19 December 2011

Carles Vilarrubí: "The celebration will not be without Villa"

Barca Vice President explained that the celebration of Mundialito not be done with the fans until Villa can attend and be paid back to the team saying "racing history".

The vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Carles Vilarrubí, head of institutional area club has participated in the program "El Món a Rac 1", directed by Jordi enough, and has reviewed the latest developments of the present squad.

The first thing noted is that in Vilarrubí end of mundialito "played nine home-grown, but in total there were eleven, and Peter Fontàs entered the second part."

"This team has passed over a barrier, and it is that when it jumps to the grass, the rival is incidental, it is playing a game I get same, with the history", he explained fatigued to the master of the football of Barça and the mental capacity of the team.

"It's taking up the challenge to transfer our memories to be in the history of Barcelona and the football," he continued, to convict: "They're leaving the club trophy cabinet at the height of the institution."

Barca institutional Vice explained that we are against a team that "has consistently had to overcome things against (Abidal, Afellay, Tito and Villa), and yet, the excellent practice."

He also acknowledged that delaying shuffled Mundialito celebration because "it would not be complete without Villa, so take the trophy to the Stadium as Villa can go, because this should be celebrated with him." "This is to celebrate together," he said.

Asked if Florentino Perez had called to congratulate him on the conquest of Mundialito said "no, I did wish us luck enough to face the tournament in Japan."

On Guardiola, Vilarrubí said that "continuity is not subject to sporting success," explaining that "while the Board creates objective conditions for professionals to work in the line of excellence with which they are doing now, I am convinced that Guardiola will follow. "

Regarding the possible signing of Neymar in the future, the vice president was cautious: "I do not sink to try him for the game he played against Barca. It is a class player who still has a long way. If you have quality, fit ' .

Finally, Carles Vilarrubí was asked about the question and whether Iñaki Urdangarín would withdraw from the Palau Blaugrana shirt, which looks hung.

"I understand that the shirt of whoever is in Palau, it is in honor of his sporting career and I understand that does not affect your personal or professional post. I do not think the reasons that led to hang it have vanished. Mezclemeos not the things, "settlement. (via SPORT)

Messi, Alves, Alexis, Mascherano, Adriano, Maxwell and Keita begin the Christmas holidays

South American players of the group led by Josep Guardiola, in addition to the Malian Keita, the Club have the permission to start their Christmas vacation They all come back to Barcelona on December 29 evening.

With the title of World Club champions in Japan and in the pocket, the players of first team football with more distant countries of origin have the permission of the Club to start your period of Christmas holidays and, thus, able to travel and reunite with their families at this time so special.

This is the case of the Argentine Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano , the Brazilian Dani Alves , Adriano Correia and Maxwell , the Chilean Alexis Sanchez and Malian Seydou Keita . Thus, these seven players Barca will have days off to enjoy the end of 2011. A vacation that will end on December 29 evening, when it is scheduled to return.

Josep Guardiola , therefore, will be without these players facing the game in the round of the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey to be held this Thursday, December 22, from 22 hours before the Hospitalet in the Camp Nou.

Arrival of equipment

It is expected that the world champions Barcelona to land in 18 hours. Once in Catalonia, the template will be a group photograph with the trophy that accredits and World Club champions on the same runway for then go directly to the Camp Nou. Therefore, fans are asked not to attend the airport to greet the team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Juande Ramos: "Barca is far superior to Madrid"

The 2-6 clawed in Sánchez Pizjuán that gave the liderato in solitary to Real Madrid, were yesterday in a second plan for the Club World Cup that Barcelona conquered. Madrid fans who saw the exhibition of players Guardiola, surely, they thought that if the ship is still dominant in this plan and has no setbacks in the league, will not be easy to maintain the advantage they have to leg Mourinho's team played at the Camp Nou.

Juande Ramos, former Real Madrid and Seville, among others, was seen and heard yesterday, and did not hesitate to give as a favorite to win the championship in Barcelona. "Barca has long been infinitely superior to Real Madrid. As it was when I was a white coach (replaced Schuster in December 2008) and remains so despite the fact that Madrid has spent a lot of money. They are already many matches played between them and all Barça has demonstrated a level that is unattainable, "he said. Juande debuted at the Camp Nou, where he lost 2-0, and although they cut the lead to 12 points that had Barça, in the second leg at the Bernabeu, Madrid fell through historic 2-6, which involved the departure of the club's technical manchego.

Cristiano Ronaldo was a nice touch with his captain after the match Sevilla. The Portuguese gave the game ball, with which it signed a new 'hat trick', Iker Casillas. In some way, Cristiano came to recognize that of not mediating the two paradones of the goal madridista in the first ones you rush of the game, same he had gotten complicated the victory.

On the other hand, Sergio Ramos suffered a torn left hamstring fibers in the match against Sevilla and will be sidelined for the Cup return leg against Ponferradina. This was revealed by the medical report that was provided after undergoing imaging tests that were made yesterday morning. The central defender said: "I hope to return soon."

Christmas dinner at the Santiago Bernabeu
The first team football
Real Madrid basketball and shared with the club president Florentino Perez and their managers the usual Christmas dinner at the Bernabeu. With the European Cup and the trophy for 'Mejor Club del Siglo XX' in the Royal Box at the Bernabeu, the players were distributed in all tables.

At the conclusion of the meal was the usual annual visit to the hospital. As of the Moral coach came Karanka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Felipe Reyes. (via MD)

Shakira and family in the VIP boxes vibrated

Among the several hundred supporters of Barça who traveled specially from Barcelona to witness the final in Yokohama , called attention once again the presence of Shakira . The singer, girlfriend of Gerard Piqué for over a year, had a great time enjoying the triumph of Barcelona in a VIP box seats of the stadium that hosted the 2002 World Cup final in Korea and Japan. Shakira removed the bitter taste the final of the King's Cup in Valencia, where he consoled Piqué after the meeting after losing to Real Madrid. The Colombian could not be at Wembley in the final of the Champions League since that night acted in Rabat (Morocco). The next day gave a concert in Barcelona which joined the European champions. Shakira was one of the family Piqué , which was also supported by their parents and grandparents. Cristina, Pep Guardiola couple and their three children, cheered the four goals, as well as other family members like parents and siblings of Leo Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Cesc Fabregas, the scorers against Santos. (via MD)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 3 - 1 Huesca

The azulgranas has been taken three valuable points before a Huesca that has only created danger in strategy plays. Dongou and Miguel Ángel, outstanding players of the game.

Juvenil A has been imposed Huesca in a game totally dominated by the combined azulgrana, especially in the second time. With this victory, the azulgranas stays from behind seconds of the classification of Espanyol that has also won this Sunday in the field of Zaragoza.

The first time Garcia has begun with the domain of Óscar Garcia's team that has had several occasions to be ahead in the marker and has controlled the game placidly. The clear first opportunity has had it Dongou in the first minutes of the encounter, taking advantage of Brian's center, but has finished off turned and the ball will have stopped to the goalkeeper's hands. In the minute 12, same Dongou has signed the 1-0 in a play in the area rival. The forward, after several rejects, he has made a stocking turn and it has marked with a crossed shot. Few minutes later, Huesca has arrived for the first time in the goal azulgrana in a dangerous lack.

Dongou has created danger in the minute 22 again, when it has finished off a center of Edu and the ball has ended up in the stick. Some minutes later, and in spite of the domain of Barça, Pablo has surprised Óscar García's boys with a shot that has ended up in the bottom of the net. After this goal, the Juvenile A has become nervous and has had more difficulties to create occasions.

In the renewal, Barça has controlled more the encounter and it has been very superior to its rival. In the first minutes of game, the referee has annulled a goal of Dongou for an outside of doubtful game. In the minute 61 Dongou, one of the big main characters of the game, has written down the second goal azulgrana thanks to Miguel Ángel's good center that the forward has not wasted. Only some minutes later, Huesca has had a clear occasion of tiing the encounter for the goalkeeper's imprecisión, but finally the ball has gone outside.

Finally, Miguel Ángel's golazo in the minute 67 have just sentenced the day. The forward has chutado from outside of the area, at a distance of about 30 meters, and the ball has entered for the whole squad. Starting from this splendid reveille, the azulgranas has dominated without problems, although they have not had more clear occasions of goal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Tienda, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Sandro (Quesada, min 67), Patri, Dongou (Álex Moreno, min 84), Pol Calvet (Quintillà, min 84) and Brian (Miguel Ángel, min 55 ).

Huesca: Isma, Mache, Biarge, Toro, Garcés, Lucas, Pablo (Ángel, min 65), Ainoza (Samu, min84), Ormad (Jesús, min 75), Ville and Chicho (Emerson, min 45)

Goals: 1-0, Dongou, min 12; 1-1, Pablo, min 28; 2-1, Dongou, min 61, y 3-1, Miguel Ángel, min 67.

Referee: Carlos Rodríguez Enrique.

Barça return home

The expedition azulgrana will arrive this afternoon in Barcelona after having been proclaimed champion of the Club World Cup.

The staff took a flight from Tokyo at 13:00 hours Nippon, after attaining Japanese held the title, and is now en route to the Catalan capital.

The trip will last about 11 hours, and his arrival at Barcelona airport is expected to 18:00 h on Monday.

Naturally, the signs of joy and satisfaction were the dominant trend since the end of the final. The team will return this week to prepare activity on Thursday around the end of the Copa del Rey against L'Hospitalet.

Greater technical detail of the Tito

If all players were mindful of Villa after the match, all coaching staff did the same with Tito Vilanova . A few minutes after finishing the final, Pep Guardiola spoke by telephone with his second and close friend, fellow staff while others went to midfield Yokohama International Stadium to honor Vilanova in the form of photography.

Domènec Torrent, Carles Planchart and Jordi Roura , responsible for 'scouting' first team, and Aurelius Altimira , trainer and also good friend of Vilanova, with its Finger formaron the letters in the number of the technician, Tito, while Francis Corps realizaba the sign the victory. (via MD)

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "The history is to give a football bath. to the Brazilians!"

The ex-coach of Barca was delighted with the new lesson Barcelona game because "the longer end my idea" and singled out Messi as the "fifth big".

Johan Cruyff yesterday passed for the program 'Hat Trick Barça' of Esport 3 to value the present time barcelonista after the attainment of the Club World Cup. As always, the Dutch football valued more than results, and beyond the world title, Barça felt that if history was made yesterday, "because for the first time we have given a football bath to Brazilian," highlighting the traditional Cariocas footballing supremacy.

Regarding the game, Cruyff hunger valued team titles, as "the greatest thing is that there are still people who want to sacrifice for the team and not for his brilliance."

The comparison with the 'Dream Team', Catalan coach said that "the difference is that these players are playing to the touch and the depth from young and me started from zero, is clearly seen in Xavi and Iniesta, where everyone has difficulties they have no problems. " Johan also had words of praise for Messi, who undoubtedly called as the "fifth big." On his possible successor, Neymar, Cruyff said: "It is very good footballer, you must first poscionarse, although I can not imagine that every player would like to play on a team like Barca."

The Dutchman also praised Guardiola figure, acknowledging that "I do not feel bad that I exceeded in titles because everyone enjoys, the end of the day lengthens my idea." On the continuity of Pep, Johan was optimistic because "as there is no happiness among the players and others believe it can bear", but just in case he hinted that the Blaugrana next coach should be "the house with this philosophy, because if style change should take half the team. "

Finally, Cruyff was not in favor of signing in January after Villa's injury because there are people coming from below. "Cuenca came a month ago and it's one more," the Dutch. (via SPORT)

Messi: "With these players it's all very easy"

Leo Messi admitted that Barça made a great game, but also said the team is accustomed to doing.

Leo began by stating that "I am very happy. The team did a great match." On his personal performance, played down. " I was lucky to become one again, it's nice, but it is to win the title, you might not realize what it means all we're getting. "

Messi admitted that the team did a great game, but noted that "it is not the first time we played that well, but because the final against Santos may stand out more. The reality is that the team is accustomed to do this" . For him, the key to the success of the team is in " the costumes, how strong is the desire to achieve more, the coach who is always upon us, preparing all parties like the end ... "

Leo explained the philosophy of the team. "The idea is to always have the ball, regardless of the opponent. And the truth is that playing with these players is very easy to do."

Finally, asked whether he had spoken with Neymar and that he had thought the Brazilian. "I talked a bit with him at the final, nothing more," he told Leo, while winked at reporters. (via SPORT)

Ganso: "I do not aspire to be a Barca player, just let me play a game with them"

One of the figures of Santos, Goose, was full of praise to Barça and was particularly poor.

Speaking on TV3, Ganso confessed that "I do not aspire to play at Barça, just one day I stop playing a game with them."

Now at a press conference, Ganso said that "Busquets is a great player, like Iniesta and Xavi." The "10" peixe has distributed these players praise for his performance in Barcelona for the match played at the International Stadium Yokohama (central Japan). Ganso said that the Catalan "is a very qualified, very good."

The Brazilian media has said that his team had never played a game with an opponent to play with the style used today by Barça, and that this is "learning for the future."

For its part, the goalkeeper of Santos, Rafael Cabral, considered that his team did well to field five defenders. He said that with three plants was "more trim", but acknowledged that the Santos only managed to create chances of danger in the first half. "They are better and we must recognize that," concluded the goalkeeper, who has described the boat as "a fantastic team that works very well the ball." (via SPORT)

World press hail Barça win

Both the Spanish and World press have been praising Barça’s win against Santos and the stylish way they achieved it.

Most of the world's press have been busy hailing Barça's win in Japan and in particular the style in which they beat Santos, with two goal superstar Messi the principal hero for the headline writers. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

AS: "'O Rei' Barça"

La Vanguardia: "The best in the World!"

Marca: "O'Rei of the World"

El Periódico: "Barça, champions of the World"

Mundo Deportivo: "The best in the World"

El 9: " Barça proclaimed World champions after thrashing Santos 0-4"

ARA: "Barça monologue against Santos to become World champs!"

La Información: "Messi's Barcelona are World champions"

Clarin: "Messi leads Barça to become World champions"

Emol: "Barcelona waltz through without Sanchez and take Club World Cup against Santos"

Equipe: "Barça demonstration"

Gazzeta: "Messi humiliates Santos. Barça champions"

Globo: " From another world! Santos dream of third world title flattened by Barça's football from out of this world!"

The Guardian: "Messi scored two wonder goals as Barcelona thrashed Brazil's Santos 4-0 to win their second Club World Cup in swashbuckling style"

Lance: " Barcelona destroy Santos dream"

Ole: "Golden 10"

Ramalho: “The difference is in the quality of the players”

The Santos manager said that FC Barcelona’s quality is what separates both the teams: “The difference is in the quality of the players, and FC Barcelona’s players have more, it was evident this Sunday.” Ramalho highlighted Messi’s performance, “he’s playing at a great level, that can’t be argued.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

World Champions with nine home grown players in starting line up

La Masia dominates Club World Cup. Three home grown players also the scorers: Messi, Xavi and Fàbregas.

FC Barcelona won the Club World Cup in Japan today with nine of the starting eleven players the product of the Club's academy system – a great confirmation of the Club's commitment to its home grown players. What's more, all the goals were scored by players from La Masia - Messi, Xavi and Fàbregas, who dominated the middle alongside the three other Masia graduates, Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets.

As if to mark the opening of the Club's new training centre in Sant Joan Despí, which is dedicated to Oriol Tort, a team which bore the stamp of his commitment to the youngsters at La Masia took the Club World Cup in Japan. Of the starting 11, only Abidal and Alves have not been groomed at the Club, with Valdés, Piqué, Puyol, Busquets, Thiago, Xavi, Fàbregas, Iniesta and Messi representing La Masia, as well as five more graduates - Oier, Cuenca, Dos Santos, Fontàs and Pedro on the bench meaning that 14 of the 22 man squad for the game have come up through the Club's youth sides.

In the semi final of the competition , Barça started against Al-Sadd with six La Masia graduates, who were joined by Cuenca in the second half after Alexis Sánchez was forced off.

For most of the players who have come up through the ranks, this is the second time they have won this title, having been involved in the 2009 triumph against the Argentinean team Estudiantes. Cesc Fàbregas, Thiago, Cuenca and Oier were not in the squad then, but Jonathan Dos Santos did travel to the competition, though he didn't actually get on the pitch. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Will we see them together at some time in Barça?

Leo Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Neymar occupied the podium best players in the FIFA Club World Cup final.

Much has been speculated about the future of Neymar ... If Barca, if Madrid, that if you stay at Santos. But what is clear is that the player has shown more than once his admiration for Leo Messi and FC Barcelona. And in the final of Club World had the chance to pose with her idol, and along with the also idolized Xavi Hernandez. And is that the Brazilian striker won the Bronze Ball tournament, midfielder from Terrassa the Silver and Gold Argentine striker Messi repeated the award, as in the 2009 edition was the most outstanding player. (via SPORT)

Golden Balls relationship the best player in the last six editions:

2006: Deco (POR/Barcelona)

2007: Kaká (BRA/Milan)

2008: Wayne Rooney (ENG/Manchester United)

2009: Lionel Messi (ARG/Barcelona)

2010: Samuel Eto'o (CMR/Inter de Milán)

2011: Lionel Messi (ARG/Barcelona)

Xavi Hernández wins 19th title with Barça

The midfielder claims his 19th title as a Barça player after winning the Club World Cup against Santos. Xavi has won six Ligas, three Champions Leagues, one King’s Cup, two European Super Cups, five Spanish Super Cups and two Club World Cups.

The vice-captain is the Barça player with the most titles won ahead of Messi, Puyol and Iniesta, all of whom have 18.

The match this Sunday wasn’t just a challenge for FC Barcelona, one of Barça's most veteran players, Xavi Hernández, was also on a mission to complete a very important task. The midfielder won his 19th title as a Barça player when the team claimed the Club World Cup crown. Xavi just doesn’t stop collecting titles: six Ligas, three Champions Leagues, one King’s Cup, two European Super Cups, five Spanish Super Cups and two Club World Cups.

Furthermore, Xavi played a brilliant game against Santos, the midfielder assisted Messi in Barça’s first goal and scored the second. His marvelous performance undoubtedly helped Barça win the title.

His personal title tally increases even further if we add the titles he’s won with the Spanish national team: the 2010 World Cup and the 2008 UEFA Euro. To these we must add the Under-20 World Cup and his individual awards, best player of the 2008 UEFA Euro championship, for example.

Xavi Hernández is making history this season. Beyond his extensive list of titles won, against Real Madrid he completed his 600th game as a Barça player, a spectacular personal record. However, Xavi isn’t alone in the title winning department. Messi, Puyol and Iniesta have won 18 titles; under Guardiola, Piqué, Alves, Pinto, Keita, Busquets, Pedro and Abidal have won 13. (via FCBarcelona.cat)