20 December 2011

Del Bosque: "De Guardiola does everything I like"

Vicente del Bosque , national team, said the victory of Barcelona in the final of Club World Cup as another demonstration "of the good time of Spanish football "and said he likes "everything that makes Guardiola."

"The Spanish football is the best there is and the new title of Barcelona is another demonstration. We have a strong league, two teams will fight for the Champions League and other competitions have many computers. We should be happy about all this," said .

Del Bosque, who attended the launch of the "ties of solidarity" SOS at the Palacio de Cibeles, spoke of the superiority of Barcelona against Santos in the final in Yokohama, which prevented the brilliance of Brazilian Neymar, who "Just to point out one detail."

Highlighting the level shown by the Catalan team, Del Bosque was emphatic in saying that he likes "everything that makes Guardiola." Vicente del Bosque was optimistic about the recovery of striker David Villa, who broke his tibia in the semifinals of Club World Cup. "I hope it evolves. I talked to the doctor and showed me optimism," he said.

While the evolution of the Asturian forward of Barça is continued, Del Bosque sent a message to all those aspiring to join the team to defend the championship title in the tournament. "Those who are playing with their teams and are doing well should be hoping to go to the Euro, "said the coach.

Del Bosque made it clear that the Spanish team will be profiled in February, when selecting a friendly dispute. "There are few dates for the friendly experiments and serve to shape the European Championship team," concluded Del Bosque. (via MD)

Ribeiro, to Rosell: "Thank you for this football lesson"

Santos president surrendered to the unique proposal Barca football.

Among the nearly seventy thousand football fans were amazed by the Barca game at the International Stadium Yokohama were the directors of Santos himself, who were eager to discover at the exhibition game that had just witnessed. "Thanks for the lesson in football," said Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, Brazilian club president, Sandro Rosell himself in the box at the stadium and in line with what they had expressed themselves Santistas players and coaches.

And is that not only is the talent that Messi Barça admires in the world. Nor is the kind of Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas and others. Yes it is, but not only that: it is the collective game, harmony eleven football athletes that move as a whole, a whole exultant movement, space and nuances that dwarfs rival.

The directors of the South American champion Rosell commented that what made them incomprehensible even to them, and therefore Brazilian admirers of talent over tactical corsets, was how many people can attack with no front. Because Messi was the closest thing to a front in the lineup that put at stake Guardiola, but for the Brazilian box area appear not stop Barca players able to score.

The Club World Cup final had a high symbolic value, because Barça wants to be considered current best team of all time and one of the sets with which it competes for the privilege is Pelé's Santos. The Brazilian made club president Sandro Rosell further delivery of a valuable box with all the shirts historical fight club. What a gift.

The Brazilian ex-player Raí was firm yesterday about the swollen victory of Barça against Santos. "The 0-4 will do fine for Brazilian football. Will be a defeat. What has made Barça is a provocation to Brazilian football is about how to play technically," said COM Radio. "The way he plays is an example for how to think how it was to play football as a team and not with 2 or 3 players." About Pep said "will be one of the best coaches of all time". (via MD)

Guardiola visited Villa for over an hour

FC Barcelona coach was talking to Villa in the Quiron Hospital after arriving from Japan.

Pep Guardiola did not take even 24 hours to visit David Villa in the Hospital Quirón where he underwent surgery Asturian forward from injury in the tibia. The coach azulgrana was interested in first person of the state Villa that also received his partner's visit and friend, Eric Abidal, and of Manel Estiarte that accompanied the coach azulgrana.

The visit of Guardiola lengthened more than one hour in the one that the 'Guaje' and Pep could talk after the attainment of Club World Cup and in the one that the technician encouraged the Asturian in his future recovery.

The forward has shown a great mood after the operation and thanked all samples received encouragement. (via SPORT)

Menezes: "The Barca players are more than enough the best"

The Brazilian coach, Mano Menezes, said the Barcelona players are "on top" and still win more titles.

"This current group of Barcelona came to make history and win the final of Club World Cup against Santos in Japan, was just one of many conquered so far and those to come," said Menezes in a statement.

For the Brazilian coach, 35 years ago that Barcelona "decided to be," and after work in "that direction", the result "is the sample so that everyone can see it."

The ability of the players "not discussed and they are well the best," he said the coach, for whom Barcelona "and played with all the provisions tactics."

The Catalan team "started a game recently with a defensive line of three, but no full-back, and yesterday gave a kind of attacking football striker no trade," he outlined.

After defeating the team from São Paulo against the European monarchs, Menezes called for "a deep and meaningful discussion of the real problems of Brazilian football."

In that sense, Menezes said that the current draft based on the work of Brazilian football "must be serious and have continuity."

"I've always heard that we beat our way and that others are doing it the way we did before, then we have to face that they are doing differently and we must accept, understand and solve it," Menezes said in reference to criticism of the lack of results of Brazilian football. (via SPORT)

Bianchi: "Messi is greater than Maradona and Pelé"

The coach Carlos Bianchi said striker Lionel Messi is "superior" to his compatriot Diego Maradona and Brazilian Pelé.

Bianchi, the most successful coach in the history of Argentine football, also broke praise on Barcelona, ​​which he considered "the best team ever." "The demonstration collective Football Barcelona to crush the Saints in the final Club World makes me feel confident to issue a statement: we are in the presence of the best team ever. Something similar happens to me about Lionel Messi, "he said in his column at the site of ESPN.

"Some days ago I gave a talk to a company and in the middle of the conference, a Brazilian who asked me I thought as the best footballer in history: Pelé and Maradona. And I said that with all the respect I deserved the two, now I see Messi above all, "he said.

For the coach multichampion with Argentine Boca Juniors and Velez Sarsfield, "the claim that to be the best ever has to come first world champion with his selection is very trivial." "There were great players who did not need or could not play in big teams to show all his class. Beyond what has happened or will happen when you put the Argentina shirt, Messi confirms each week that is capable of things no one had done before in the history of football, "he said.

"It will take a long time to bring up a player like him. I simply tip my hat to their capacity," said Barcelona matizó.Sobre that "we must give in to this device that is unique in the history of world football, knowing hateful and complicated as are comparisons between different times. "

"Only three teams found that they could just try to be compared to this modern Barcelona. Thanks to the extraordinary monopoly of the ball end up becoming impotent to whoever planted it on. Thus, viewers have the opportunity to see not only a nearly perfect machine to play football, but also all kinds of goals, one more beautiful than the other, "he added. (via MD)

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano does not move from Barça B

He is older than 25 years and if he plays in the first team could not return to the branch, what would mean to limit his minutes.

Although there has been a possibility that has weighed the coaching staff to complete the payroll front of staff, Jonathan Soriano will not be enrolled as a first team player to replace Villa. Guardiola prefers to pull all the way with what you have, unless you make more long-term injury.

Soriano is more than 25 years, so it can not reconcile the subsidiary with the first team. If the orders were playing Guardiola, if only one game, and could not return to 'B'. Although Pep highly valued qualities of Jonathan, do not want to limit his playing time the minute he can give in addition to Messi, Pedro or Alexis, not to mention or even Thiago Cuenca, Iniesta and Cesc.

Soriano was already near staying in the first team after beginning the preseason to the orders of Pep who, however, it already considered that the decision, far from being a prize for Soriano, it will be a bad play, since he could not give him the minutes that he would want. In any case, the injury that occurred in Munich ended any option to upload the first team. Nor will there be signing during the winter. The coaching staff has not changed its initial position after injury to Villa, to maintain the current scheme, but there are still almost a month and a half to maneuver in case of need. (via MD)

[Youth] The cantera azulgrana full back winning touch

The teams of the formative football have played in a splendid way the last day of the year The cantera has added 15 victories and only lost two games, against Espanyol and Vic.

García Pimienta y Marc Guitart's boys' serious game against Gramanet. Juvenil B came out very concentrated to the game field and at once the game was put of face, since a minute 26 of the first part won already for 0-2. In the second part the tonic was the same one, the azulgranas they controlled the encounter and they offered a collective game of quality that overcame its rival. The scorers of the game were to Munir (2), David (2), Pau, Robert Costa and Moussima.

Goleada of the Cadete A against a Gavà that grieve had goal occasions. Quique Álvarez's team had the possession of the encounter and the control from the beginning, and in the first part it already won for 5-0 with the goals of Álex Corredera and Juanan that marked two goals each one, and Enguene. In the renewal the tonic was the same one. Enguene made the second point and Toni marked a golazo in the last minutes of game.

Good game of the Cadete B in Camp Nou Pins Béns against Blanca Subur. The boys of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martin made some first 25 exceptional minutes, since in the minute 18 won already for 0-3 with goals of Roger Figueras, Sergi Canós and Paik. The second part continued with the domain azulgrana, and Barça it increased the differences with the local team in the minute 48 with a so much of Sergi Canós that signed this way its second goal of the game and had just sentenced the encounter.

Disputed game the boys of Fran Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa before a competitive Espanyol that planted face to the azulgranas. The locals were ahead in the marker in the minute 9 of the first time with Pérez's goal, and in the minute 25, same Pérez signed the 0-2 with a golazo for the squad. The Infantil A fought to overcome the result in the renewal, but it could not be, although Lee marked the 1-2 definitive in the last minutes.

The azulgranas dominated in the game against Nàstic de Manresa. In the first part, Denis Silva's boys was ahead in the marker thanks to a good play of Mboula that culminated in a goal of Lluís Mangas. In the renewal, Infantil B continued taking the baton of the game, although the rival had some arrivals to the contrary goal, like a clear occasion that Pablo saved with a very good intervention. The azulgranas had just sentenced the encounter with the goal of Juli that marked thanks to Oriol's pass.

The boys of Marcel Sans controlled the party disputed against Gramanet Milan in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. In the first two rooms, Alevín A had clear several occasions, until Mamadou signed the one to zero with a pipe in the minute 26. The domain azulgrana continued in the second time, in which the azulgranas sentenced the encounter with goals of Victor and Sergio.

Alevín B went very superior to its rival from the beginning until the end of the encounter. Jordi Font's boys created many occasions, but in the first time they lacked some face effectiveness to goal and they left to the rest with a result of 2-1. In the second part the azulgranas knew how to sum up their opportunities and they solved the party with a collective great game. Lavinot (3), Albert Portas (2), Solina, Guillem and Djemba were the scorers of the game.

Marianao Poblet planted face to the boys of Àlex Gómez in a complicated game. Alevín C dominated and had the possession of the spherical one, but at the same time had difficulties to find hollow in the defense of the locals. In the first part the rival that was a bigger year, made a more direct game, and the game finished 0-1 in the rest with a so much of Take. In the renewal, the azulgranas continued controlling the encounter and they could sentence with goals of Sergi Rosanas, Marc Guerrero and Adrià Altimira.

Game controlled by Alevín D against a rival located in the low part of the classification. The team of Xavi Bravo and Óscar Hernánde was always for before in the marker and he left to the rest winning for 1-3. In the second time, the azulgranas continued having the domain and they had just finished off the day with four more reveilles. The scorers of the encounter were Julián (2), Kenneth (2), Dani Morillas, Roger and Nil.

The strong wind that blew in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper last Saturday hindered the game of the azulgranas. Pallejà went out with a very defensive position that blocked the rhythm and the quick circulation of the ball of Barça. In spite of it, Marc Serra and David Sánchez's boys showed their good football in a first splendid room in which Álvaro and Raül signed the 2-0. Starting from there, Benjamin A controlled the game without many difficulties, and Aitor, Raül and Ilasi they had just rounded the game with three more reveilles.

Benjamin A faced a Sant Gabriel very defensive, especially in the first time. However, they were the azulgranas those that were ahead in the marker in the first arrival that they had to goal. Marc Serra and David Sánchez's boys had many occasions throughout the party, but they could not sum up them. In the second time, the locals went out with a more offensive position and the game was more even. Albert Garrido and Jan Reixach, this in two occasions, they signed the goals of the day.

Great game of Benjamin C in the last day of the year against the classified recruit of the chart. The boys of Cristian Cátena and Albert Puig played at a good level throughout the encounter and they were imposed a Sant Ildefons very combatant that closed behind. The azulgranas offered a collective beautiful game and to the stocking it leaves they already won for 3-0 with the goals of Álvaro, in two opportunities, and of Arnau Farnós. In the renewal, Barça continued dominating without problems and the reveilles of Pleguezuelo, Alejandro and Fasica they had just sentenced the game.

Jordi Pérez's boys' crushing superiority against Sagrerenc, a second year-old rival. Benjamin D offered an authentic exhibition of soccer of high school and left without arguments to a rival that lowered the arms before the domain azulgrana. In spite of the strong wind that blew in the Campo Municipal Menorca-Sant Martí, Barça played to a very high rhythm throughout the encounter and made a collective splendid game that was reflected in the allotment of the goals: Nadir (3), Marc Pelaz (3), David (3), Gabi (2), Jonathan and Sicu.

Prebenjamín disputed a very even encounter against Sistrells, a complicated rival that didn't put the things anything easy to the azulgranas. The game was open until the end, since both teams had occasions of marking and in any moment one could have given the turn to the result, but the boys of Rafa Rodríguez they were always for before in the marker. The scorers of this so concerned encounter were Pablo (3), Pol, Marc Jurado and Sergi. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell signs Xavier Martin to coordinate the image and the communication of Barça

Catalonia Radio has unveiled the program in 'El Club de la Mitjanit' that the board of FC Barcelona will decide today on signing of a new Executive to coordinate the communication and the image of the Entity. It is about Xavier Martin, general director of the Agency of Communication TAPSA Barcelona that was already bound to the club because he was member of the Comisión Deportiva. The last season, accompanied to the Juvenil A of Òscar Garcia.

Xavier Martin, the brother's of Sandro friend, Sergi Rosell, and that it already collaborated in the campaign of the last elections, it will be the maximum responsible for the messages that Barça transmits at club level and it will be above the cabinet (Gerard Guiu) boss and of those responsible for communication (Ketty Calatayud) and protocol (Ramón Pujol). (via MD)

Alves: "Neymar, your site is the Barça"

Alves advised him for when leaves Santos.

Dani Alves is a close friend of Neymar and one of the most descent people have about him after his father. Barca side was one of the first to go to cheer after Barca win the endorsement of Santos on Sunday. Despite being collapsed because completion of his great dream of winning the World Cup 2011 against Barca, Neymar was able to accept the superiority sportiness exquisite anthology translated into a sentence. "Today Barça has taught us to play football," he said just after the match on the same Yokohama Stadium turf.

Minutes later, more cold, Alves has spoken with his team mate canarinha, who advised him to play at Barça decides to go after Santos. "He always invited to play in this house. I've always said and I have advised that if you desire to play in Europe, the most suitable equipment and the style of game for him is Barcelona. The advice is given," said Barca side to the Brazilian media.

Among the tips, Alves also said that at the moment not in a hurry to make the jump and continue to improve, then only 19 years. "When you lose is normal to be sad. Must continue to work, having more continuity because losing a final or not play as he wanted to say that it's over his career," he said.

Alves asked people to have peace with him, then just beginning his professional career and much has to go. "Neymar has a lot to prove still. People who admire the game must be happy to have him in Brazil and who knows if I one day I can have as a partner and not just the team," said Alves, who along with the other American peers and Keita began yesterday the Christmas holidays until next December 29, when measured at return for Espanyol in La Liga. (via MD)

Guardiola will continue with these champions

The Conquest of the Club World Cup, an argument to continue commanding Pep this group of players that is making history.

The world champions are already in Barcelona. They came with the satisfaction of duty done, with the pleasure of having made history and happy to have made a hobby that definitely has surrendered to his talent. However, the big question is: Now what? A question that should be done after season, but the continuity of Pep Guardiola is set at this time, now takes just now.

Both the president Sandro Rosell as the coach know perfectly that talks to renew attack can not be delayed. Both parties will spend Christmas, New Year and Reyes before cited. In mid-January is the perfect time for a first contact in the not to decide anything, but to establish a calendar or planner to get down to work.

The position of president is more than clear. Want to follow. We offer a fifth year. Or, as he says, the formula that takes your fancy. One plus one, one and two ... The one you want. However, as has always expressed Pep Guardiola is that of the mortgage is not. Neither the club nor to himself. To renew, then you would for one more season until June 2013.

The feelings of the helmsman, today, are unbeatable. Guardiola always maintained that while it detects 'hunger' among his pupils, there is no problem to extend their contractual commitment with FC Barcelona. While watching his players continue to maintain this attitude, this humility and fighting spirit will continue. While watching for people who want to compete, regardless of the outcome, he will say yes to Rosell. If you had to reach an agreement within hours, the outcome only evolve into a way: the renewal of the coach.

However, after the conquest of the Club World Cup opens a five-month hiatus where nothing can not be excluded. But it appears logical that things will continue as now. A strong Barça, wanting to continue to demonstrate that their game is not over and with the target set in the league, the Champions Cup, three competitions in which there may be a pulse with Real Madrid, an extra motivation for the champions league and Europe.

And if the desire is not just equipment, the coach either. Guardiola will challenge you and test them is that, season after season, the team reinvented. Rivals neurons burn to brake, to lower the pedestal was installed from 2009 (13 titles in 16 races), but no one has found the formula. Barca, and Pep, eager to continue making history. And if the team and the coach are for the work, there are many more chapters to live. Chapters that can be glorious, or not, but in any case chapters in which the team will compete with their best weapons and talents to make the fans happy.

The world champion is here. He arrived yesterday afternoon after nearly thirteen hours of flight. He was dismissed with honor in Japan and will be received when the team equally give the trophy to the fans. The barcelonismo agrees and that he should continue to the front of the ship. He supports, beyond the title, his job, his passion for Barça. Priceless. (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "Rosell has very good contacts in Brazil"

Sports Vice President says, "It is a pleasure that players like Neymar speak well of Barça".

In an interview with the program "El Club de la Mitjanit", Catalunya Ràdio, Josep Maria Bartomeu has admitido them movimientos Barça regard to Neymar , adelantados cited by the IA, and has highlighted that "muy buenos Rosell has contacts in Brazil." 'Barto' has been shown by these comments very agradecido the Brazilian behind the frontal end and its laudatory juego that the practice team for Guardiola. "It is a pleasure to futbolistas well as the speech of the club," he assured.

Bartomeu has also admitted, as he advanced Ona FM hours before that Pinto renewed shortly. "It is a guarantee for technicians and will continue one more year , "has unveiled the vice president, who minutes earlier had visited Villa after being involved in the Quiron Hospital in Barcelona. "We've seen David in high spirits and eager to play again, "he explained.

Neymar controlled by Rosell

The president met in August with the immediate environment of the Brazilian ace.

Catalunya Radio unveiled in the program 'Catalunya Vespre Esports' that Sandro Rosell has controlled Neymar after Laporta met in Brazil with the immediate environment of the player to stop his move to Real Madrid and discuss his future use Barça.

Rosell acted according to the aforementioned station when he heard that Real Madrid was very close to sealing his move to the Saints. And then, along with Andoni Zubizarreta , President cited face to face with the father and the representative of Neymar to convince them to continue in their country and let them know that Barça was interested in hiring.

Now Barça is the club that has more numbers to accommodate Neymar , which in principle would remain in the Saints until after the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil . Catalunya Radio that also unveiled know Neymar club next few days before the tournament.

A Guardiola as a player you love, talent and ability to destabilize and combine, but think you lack maturity in the locker room to land Barca. (via MD)

Abidal and Pinto, close to renew

The full-back would put an end this way to several months of uncertainty and the goalkeeper would continue more one year.

According to Ona FM assured, Eric Abidal and Jose Manuel Pinto would be very close to extending their contract with FC Barcelona .

For the French, would mean the end of several months that its renewal had become an endless serial, full of uncertainty as to its conclusion.

Besides its importance for the great performance offered in the field, 'Abi' is one of the most beloved players in the stands of Camp Nou, more so since the completion of a liver tumor during last season, and thus meet its sixth year wearing Barca.

As José Manuel Pinto , despite being in the shadow of Victor Valdes and enjoy the title only in the Copa del Rey, the fact that one of the key pieces of clothing makes him a very important man for Pep Guardiola . Pinto signed for another year, serving his fifth year as FC Barcelona. (via mD)

[Barça B] Montoya, Muniesa, Sergi Roberto, Rafinha and Tello, called

Without the injured Villa and Afellay, and Alves, Adriano, Maxwell, Mascherano, Keita, Alexis and Messi already on holiday, Pep turns to B for the Cup.

Pep Guardiola has called for the first training post-Club World Cup Tuesday at seven o'clock in the afternoon behind closed doors, three team players who have faced many numbers on Thursday at the Camp Nou to Hospitalet (22 h) in the the knockout round of the Copa del Rey. Those cited by the Barca coach for this session are the full-back Montoya , centre-backc Muniesa , interiors Sergi Roberto and Rafinha , which can also act as false '9 'to Messi, and the winger Tello .

Without the injured Villa and Afellay , and the seven players who have already started your holiday, Alves , Adriano , Maxwell , Mascherano , Keita , Alexis and Messi , Guardiola has only fourteen players: Pinto , Valdes , Puyol , Piqué , Fontàs , Abidal , Busquets , Jonathan dos Santos , Xavi , Iniesta , Thiago , Cesc , Pedro and Cuenca . Pep will work well with 19 players, three of which (in dress Cup 16) will drop from the final list.

Tello and Rafinha two of the players in the form of Barça B, were released precisely with the first team in the first leg against 'Hospi' played in the Feixa Llarga, the end of the holder and brother Thiago in minutes the end. His fellow Barça B and are on vacation and will not return to work until January 2. (via MD)

Rosell, "Neymar signing? Is a question for Guardiola"

Rosell did not want to get wet about the future that would link to Neymar with Barça and left the decision to the discretion of Pep Guardiola.

Rosell attended the Brazilian press after the final of Club World Cup in Japan and could not evade questions of possible interest by Neymar Barca.

Laporta tried to dodge the signing of Neymar and left the decision up to Guardiola: "This is a question for the coach. I'm just the president."

Rosell also justified Neymar's performance against Barca and said "you can not judge by a party." "The image we have to take is that of several games and he's a great player," he said as recorded by the Brazilian newspaper "Tribuna A '.

Also wanted to settle the issue of possible conversations: "I have not spoken to him. We're looking at this season." (via SPORT)

Villa: “You'll see me on the football field soon”

The player, who underwent surgery this afternoon, wanted to thank friends and fans for the support he's received; he’s looking forward to a full recovery. Tito Vilanova visited the Asturian at hospital post surgery.

After surgery on his tibia, David Villa thanked friends and fans for the support shown to him these past couple of days. Among those he thanked was Tito Vilanova, who visited the striker at hospital.

On his recovery, Villa said, “my head has been recovering for two hours. I’ll start to rehabilitate this leg soon. I’m really looking forward to getting well so I can return and fight on the pitch.” He added, “with a lot of work and with people's help, you’ll see me on the football field soon, enjoying myself like I did before.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

FC Barcelona returns home after nine days of travel

After 13 hours of travel, the FC Barcelona expedition landed at the El Prat airport with the Club World Cup trophy in hand.

It has been nine days since the team travelled to Madrid, to play the Liga game at the Barnabéu, from there they went on to Japan.

After almost 13 hours of travel time the World Champions’ airplane touched down in Barcelona at 18.00 hrs. The team’s trip, which started with beating Real Madrid at the Bernabéu and finished with the Club World Cup crown, came to an end after nine days away from home.

After disembarking, the team lined up to take the traditional group photograph on the tarmac with the Club World Cup trophy. Then the team travelled by coach to the Camp Nou to say their farewells to the South American first-teamers, who will start their holiday vacation today and return to training on the 29th of December.

The rest of the squad will meet up on Tuesday, starting at 19.00 hrs, for a training session at the Cuitat Esportiva. The team will prepare the Round of 32 return leg of the King’s Cup against Hospitalet scheduled for Thursday (22.00 hrs). It will be a closed door session, José Manuel Pinto will hold a pre-training press conference. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Juvenil A celebrates the triumph of la Masia in the Club World Cup

The group coached by Oscar Garcia followed with attention the Club World Cup final before the day of the season.

The victory in the Club World Cup triumph was a new model club. Eleven players were emerging from the Masia those who came to participate in the final against Santos (nine in the team). Barca showed again, this time globally,'s confidence in the players home.

An example of the potential of the Barca youth ranks Juvenil A. The Oscar Garcia are second in the league and first in the NextGen Group Series, the Champions Youth, and on Sunday won a new victory over Huesca. Before, however, neither players nor technicians do not want to miss the final in Japan.

"We should be very proud. Those who saw them, those who have been trained and those who have had the courage to subirles the first team," said coach Oscar Garcia. "With this policy we have done very well over the past years and do not see why you should not continue." He also recalled that the club "is a club with great potential that could be allowed to sign great players" and stressed the trust Pep Guardiola shows players of the categories below: "The credit is theirs."

Cameroonian striker Jean Marie Dongou highlighted the confidence that the club shows all his players: "We are proud to see the first team players who are of the quarry and is an extra motivation for us."

An opinion shared by his companions, who are aware that with effort and perseverance can become opportunities and perhaps one day, train or play under the direction of Pep Guardiola. "The coach who is currently in the first team to put much trust in the quarry and the home players. In addition, many of the leading players of the first team are made here and that motivates you to keep working and progressing," explained Pol Calvet.

"You think I can also come some day," said Edu Campabadal, captain of Juvenil A. "There are very careful of the quarry and this is the great victory of Barca." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell and Bartomeu, visit with Villa

Upon arriving in Barcelona from Japan, Barça President Sandro Rosell and Sporting Vice President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, visited with David Villa at hospital. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa is expected to recover in four to five months after successful shinbone surgery

The Asturian player successfully underwent surgery this afternoon to repair his fractured shinbone and is expected to recover in four to five months.

Doctor Cugat said that the player’s chances of reaching the Champions League final are “small,” but he wouldn’t rule out the possibility considering the striker’s “eagerness and state of mind”.

This afternoon Doctor Ramon Cugat and Doctor Ricard Pruna performed surgery on David Villa’s fractured shinbone. The surgical team performed an osteosynthesis procedure and introduced an intramedullary rod (IM nail) in the player’s left leg. The player will remain at hospital for three to four days and he’s expected to make a full recovery within four to five months.

Upon concluding the operation, Doctor Cugat and Doctor Pruna held a press conference in the Ricard Maxenchs press room in the Camp Nou to explain the procedure.

Doctor Cugat, when asked if the striker would be fit before a hypothetical Champions League final on May 19th, said, “Villa’s options of playing this season are small but we can’t dismiss the possibility.” The doctor isn’t ruling out the chance of seeing Villa on the pitch before the end of the season, “it’s close, but there is a possibility of him coming back seeing that eagerness and state of mind are very important factors.” He added, “he’s upbeat and he hopes to be ready for the Champions League final and the Euro Championship. He will set the deadlines.”

Doctor Pruna, who has been with the player since he broke his shinbone in the Club World Cup semifinal in Japan, said, “he was upbeat in Yokohama. He had the spirit to heal immediately and that’s good.” He added that Villa was smiling once the operation had concluded, “his emotional state is perfect.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)