21 December 2011

Xavier Martin, communications new director for Barça

Xavier Martin, until now CEO TAPSA Communication Agency, has been appointed communications director for the FC Barcelona, ​​announced today at a press conference the secretary and spokesman of the Board, Toni Freixa.

Martin, Barcelona communications professional of 46 years, and was linked to the club to be part of the sports committee and will lead the mission of one of the areas that have undergone more changes since Sandro Rosell became president.

"We must reinforce our intention to improve in all areas of the club," said Freixa, who explained that as well as perform signings for the first team, so do to the executive bodies of the entity.

Martin is replacing Kitty Calatayud, who will remain with the department of communication. Calatayud has been at the forefront of this responsibility in 2011, having been appointed in January.

With the arrival of the president Sandro Rosell, in the summer of 2010, was named communications director Pere Jansen, who currently is director of the club's social area. At the last meeting of the board of the year, have also taken a series of measures on control of the entries in the movement of equipment.

In the Champions League match against Milan, between 2,000 and 2,500 tickets available for 4700 had ended Barca fans in the hands of Milan. After conducting an internal investigation has indicated that Freixa found that a considerable amount of tickets had been collected by a single individual.

To prevent this from occurring again, the club announced that partners measures as may be collected only eight inputs each, and the collection of them will face. In addition, the partners under 5 years are not eligible for party tickets outside the Camp Nou, and only send tickets to overseas partners to those who are counted out of Spain. "This way we ensure that the partners enjoy the entries and we can avoid practices that does not include the club's constitution," said Freixa. (via AS)

Freixa: "We make the valuation of the Club World Cup with pride"

The secretary and spokesman of the board, however, has refused to enter into controversy by the statements of Mourinho in which qualified the Mundialito "partidillo."

The secretary and spokesman of the board of FC Barcelona, ​​Toni Freixa, has said that the directive makes an assessment blaugrana Club World Cup won the last Sunday in Japan before the Santos (0-4) with "great pride and satisfaction" and held that the Blaugrana partner do the same, while would not go to value the statements of the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho.

"The valuation of the World we do with great pride and satisfaction. We note that our partners also appreciate it with great pride and we have a global recognition not only of FIFA but of world sports press and that this team coached by Pep Guardiola is the best the world. Other assessments do not deserve comment, "he said at a news conference in reference to the "partidillos" of Mourinho..

Freixa, who is not aware that Real Madrid will have welcomed the victory, they revealed that the white president, Florentino Perez, wished them luck. "I am not aware. Yes, wished us luck in the box at the Bernabeu after losing to us 1-3. If wishes were sincere I guess you'll be glad," he said.

On the other hand, when asked by the interest blaugrana for Neymar, which was full of praise to Barça after the Club World Cup final, again reminded that the club's policy is that of silence until we have nothing signed. Something similar happens with the renewal of the coach, Pep Guardiola. "It's a story that repeats itself and always ends, we are in the same arrangement and confident that ends well and when we can announce some novelty. We are very calm," he said. (via AS)

Neymar's father: "Barça is a very nice option"

"He has to grow and mature as a player". "Neymar met with Barca president in the field after the Club World Cup final".

The father and representative of Neymar has granted an interview on 'Fora Joc' ONA FM, where he talked about the future of his son and has made ​​it clear that it is still currently Santos player, but "Barça is an option very nice. "

"Neymar has a contract with Santos until 2014, clear that the choice of boat would be very nice but the only time that there is agreement between Santos and him. We believe that it is best to stay to grow and mature as a player" has made ​​it clear Neymar father.

Asked about the possibility that your child leaves the Brazilian club before his contract ends, Neymar has shown unequivocal: "We have just renewed and the contract is until 2014, this is what we have decided".

In this sense the father of the young player has reiterated once again that both Barcelona and Madrid are "two great and would be proud to sign for either".

On the humility of Neymar after the Club World Cup final in Japan where the young footballer acknowledged the superiority of seamless set of Guardiola , his father says: "It must be so. You must know how to win and lose. Barça was much higher and we had the privilege of Neymar could play against a football team that makes a wonderful ".

About the conversation between his son and Pep Guardiola after the end the father has denied that he asked to be taken to Barça. "Neymar Guardiola saw an interview a while ago that said the training also is to lose and then win. Neymar understood that victories are not built only with the post-game victories and just talked about it".

In this respect Neymar has ensured that in no case was seen with Sandro Rosell in Japan. "Neymar met with Barca president in the field during the celebration after the game where welcomed with respect, but nothing more". (via MD)

Pepe answers to Alves: "Real Madrid is the biggest and I cannot have envy"

The Portuguese defender says he can not be jealous of anyone because he considers the greatest Real Madrid.
Alves and warned that the praise for the Barça "Real Madrid will not see. They are not humble enough to do it".

The war of words between Madrid and Barça seems to have no end. Began again Jose Mourinho with the statements on the Club World Cup title won by the club. Mourinho congratulated his way to Barcelona for winning ' two partidillo '. The answer came quickly and Dani Alves replied with some strong statements . Barca defender also had words for the players of Madrid "(Neyman Praise and around the world) will not see the Madrid. They do not have enough humility to do it. "

The latest to appear is Pepe , Real Madrid defender. Speaking to the program 'Futboleros' de MARCA TV, the Portuguese central expeditious replied to the words of Dani Alves in this way: "Envy? We have no envy of anyone. I play the best team in the world. Real Madrid the largest and can not be envious of others. " "This is the best club in the world and is a great joy. We have to keep working and to celebrate something at the end of the season. " (via MD)

The World Champions visit Villa

Carles Puyol, Gerard Piqué, Cesc Fabregas, and Andreu Fontàs, visited David Villa in hospital and brought him a very special gift: The World Club Championship Trophy, won in Japan.

On Wednesday morning there was yet another example of the camaraderie amongst Barça's first team players. Captain Carles Puyol, Gerard Piqué, Cesc Fabregas, and Andreu Fontàs went to the hospital to visit David Villa, and didn't do so with their hands empty. The players took with them the trophy they came home with, as winners of the recent World Club Championship, held in Japan. It was just one more detail to help Villa, who was injured in the semifinal match against Al-Sadd, feel part of the triumph. Thus, Villa had got to hold the only trophy that was left for him to win.

We should recall that in the last couple of days a lot of David Villa's teammates, and coaching staff, have been to the hospital to encourage him and wish him a speedy recovery. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Leo Messi wins the trophy for best athlete Argentina

The forward Lionel Messi was awarded the Olimpia de Oro award for the first time in his career.

Messi wins the award for best athlete 2011La Argentine ceremony organized by the Sports Journalists Circle, which gives the awards, held at the headquarters of the Golf Club of the locality of Pilar, about 60 kilometers from the capital country. To compete for the Olimpia de Oro, the Barcelona star, 23, had won the Silver just before winning in a triad of "outside football" strikers Gonzalo Higuain, Real Madrid, Sergio 'Kun 'Agüero, Manchester City, his companions in the Argentina.

El Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos had awarded the Olimpia de Oro 2010 at the player selection field hockey Argentina Luciana Aymar, the great figure of 'The Lioness'. Messi just closed a brilliant 2011, which was crowned with five titles with Barcelona, ​​the last on the recent Club World Cup in Japan and 59 goals in 70 games, four of them in the selection Albiceleste. At the ceremony were also awarded Olimpia de Plata, among others, Juan Roman Riquelme (football), Luis Scola (basketball) and Facundo Conte (volleyball). (via SPORT)

Barca gives a deposit for Neymar

The countdown has begun. The 'Gallo' and has an expiration date at Santos. And about the Camp Nou swift.

What was an open secret has ceased to be. Neymar will FC Barcelona and join the long list of cracks defended Brazilian FC Barcelona Pavilion. The only question that remains clear is knowing when to stop in the Camp Nou. The clear evidence, as advanced in yesterday's edition the newspaper 'As', is that the Catalan club has a first advance payment for the front of 10 million euros to Santos.

The player's dream is a reality, although it is unknown date of incorporation, is more than likely to crystallize in the summer operation, after Brazil's participation in the Olympic Games in London. The competition will begin on July 27 and conclude on August 12. For Brazil, the appointment is of paramount importance since it has never been hung the gold medal. It was silver in Los Angeles (1984) and Seoul (1988). I would therefore have the best and be your greatest asset Neymar to sign a long-sought and cherished gold.

The player, therefore, would miss the season with FC Barcelona in the summer of 2012 will take you through Asian lands, but would be able to start the official competition after having a rest.

In any case, Barça, with this payment, has secured a preferential option to bind the 'Gallo'. And you can do before 2014. Reached this year would lose their rights over the crack.

Otherwise, ie, that the Santos would reverse the operation, the 'Peixe' should pay to the FC Barcelona 20 million euros. A penalty that virtually ensures the success of the deal between the two clubs.

Deal, on the other hand, always has had the pleasure of the player, who has never had doubts about what should be their fate once 'fly' the Santos. And in this sense, has expressed Neymar, especially after the Club World Cup final, when he praised the play of Barca and he was very close and personal with the players of FC Barcelona, ​​including his friend Dani Alves, Messi and Xavi.

The last word goes to Pep Guardiola. Santpedor coach has the key. Neymar come when he wants. The logic, however, says it should arrive next season. (via SPORT)

One year ago, Mourinho gave importance to the Club World Cup

The newspaper archives are the worst enemy for trying to minimize the successes of others and forget what they said in the past ...

"I think it's more important to win the Champions partidillo those two are played after winning the Champions League final." That's what Jose Mourinho said on Monday, when asked about the success of Barca in the Club World Cup. The coach, in its normal, intended detract from the success achieved by Barcelona at the weekend in Japan.

The problem with Mourinho is that in their eagerness to detract from the merits of others, they forget that not long ago, I was thinking radically differently. And doubly so.

After losing 5-0 November 29 at the Camp Nou, Mourinho, the Portuguese newspaper Record, asked if Barça was the best team in the world. His answer was this: "No, the best team is Inter, who, after winning the Champions League, has just won the World Club Cup."

First on the forehead. But there's more. Also on 18 December 2010, Mourinho spoke to the FIFA website. And asked about the party that had to play Espanyol and Barça. Clearly it was an interesting game for Madrid because of Barça defeat against Espanyol would have fared very well. But Madrid coach surprised with these statements. "The only party that worries me is the Inter of Milan, played at the World Cup Mazembe Club Championship. I will see Inter with the shirt on. I want be world champion club and want to see the shield on his jersey of world champion. We have played many matches to reach this situation. He has to win. You can not joking. "

And there's more. When last year's Inter were crowned champions of the world, with Rafa Benitez on the bench, Mourinho said: "I thought Rafa would call to congratulate me because I've practically given a title."

As you can see, the current opinion is far from that was just a year ago. And we all know and chameleon skills of Jose Mourinho. If you are interested, of course.

In addition, he is considered the best coach in the world, oh surprise, could not ever win the Club World Cup ...

[Ex-player] Prosinecki wants 'to fish' in Barça B

The coach of Red Star Belgrade, Robert Prosinecki, Barcelona will travel shortly to find some reinforcement for his team in the ranks of Barca subsidiary.

The ex-player of Madrid and Barça wants to meet with Pep Guardiola to be informed of the possibilities that some forward of Barça B incorporates as given the Red Star, as he informed the Serbian press this Tuesday.

The media speculated the names of Cristian Tello and Jonathan Soriano, as well as that of Rodri, new signing this year of Sevilla.

Red Star, in the doldrums in recent years, ranked second in the league of Serbia, although ten points of his nearest rival, Partizan. (via SPORT)

Neymar to Guardiola: "Take me to Barça"

Few doubts can be on the desires of Neymar. His dream is Barca and seems willing to do anything to sign.

Neymar Winks towards Barcelona are constant. His comments are always complimentary to the Catalan club last Sunday at the Club World Cup final, did not have to change his shirt at the break with Puyol but also after the game did the same with Messi.

But it is especially significant detail mate Santi Gimenez account in the newspaper AS. Everyone could see that while the two teams after the game waiting to receive their awards, and Guardiola Neymar embraced. But what could not hear is what they said two. And, according to Ace, what he said Neymar Guardiola was "take me to Barcelona." (via SPORT)

Víctor Valdés: "We want to win more"

“I receive this award with pride, but behind it is a lot of work done by the team,” said Valdés as he picked up his individual achievement award.

It was an Azulgrana party a the Palau of the Catalonia Congress, which hosted the Festa de l'Esport Català gala (Catalan Sporing Awards) organized by the UFEC (Athletic Cataln Federations Organization) and the newspaper SPORT. Víctor Valdés and Navarro were FC Barcelona’s award winners.

The keeper, with permission from the Club didn’t train this afternoon, believes the team will be competing at the top level for a long time and that the players are still eager to win: “We have shown that we want to win a lot of titles. When we lift a trophy, we do it as if it was our first. We want to win more.” The keeper, who won the Best Catalan Athlete of the Year award, praised Guardiola: “Day in and day out, he’s a maestro. Each training session is like going to class at University. He never allows you to relax. He taught me how to enjoy the game and to play team football.”

Winner of four Zamora awards (keeper that concedes the least amount of goals in the League), and the keeper with the most games in the history of the Club, wins the award after the two team captains, Xavi Hernández and Carles Puyol claimed it in previous years. Valdés believes he was awarded the accolade because “of his brilliant trajectory defending the Azulgrana goal, also because of the team’s success on the pitch ... this means a lot to me. I receive this award with pride, but behind it is a lot of work done by the team.”

The keeper also wanted to praise the team’s successful Club World Cup bid in Japan: “It’s a title that’s really important to us. We all must respect this title a bit more, because it’s difficult to win it.”

Valdés wasn’t the only Barça player to receive an award, the whole FC Barcelona team was awarded the Best Male Team of 2011 as well. President Sandro Rosell, accompanied by Víctor Valdés, received the award for the team. Vice Presidents Carles Vilarrubí and Josep Maria Bartomeu, and directors Silvio Elías, Manel Arroyo, Jordi Mestre, Jordi Moix, Toni Freixa and Manel Estiarte were also present at the gala.

The captain of Barça Regal, Juan Carlos Navarro, won the Most Universal Catalan Athlete award. His merits with the Club, champion of the ACB, Cup and Spanish Super Cup, and his success with the Spanish national team, where he was awarded MVP of the Eurobasket tournament, were pivotal to his selection by the jury. Joan Creus, basketball technical secretary, received the award for the player: “He’s injured and on top of that he has gastroenteritis and a fever of 39º,” said Creus.

The player sustained his injury against Caja Laboral this Sunday and he will be out of action for three to four weeks. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

First training session in Barcelona after the Club World Cup and the match against Real Madrid

After the game against Madrid and the two in Japan, the team returned to training this Tuesday a the Ciutat Esportiva. Eight Barça B players and Alves, despite being on holiday, took part in the training session led by Pep Guardiola.

It has been many days since the Ciutat Esportiva hosted the FC Barcelona players. This Tuesday, after the win at the Bernabéu (1-3) and the Club World Cup, Josep Guardiola directed a training session at Sant Joan Despí. Eight Barça B players participated in the session: Oier, Montoya, Dos Santos, Cuenca, Sergi Roberto, Muniesa, Tello and Rafinha.

Dani Alves, one of the players that is on holiday until the 29th, was also present at the training session. The Brazilian voluntarily trained with his teammates. Éric Abidal, who was given time off until next week Thursday, didn’t train. Víctor Valdés, with permission from the Club to attend the 15th edition of the Festa de l'Esport Català, was also absent.

The first team will train again on Wednesday, at 19.00 hrs, in a session that will be held at the Ciutat Esportiva. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pinto: “Contract negotiations are advanced”

The goalkeeper admitted that he's "very happy" that an agreement with the Club to renew his contract for another season is very close.

Even though there are a few loose ends still to be tied up, José Manuel Pinto said during his press conference that negotiations with FC Barcelona are going well and that he is close to signing his contract renewal. “The renewal talks are advanced, it’s coming along. I’m very happy,” the keeper confirmed.

Pinto, who will start this Thursday against l’Hospitalet, doesn’t believe the tie is resolved: “We are ready for the match and it won’t be easy. Not only because of the fatigue after Japan, which I believe we’ll overcome, but because l’Hospitalet proved in the away game that they can play well and they will make it difficult for us. We’re mentally prepared.” It’s worth noting that Barça won the away game against l’Hospitalet by 0-1.

On David Villa, sidelined for the next four to five months due to the injury he picked up against Al-Sadd in the semi-final of the Club World Cup, the keeper admitted that he hasn’t had the chance to visit the striker at hospital, but he has exchanged messages with the striker: “I got up pretty late and I haven’t gone to see him yet. We’ve exchanged messages and I saw the video he posted. We know he’s a strong person and he’s very eager to return. I’m happy for him because the surgery went well.”

Pinto also explained Barça’s recipe for success: “To persevere, to have hope and to have a lot of ambition.” The keeper explained that some of his colleagues that have won every title possible “continue with the same eagerness as the youngsters from the reserve side.” On the importance of the recently won Club World Cup title in Japan, he keeper said, “for me all the titles are equally important, it’s respectable that others think otherwise.” (iva FCBarcelona.cat)

Collaboration with Global Humanitaria

Dani Alves, who attended the presentation of Global Humanitaria’s Solidarity Wristband, is collaborating with the NGO to improve health and child education in the municipality of Juazeiro, Brazil, where the player was born. “It’s a small town in Brazil, in much need, with humble people that have a heart bigger than the world,” said Barça’s number 2.

At the event, the spot I also help, filmed by the footballer to encourage collaboration between the citizens and the initiative, made its premiere. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Dani Alves: “Guardiola is the heart of this team”

Dani Alves says that the squad’s principal goal is to convince Josep Guardiola to stay on as Barça’s manager. “We all know that without him we wouldn’t be the great team that we are”.

The defender qualifies the titles won by Barça as “spectacular” and he adds that it's difficult “to adequately express the many joys” of being part of the team.

Dani Alves, at the event sponsored by Global Humanitaria to introduce the NGO’s wristband, praised Josep Guardiola and the key role the manager plays in the team’s success: “He is the heart of this team, of the Club. We all know that without Guardiola we wouldn’t be the great team that we are now, without him we wouldn’t have won so many titles.” For this reason, according to the player, one of the squad’s goals is to “keep him here a long time.”

Since Guardiola took charge of the Barça bench, the team has won 13 titles out of 16 played. “The balance is spectacular,” said Alves, “we will never have so many quality players in the same team, with so much eagerness to make people happy, and with the ambition to keep on winning titles.” Along these lines, the footballer called on his team to “continue with the same hunger to make people enjoy the game.” For the Brazilian, “it’s an honour to be part of a Club like this,” and that it's difficult “to adequately express the many joys” of being part of the team.

Alves attributes to Guardiola the merit of “returning football” to the fans. “Football turned into a sport where people didn’t enjoy themselves, it was all about the result, and that isn’t very attractive, it wasn’t exciting. Pep has recuperated that. We compete to win, but he has reconciled that with good play and making people enjoy the game,” he added.

Alves also talked about Mourinho’s comments on Barça’s Club World Cup victory in Japan. “He’s a person that plays his role, he devalues what other people win. The only thing that has value is what he wins. That’s his personality, and we respect it. Mine is different, however. To play these ‘small games,’ as he says, you have to win the Champions League. We have done that and that’s why we are happy. Envy is a bad thing.” He added, “we live in the moment, and we are the reigning world champions. The numbers are what they are, regardless of who that bothers.”

Alves continued: “We aren’t bothered by Madrid because we don’t feel like we are inferior to them, and if you don’t feel inferior to those that criticize you, it doesn’t bother you ... but I am bothered by their continual effort to discredit our accomplishments. There’s always a ‘but,’ or a ‘why.’ That’s the only thing I do not understand. But I understand that it’s an unwinnable war, we only try to compete well and make it difficult for others.”

Lastly, when asked about how he felt about a hypothetical move by Neymar to the team, Alves said, “he’s more than invited in this house ... if it were up to me I would have brought him already. He’s a player that would bring different qualities to the team, and I believe this is the best club for him to play his style of football.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The second Club World Cup is in the Museum

The trophy won by Barça against Santos is now in FC Barcelona's Museum.

Since Tuesday afternoon, the Club World Cup trophy has been resting at the FC Barcelona Museum. The trophy, which was present at the president’s luncheon with Club employees, is now amongst the other trophies won in 2011 (Champions League, Liga, European and Spanish Super Cups).

Barça won the Club World Cup this Sunday in Yokohama against Santos (0-4). This is the second Club World Cup trophy, after winning it in 2009, in FC Barcelona’s Museum. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Three draws after intercontinental championship

Barça have never won their first match after the former Intercontinental Cup or the current Club World Cup. They drew with Villarreal (09/10), Atlético Madrid (06/07) and Rayo Vallecano (92/93).

The new world champion has a new challenge to overcome, both against L'Hospitalet in the cup on Thursday and at Espanyol in the first league game of 2012. They have never lost their first game after the Intercontinental or Club World Cups, but have never won either.

FCB v Villarreal (1-1) 2/1/10

In 2009, Barça became the first club to win six major trophies in a calendar year. And they were able to celebrate the feat in front of their own fans at home to Villarreal. The game got off to a great start with Pedro's 7th minute goal, but Fuster equalised after 50 minutes. Those were the only points FCB dropped at the Camp Nou all season.

FCB v Atlético Madrid (1-1) 21/12/06

Rijkaard's side returned to the Camp Nou after the disappointment of defeat to Inter of Porto Alegre, to face Atlético Madrid, a real nemesis for the team in those times. With Eto'o and Messi both injured, Ronaldinho opened the scoring with a pearl of a free kick, but Agüero levelled in the second half. Barça were still three points adrift of Sevilla in the table, with a game in hand.

Rayo Vallecano v FCB (3-3). 20/12/93

Shortly after losing to São Paulo, it was off to the Nuevo Vallecas (where several top teams had already lost), where Barça got a heroic point despite both Stoichkov (min 6) and Koeman (min 69) being sent off and the home side going 3-1 up. Salinas sneaked a late point for Johan Cruyff's side, who were second in the table behind Deportivo, who Barça would eventually pip to the title on the very last day. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] The best year in Barça B's history

Last season, Luis Enrique led Barça B to a meritorious third place finish in Spain’s Segunda División. This season, with Eusebio Sacristán on the bench, the team is taking flight after an irregular summer and a tough start to the season.

With Pep Guardiola’s arrival to Barça B’s bench in the 2007/08 season, the Barça youth team left its losing ways by the wayside and earned their promotion to Second Division B. Two years later, thanks to the manager Luis Enrique, Barça B climbed one step further up the promotion ladder and earned their spot in Second Division. A year and a half later, the youth squad continues its fantastic run.

2011 saw best Barça B side in Club history. Luis Enrique led his squad to an impressive top three finish in Second Division, beating the previous all-time Barça B record for season finishes. Despite the team’s unquestionable quality, Barça B was not allowed to dispute the promotion play-offs because the first team was already in Spain’s top flight. Lucho’s [Luis Enrique] team was awarded the Fair Play award for their season-long exemplary conduct and Jonathan Soriano earned the Pichichi award with 32 goals.

At the end of the season, Luis Enrique decided it was time to manage elsewhere. Eusebio Sacristán took the reins from the Asturian with the goal of continuing to produce first team players and maintain Barça B’s divisional ranking.

A plethora of youth tournaments with the national side and the inclusion of many Barça B players in the first team’s season preparations led to an atypical preseason for Barça B, where many of its players were absent or arriving late due to international duties. Therefore, Eusebio didn’t have a full squad until September.

The atypical preseason and the loss of important players from the previous season, like Nolito - who now plays for Benfica - and Jonathan Soriano’s long term injury, were key factors in Barça B’s irregular start to the season.

At the start of the season, Barça B beat Huesca and Cartagena away from the Miniestadi, but they lost at home to Villareal B, Deportivo and Sabadell. Improving at the Mini has been one Barça B’s goals this season.

The team played great football, but some players showed their inexperience, seeing that many came from the Under-17 squad. The turning point came after the draw with Alcorcón and loss at home to Guadalajara in matchday 10. The Azulgranas occupied the 17th spot of the table and were dangerously close to the relegation zone. From that point, Eusebio Sacristán’s men went on a winning run, they managed to string four wins and two draws together in six matches. The streak was broken by Elche, the current League leaders.

Barça B ends the calendar year comfortably sitting in the middle of the table, with Rodri and Kiko Femenía fully integrated in the team’s dynamics and with a recovered Jonathan Soriano. The reserve side wants to improve and grow, their goal for the upcoming 2012 year is to improve the results at home and avoid losing points due to conceding goals in the final minutes of matches. (via FCBarcelona.cat)