'Equipe" in 2011 playing in the Spanish league and six of them in Barcelona , with Lionel Messi leading the way in a scheme with a 4-3-3.

Is accompanied by Argentine striker Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid , which holds half a goal per game and has raised the general level of his team and the player of Manchester City David Sivla , a "free electron" whose left foot is responsible for the smooth running of your computer.

The center of the field composes it the barcelonistas Andrés Iniesta, Xavi that compose the "trío mágico" that leans on on Sergio Busquets's talent, together with Messi explains the newspaper. Stresses the newspaper, for example, that Xavi is the only player in the big five league championships has managed to more than 3,000 successful passes. The 6 of Barça signed 3.516 in 2011.

Now on defense, Daniel Alves (Barcelona) took the right full-back, Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United) and Gerard Pique (Barcelona) the centre-backs, Marcelo (Real Madrid) the left full-back, and Manuel Neuer (Schalke 04) the goalkeeper . Alves remembers the newspaper that in 2011 the Brazilian league signed 17 assists, while defender Marcelo was the most raced in Spain in 2011, with 63. The goalkeeper won the vote by journalists as "L'Equipe" to Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), who won the starting spot in the last three years, Victor Valdes (Barcelona).

By nationality, Spain placed among the top five players, two of Brazil, one of Argentina, one from Portugal, one German and one in Serbia. The Dream Team of Internet newspaper was formed by Casillas, Alves, Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Piqué, Eric Abidal (Barcelona), Fabregas (Barcelona), Xavi, Iniesta, Ronaldo, Messi y Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) . (via MD)

[Former player] Deco gets a 'stage' at Barça for the vice president of Fluminense

Fluminense vice-president Sandro Lima know firsthand the operation of the FC Barcelona after a call from Deco to Barcelona.

According to account 'O Globo', the good relationships of Deco with the president of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, they would have propitiated that the player of Fluminense has gotten that Sandro Lima, the vice-president of the club where Deco militates he carries out a 'stage' in FC Barcelona.

"Deco came into my office and asked if I would go to Barcelona to see that we could apply here at Fluminense. I replied that if a simple phone call and got a stay at the club," he said Sandro Lima, vice president of FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Afellay, in Holland, Iniesta, counting down

In addition to Villa, nursing Barca have another seriously injured, Ibrahim Afellay, left knee surgery in October and who is forecasting a low period of not less than six months. After a few days in Barcelona, ​​Afellay has traveled to Holland to spend Christmas before returning to Catalonia on January 9. Meanwhile, Iniesta, who suffered a broken middle third of the femoral biceps of the left leg on Thursday at the Hospitalet, continues its countdown. He predicted 15-day low, so again in the derby or the Cup knockout round. (via MD)

Champions and Euro, the spur of Villa

The '7'of Barca and' red 'has two goals on the horizon: the final of Munich and be prepared for the European Championship which starts on June 8.

The prospects for David Villa to return to be ready to play the final phase of the season are good, according to the schedule that doctors have scheduled four to five months before considering competing. The '7' of Barca and of 'La Roja' is, therefore, two goals on the horizon as a stimulus: one hypothetical at the moment also for the club, it would be possible to reach a final of the Champions League and another, the Euro , which be played from June 8, although the selection list will be announced on May 15.

Dr. Cugat , responsible for the operation to David Villa, was cautious with the deadlines, as befits the doctors. " The goal is to reach the Euro Villa , "said the renowned orthopedic surgeon in his appearance before the press on Monday 19. The possibility of being in the final of Munich on May 19, if the ship was going round in the Champions League and is classified, it seems less predictable, but coincides exactly with the initial prognosis of " five months ". " It's a fair bit to reach the final of the Champions , "he said Cugat after the operation. " If I say a date, I would surely be mistaken. the boss, will be his leg. He is encouraged both to reach the Champions League final as the tournament. He wants everything. Want to work and reach , "said the doctor then.

Villa has not lost any time during your stay at the Chiron Clinic . So much so that even during the Christmas Eve rehabilitation worked double session. It is expected that in a few weeks will remove the nail and, thereafter, will mark its treatment of evolution. (via MD)

Ibrahimovic to Keita: "Come you to Milan"

Zlatan has become the great ally of Milan to convince Keita.
Anzhi of Eto'o, with a lot of money, Liverpool or Juve also wants him.
Seydou knows that his role in Barça will go to less and in June could leave.

Despite not being a permanent fixture in the Barca football or have Xavi or Iniesta, Seydou Keita has a large poster in the football market. The midfielder Mali valued other qualities such as the tactical sense, spirit of sacrifice, his strength, his arrival from second line and header. Since last summer he was tempted by offers from the big European teams. Milan, Juventus, Liverpool or Manchester City knocked on his door, but Keita rejected the option of leaving Barça.

From day Pep Guardiola made ​​you feel part of their project, both with facts and with their statements and Keita is grateful. Moreover, it is very comfortable at Barça and Barcelona, ​​where her daughter was born too small. Up to now, has stated that while Pep do not tell him he has not, will be here.

Still, none of the teams that he wanted to have lost track. On the contrary. Aware that with the arrival of Cesc and the rise of Thiago role to the first team will be shrinking, even though he has sought Pep accommodation in the midfield, big earrings are very Keita. In fact, last summer's suitors have joined others like Anzhi Russian team where he plays his former teammate at Barcelona Samuel Eto'o .

In all, the Anzhi is who far exceeds the economic proposal, but even with these has been able to convince Keita. Of having to abandon ship before Seydou assess many other things and not just the money.

The weapon Zlatan

Taking advantage of the great friendship they both made ​​during the passage of Ibrahimovic at Barça, the Swedish striker has become the main ally of Milan to try to convince Keita to accept his proposal. Zlatan and Seydou maintained telephone contact and usually more than one occasion been asked Ibra him go to Milan to play with him, that there will be a major player.

Maximiliano Allegri wants to strengthen the midfield with Keita given that it is the most veteran of the team by far. For example, Genaro Gatusso next meet on 9 January 39, while Clarence Seedorf will finish the season with 36 and Van Bommel , with 35. Keita is not to be a kid, since January 16 will be 32, but considering the average age of the players of Milan still has at least four years to continue playing football.

If it is confirmed that this week published several Italian media, which provided for the arrival of Keita made to Milan next summer, Ibra will result in the decision of Seydou.

A conditional contract

Keita renewed by Barça until 2014 in summer 2010. However, in his contract that is reflected from 2012 will continue the club always linked to the share of games played per season, more than half. In this regard, bearing in mind that your participation in the team is not assured, Keita could consider leaving the end of the season Barca and Milan there would be placed in the pole position.

Elected to the ideal of Africa
Besides the five titles he has won in the 2011 with Barça, Keita has concluded the year with two titles. Mali midfielder was elected last Thursday as the second best player in Africa by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) behind Yaya Toure and contained in the starting lineup Africa. "It's an honor to be among the best players in Africa. Touré congratulate him on his victory," said Seydou. (via MD)

Götze: "Everyone would like to go to Barcelona"

"Barça is a dream," he told Frankfurter Allegemeine '. "I do not know how serious and concrete are the deals, but in any case I am humbled by them," said the star of Dortmund.

"Barcelona is a dream. A Overall total all would like to play there," he told the 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung' Mario Götze, 19, who plays for Borussia Dortmund and the most promising of German football. Another newspaper Germanic Bild says that Arsenal would be willing to offer 40 million euros for him and Jose Mourinho also has on its agenda for Real Madrid.

"I do not know how serious and concrete are the deals and I have raised the possibility of a change of equipment. But of course I feel very honored by this type of proposal," he said.

Götze is the most valued player 'Bild', which has included four times in the team ideal. The 'Welt am Sonntag' opened a poll on who the best player in the Bundesliga and won Götze, with 17.4% of the vote, well ahead of Müller (8%), Raúl (6.5%) and Arjen Robben (6%). "I did not expect," said Götze, but I'm glad. However, I look like a superstar. " (via AS)

Keita, best footballer of Mali 2011

The FC Barcelona midfielder Seydou Keita on Sunday has been chosen as the best athlete in Bamako, Mali 2011, at a gala event was called "Night of sporting merit."

Keita was rewarded for his season at Barça, with whom he won the League, Champions League, the Club World Cup and the Supercopa of Spain and Europe. Keita is considered also a key player in the Mali team, qualified for the African Nations Cup 2012.

The Blaugrana player also chose this week to win the prize for best African player of the year. However, this award was a finalist for the Ivorian Yaya Toure , Manchester City. (via MD)

Cesc: “It feels like my career has started all over”

“I needed new motivations and returning to Barça was a step forward for me”. “Apart from Arsenal and Barça, I can’t see myself playing for any other team”.

The British channel Sky Sports has put together a report called 'Cesc in Barcelona' in which the player speaks frankly about his time at Arsenal under Arsène Wenger and his first half-year at Barça under Guardiola. "Both managers seem to love their jobs" he says. "They put their heart and soul into it. They love football. Wenger is a very special person for me. He put his faith in me from day one and I am where I am thanks to him".

The midfielder spent eight seasons at Arsenal, years he will never forget."I want to stay at Barça a long time and perhaps retire here. Return to Arsenal? Perhaps, why not? You never know in life. If I had to go anywhere, it would be to Arsenal. Apart from Arsenal and Barça, I can't see myself playing for any other team".

It was always Cesc Fàbregas' dream to come back to the club where he learned so much, and he knows the significance of being here. "When you leave FC Barcelona, it is almost impossible to ever come back. The day I was presented at Barça was one of the happiest of my life. But the day before had been one of the saddest", he added, referring to having to say goodbye to everything he had come to love about Arsenal. "But I wasn't as motivated as I was when I was 16. Like anybody, I needed a change in life, to start all over, and that's the way I felt when I came here".

And it's all gone brilliantly. "My arrival was a surprise. Winning two titles in ten days was very special, especially as one of those was against Real Madrid", said Cesc, who is clearly delighted to be back where his heart truly belongs. He has won the respect of both his colleagues and the supporters and his duty now is to make sure that this glorious period at FC Barcelona can be continued further into the future. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

For Platini, Barça-Manchester was the game of the year

UEFA president Michel Platini believes that the end of the Champions League, which fought on 28 May, Barcelona and Manchester United (3-1) is the great moment of the 2011 football year.

In his Christmas card letter, the head of UEFA, said that "2011 was a year in which football has need of special protection" and has stressed the importance of their organization "as one of the guarantors of the values, stability and fairness of the sport. " "A year in which we also had to remain strong and defend our values, sometimes alone, to ensure respect for rules and fair competition and to avoid becoming hostage to the interests of a few" Platini highlights.

The French former player, however, highlights the contested final between Barcelona and Manchester, which crowned king of Europe as a whole Pep Guardiola as the great football moment of the year. "However, 2011 also will be remembered as the year in which they lived exceptional moments in the football world. There have been many who would be very difficult to talk about all the competition from smaller to larger tournament. However, if I had to choose one would be the final of the UEFA Champions League held at Wembley. Not only was a legendary game, also reminded us because we are all here to serve the football and the players, without whom nothing would be possible and that make this dream come true, "he adds.

Platini believes that 2012 "will be essential for European football." "In the finals of the EURO to be held in Poland and Ukraine will be crowned all efforts, a tournament that promises to be unique," he says. "For next year, also I have another purpose, we enter a new era in club football due to financial fair play, which is supported and carried out all over the world and is a symbol of our unity and capacity for assume our responsibilities when it comes to preserving the game, "he says in the letter. (via SPORT)