17 December 2011

There won't be signing for the injury to David Villa

Barça has already decided, after making a rapid assessment technique, there will be no signing of winter to replace Villa, although they are both injured Barca players and long-term: the Asturian and Afellay . Always open, of course, the possibility arises that a bargain value worthwhile advantage, as was the case Afellay a year ago, but the coaching staff prefers to Barcelona until the end with what you have, with the possible strengthening of Jonathan Soriano .

The directive Barca and Guardiola sports management yesterday assessed the possibility of some incorporation and since the first time first-team coach was in favor of no sign , so quickly dismissed the subject.

If circumstances require, by the end of January you can modify the criteria, but Pep's will is very strong: it conveys the feeling that does not believe in what you have. Andoni Zubizarreta , Barca sports director, left him quite clear yesterday, though without closing any doors so strongly: "Our approach is always the same, I show the day of BATE Borisov: always look at the quarry, is the most important part of the philosophy of this club," he said.

So, Isaac Cuenca will continue to gain prominence in the first team, like Alexis Sanchez Villa's main competitor for a place in the last few games. They could unite them forward Jonathan Soriano , already made ​​the preseason with the first team until he injured on the summer tour.

Guardiola believes in its potential and, in fact, before the injury had been thinking seriously about calling in the first team. However, Pep did not want to intervene in a situation in which, for obvious reasons of competition, have a few minutes. Now, as things stand and recovered Soriano, priorities may have changed. Moreover, club sources denied the possibility of including Fernando Torres on loan from Chelsea, as has been rumored in some quarters. (via MD)

Support for Villa

FIFA have acceded to a request from the Club that the Barça players be allowed to wear T-shirts supporting injured team-mate David Villa. The Spanish international striker is currently awaiting surgery in Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis, the big question of the final against Santos

The Chilean, who made the last session before the end outside the group, is the big unknown for the clash against Santos.

The injury to David Villa opens up a whole range of possibilities for Pep Guardiola ahead of tomorrow's final, taking into account that the discomfort of the Chilean Alexis Sanchez made ​​a more than doubtful. The coach again gave yesterday about 24 hours off the template, from yesterday's lunch to lunch today, before facing the arms ensure game. Pep, once again, has prioritized the mood of the team and want, above all, players have a fresh mind.

The player has trained separately from the rest of the team in the afternoon session, Japan time, in Yokohama. While his companions were exercised in two rounds, Alexis ran alongside a physio on his own, making their participation in the final tomorrow is complicated, but so far, while still not over training, not discarded. Guardiola has said this morning that "we'll see how it is in practice and then decide." There is still time until the final one and tomorrow you can make a last revision of the state of the Chilean that is up to now the coach's main doubt in the alignment.

Yesterday the staff divided into two working groups: the owners of Thursday, more Alexis, who merely make up work in the gym and in the water area of ​​the hotel, and non-holders, who carried out a full training session in the sports city of Yokohama F. Marinos, facilities that today is the last training before the finals. Guardiola has been analyzing the past few days all aspects of the Santos game and is pretty clear what to do, but so am not communicate his plans to the players. But Villa, and possibly without Alexis, the coach could play the card surprise Cuenca, which is the secret weapon against the Brazilians.

The young end is the natural relief of Villa and Alexis and their entry form triplet attacker with Messi and Iniesta, who already played the clásico advanced. Behind, the interiors, Xavi and Cesc, with more delayed Terrassa, taking the reins, and the Arenys ready to exchange with Iniesta or Messi up next in a very flexible training that would allow constant swaps positions. Fixing the core will Busquets, although it has been somewhat hobbled this week after his physical display, tactics and technique of the clásico.

In defense of the two sides are fixed, Alves and Abidal, without prejudice to the enormous performance of Adriano in the semifinals. Alves is the perfect trick to change on the march a 4-3-3 in 3-4-3 and so much has coincided with Cuenca in a system as in other, for what there would not be incompatibility. As the centre-back axis, there is huge competition between Puyol and Mascherano to pair with Pique, although the great form of captain becomes, in principle owner. Both of them are in perfect condition, despite the end of the semifinal match two separate blows complained, triggering speculation. (via MD)

Alves visits Neymar in Santos's hotel

Daniel Alves has used his spare time to visit Brazilian acquaintances of Santos , including Neymar with whom she has a great friendship. The player went to the hotel where you stay focused rivals for the Club World Cup final.

Alves was only at night, and went straight to the elevator up to the plant that is hosting the delegation of 'Peixe' reveals 'Globoesporte.com'. Neymar explained how he was meeting his friend. " He is very friendly. We joke a lot and talk about the game. We said the same thing for each other, the friendship will be on one side. On the field, the animal is going to hit "Neymar joked, laughing.

Santos said the crack has a " great affinity "with Dani Alves result of calls to Brazil. " I am very happy to face him, but I'll give a bit of work "amusingly Neymar sentenced. (via MD)

[Ex-player] Figo: "Núñez doubted of my word"

Luis Figo blamed the president Josep Lluís Núñez of his controversial departure of Barça.

In an interview published in the newspaper Luso "Público", the current director of International Relations Inter Milan said that his move from Barcelona to the capital of Spain was forged "during Euro" in 2000, played in Belgium and the Netherlands .

"Before the current president Florentino Perez's Real Madrid and then a candidate for election-was interested in my employment, I was able to sign for an Italian team paid my buyout," he said.

Figo said through his agent, then his compatriot José Veiga, reported that possibility Barcelona president Núñez, who was leaving the office that summer.

According to them, Núñez just worried and attributed that information to an Italian club simply wanted to improve his contract.

"Then I said I was not lying," said Figo.

Months later, with the European launch, the former international Veiga Luso was informed that one of the candidates for the presidency of Real Madrid were willing to pay his buyout clause, then set at 60 million euros.

"I came back to tell the acting-president of Barcelona, ​​and he again responded that what I wanted this and that. I was angry," he admitted.

"I asked if I was doubting my word, and said: 'No, they pay the money and you go,' "he said.

Figo told that "still hot" and "irritated once again by not valued" work Veiga told to listen to the proposal.

The Inter manager today stated that the agreement was signed then between Florentino Perez and his agent, with compensation for that if any of the two parties thrown back, the other was to pay 5,000 million euros.

"Those who had assumed the responsibility was José Veiga, if not to go for Madrid, who was he had to compensate," he said.

"The moment of decision, I was on vacation and still undecided. He received pressure from all sides, also Joan Gaspart, future president of Barcelona. Florentino eventually won the elections and that night, got all in one plane, including Veiga, and Sardinia were to see me, "he said.

Figo said he tried to "push" even by his family, and eventually ended up traveling with them to Lisbon and agreed to "sign a document that was going to take full responsibility for the contract," exempting their representative.

"This is the true story of my signing. Everything else that was said has no basis," he said.

The Portuguese, considered one of the best players in the history of his country, said that he regretted never going to Madrid, and who also wanted to link the white team "as a matter of prestige."

"The benefits-to get to Madrid eventually confirmed," said

Asked about the day of its presentation, Figo admitted he was "scared" but was pleased to be "the first player booked for a project, the so-called 'galácticos', which in its early years was fantastic."

The end Luso also recalled his first game as Real Madrid at the Camp Nou, when it was received in a hostile manner, and considered that "no athlete in the world have had the experience of playing in a stadium with 100,000 people against him," although the worst of all was "losing that game." (via SPORT)

Neymar: "Barça is the best in the world"

The Brazilian praises his next opponent and does not believe the end is a duel between him and Leo Messi.

Brazilian forward of Santos, Neymar, said that Barca , his rival in the final of Club World Cup tomorrow, is "the best in the world" and denied that the game is a duel between him and the Argentine Leo Messi .

Neymar said in a press conference prior to the final, tomorrow's game is the "most important" that have played and "opens a new page in the history of football."

"No hay un duelo Messi - Neymar , es Santos y Barcelona , Manana y sera un Partido para la History ", dijo la estrella del Santos , confirmó que que su equipo jugará Sun fútbol "sin importar el-rival." Además comentó sus Suenos que como han it futbol, ​​"I do not convertido realidad" gracias a con el poder Jugar Santos la final contra el Barcelona , "el equipo más grande del mundo", aunque Ahora 'lo imports in, es que gane el título y el Santos quede campeón ", dijo.

During the final Neymar try to "catch the ball and go forward" as accustomed, and to "suffer a little bit" Barca defender Puyol , which it hopes will change the shirt after the match and regards it as "a great captain."

As for a possible move to Real Madrid or Barcelona , clubs that claim, Neymar said it was "proud" but that "the future belongs to God." "I am a player of Santos and I want to help the team win the Club World Cup, "he said.

For its part, the Brazilian coach, Muricy Ramalho , said ahead of the final plan does not change the computer system, " Santos kept the ball, that's our style, we have a lot of speed and with that we will create opportunities " he said.

The coach stressed that the party "is very special" against the team that in his opinion is "number one" and that "despite the large economic gap" between the two players will "try to show it better" have, because in this type of games, "anything can happen."

On the possibility of performing a specific marking the Argentina star Messi said: " Barcelona is not just Messi , there are many dangerous players and mark them all would be very difficult. " (via MD)

Adriano: "We can't allow the luxury Neymar to feel comfortable"

Adriano told the Brazilian team's talent and revealed healthy 'sprints' of the azulgranas and their rivals in the Brazilian.

Adriano revealed in an interview with FIFA.com that the Brazilian clan joking with Barca leading international long-Santos on the party that they could face in the final of Club World Club Cup and will be a reality in the fight for the title .

"Everyone has been waiting for this game. At first we joked, but now the game is serious and there is no way for someone to take it easy," he explains.

The Brazilian, who scored two goals against the Al-Saad said that he had never managed to do but pointed to the ease and convenience with which adds to the attack from the defense. "Against Al-Sadd encouraged me a bit and played almost as a striker. I'm used to that and if I go, enjoy," he said.

Adriano also had time to refer to Neymar and warned that there will be very careful with their vigilance because of the quality that holds the striker in his boots. "" We'll have to rethink our plans a bit, because we can not afford to let Neymar is comfortable with the ball, "said Adriano, giving your view on the star of Peixe.

"Neymar is a great guy and no doubt it is the spearhead of a very talented team. They also have the talents of Ganso, Elano, Borges, who scored a great goal in the semifinal, and Danilo, and is in an excellent form. I think it will be a fantastic show ", she said. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "It’s a challenge and a dream"

Guardiola is expecting an extremely tough World Club Cup final against Brazilian legends Santos: “On the counterattack they’ll like Madrid. They’re a very dangerous team".

"Santos is a great team; they win every 50:50 ball. They remind me of the 1992 Sao Paulo team".

Josep Guardiola gave his final press conference on Saturday ahead of the World Club Cup final and warned that Santos would be a tough nut to crack: "They're strong in every area of the game, with a high level of individual technique. We'll try and stop Neymar touching the ball, and you have to do that by controlling the game. We'll try and disconnect him from the game." However, Guardiola stressed that Neymar is not the only threat posed by Santos: "Danilo gives them depth. Ganso is a fantastic player with a huge talent and Borges is a forward who, if the ball drops to him, he sticks it away".

As for the match fitness of his players, Guardiola once more bemoaned the serious injury suffered by Villa and revealed that fellow striker Alexis is still a doubt: "We'll have to see how he goes in training today and tomorrow to see if he can play the final. Some players still need medication to sleep but we're more adapted now".

Guardiola called on his players to take this opportunity to consolidate their position as the best club team in the world and, at the same time, to enjoy this almost unique occasion. "We never know when we'll play this again. You have to be ready to defend and attack well". Many neutrals have labelled Barça as the favourites but Guardiola is far too canny to let that distract him. "It's getting to be a habit but being favourites doesn't give you any advantage". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc: "We want to dedicate the World Club Cup to Tito Vilanova and Villa"

The Barça midfielder is counting down the minutes to the World Club Cup final: “This final is especially exciting because you never know when we’ll be able to play it again”.

"We want to wear the badge that identifies the champions of the world for a whole season".

Cesc Fabregas spoke to a large melee of dozens of journalists at the Barça HQ in Yokohama ahead of Sunday’s final and told them: "I’m here thanks to all the work done by my team-mates last season”. No doubt he’d like to pay back that debt if he gets a chance to play on Sunday. “We want to get out there on the pitch and do our best”.

Asked about the effects of jet lag and the time difference, Cesc insisted: “Time zones and tiredness are no excuse in such an important match. You have to get your strength from your head, from your mentality”.

Cesc Fabregas echoed the words of his manager in reply to the persistent questions about Santos forward Neymar: "If we have the ball, Neymar won’t be in it. We’re focussing on ourselves and on Santos globally as an opponent. We won’t change the way we think”. And Cesc refused to be drawn on the future of the young Brazilian star, who has been linked to a number of clubs in Europe: “Tomorrow Neymar is just another opponent. He’ll want to score three or four goals. In the future we’ll see what happens to him”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Barça B, compared to rival seal blaugrana

It will be a special match for Eusebio Sacristan, who took his first steps as a player on the banks of Pisuerga.

Barca faced their final game of the year in Pucela against another candidate for promotion, Valladolid, at the last stop of a demanding schedule after clashes against Celta, Elche and Almeria. Table albivioleta has in its ranks last three Barca players: Marc Valiente, Jofre Mateu and Carlos Peña. The first two first-team debut and the third was left at the door.

In addition, Miroslav Djukic faces for the first time a team like Barca coach after spending the annals of Barcelona to miss a penalty with Depor on the final day against Valencia that the fourth-League Barca Cruyff.
"Not all can reach. I am proud to have been part of the club, because it is a club that relies on the quarry. When you're so close, you dream with the first team, "said Marc Valiente. "It is difficult to be central to the first team. It's a very difficult position. Pique and Puyol now covered. Fontàs Bartra and are trying, "said the defender Valladolid.

"I was called in many games. In League, Champions League, Cup, friendly ... about 15 officers, but I never debut. It was a shame. Rijkaard gave opportunities to many homegrown, but perhaps no continuity. Pep now relies heavily on youth has it taken a step further, "said Carlos Peña.

The Seville Rodri back to the list, but Eusebio can not count the suspended Carmona, the injured Ilie, Gustavo and Kiko, nor Cuenca, Oier and Dos Santos (all in Japan). So, Riverola could be the pivot, with Sergi Roberto Espinosa and alternatives. Above seem fixed enrachado Jonathan Soriano and Tello. In Valladolid, Nauzet is low due to suspension, and Lazarus and Varela are injured. "It will be key defensive sacrifice," said Djukic. (via SPORT)

Bartomeu confirmed that there will be no signings to meet Villa

The FC Barcelona sports vice president said that "the template is closed".

Barcelona will not make any addition to the low supply of the injured David Villa and is at the expense of Brazil's bid for Neymar in 2014 "if you are interested in the technical team," said the vice president has said Josep Maria Bartomeu sports.

Speaking to Onda Cero, sent by the channel itself, Bartomeu explained that after a series of meetings with the technical team and the technical secretary, Andoni Zubizarreta, the club has decided not to replace the injured Villa during the winter, to Despite the length of time low (four to five months).

"This season we have closed the template.'s Fine, we are very happy how the whole team has done this year and although Villa and Afellay are injured, we have a sports philosophy that when we need the team B. When have come out have proved very optimistic, "he insisted.

Another thing is the possibility of signing Brazilian striker Neymar, who plays for Santos, the team against which Barça will face in Sunday's Club World Cup final.

"Neymar has a contract with Santos. When he decides to jump to another computer, if not renewed with the Santos and if a player plays at level that is, the big teams in Europe, including Barcelona, ​​nobody is going to try stop hiring, "he explained.

In this regard, Bartomeu has insisted that when the time comes (Neymar has signed with the Santos until 2014), in the event that Barca coach the team was interested, then try to hire him.

The Barcelona manager, head of professional football, also referred to the outcome of the draw for the knockout stages of Champions League.

Bartomeu did not think the Bayer Leverkusen will be an easy opponent, but believes that the German football team does well at Barça.

"It's a team we know. They play good football, are well sorted in the Bundesliga and is not an easy opponent. Let's look at this game all with caution.'s Going to be a close game. It's a team that plays football we like to be playing games and everyone wants to play ball, "he said.

As for the classic against Real Madrid, met with a Barca victory (1-3) at the Bernabeu, Bartomeu explained that it was "final match".

He said that "there is still a lot of links, many games," and can still happen, "many things". Bartomeu believes that Real Madrid is "a computer that is very good this year" and predicts a League "very competitive until the final." (via SPORT)

Santos have to 'Oliver', Barca to Take

Nippon Television is the first Japanese recreates the history of the club, a alevín of 10 years they call the new Messi. Kazu Miura was the first Japanese in Brazil and has played an ambassador for the whole Neymar.

Kubo Takefusa age 10 and would have to ask her father and lend us the hours and hours of recordings that have the small fry of the boat because the alevín promises. With only 8 years noted in tests of the FCB School in Yokohama and as a reward participated in a tournament in Belgium with the alevín of FC Barcelona . It was the best and although Barca Masia not accept players under the age of 13, Guillermo Amor decided to make an exception for him too remembered Leo Messi .

Take the first Japanese in the history of Barca and hence the Nippon TV has turned to history land just inside the issuance Nippon Barca. He is joined in the adventure to reach Nou Camp debut at the parents, hence they do not have to live in modern and magnificent facilities are named after Oriol Tort. But these days we have seen images of the alevín that they have left us amazed.

And if Barca Messi has a Japanese, a Japanese Santos exhibits even more popular in his country. This is Kazuyoshi Miura , who came to play a game for Santos and that inspired the famous character of 'Oliver' in the series 'Oliver and Benji'. So popular is that it appears in all the magazines with Pele Kazu did a tour last week. Japanese is known by the nickname 'King Kazu' and was the first Asian player to internationalize, Nippon in the first pass of the 50 goals for his country and the first pass which cost more than $ 5 million. Today is 44 years old and his story inspired the creator of 'Captain Tsubasa'.

Like the popular character 'Oliver'. Kazu was born in Shizuoka where he started practicing football. At 17 years, Kazu went to Brazil, a process like Oliver, to play for Santos - played three months after he was loaned to Palmeiras and Coritiba to return in 1990 to Santos and then return home , where would the jump to Genoa without much luck. Kazu was a close friend of Zico, a friendship that lasted over Brazilian star in Japan. These and other coincidences prove the inspiration of the author of the popular manga series.

Kazu has asked the Japanese public support for the Santos . "I want to conquer the tri", the Intercontinental triple championship to add this to the two that won Pele . Because he does not want the thing, these days it has been rumored interest in signing Santos Hiroko Sakai Japanese, the Kashima, but have left all the arrangements for after Mundialito.

But 'our' Take also has its strength. It is not the same having played a match in Santos to be a future star of FC Barcelona . And Take is working to be and what we see in the images could have inspired a character like Oliver. (via MD)

Zubizarreta: "We removed once in the UEFA"

The Technical director says: "I like German football, I've always liked, is competitive and intense".

Andoni Zubizarreta , director deporttivo professional football, has also commented on the draw and commented that "the first thing that came to mind was that once we were eliminated in the UEFA", referring to the 1987-88 season , himself a trained goalkeeper Luis Aragones.

He also commented that "I like German football, I've always liked, is competitive and intense", has said that to replace David Villa "our priouesta is always the same, as we showed against BATE: always look at the quarry" and, finally, has denied that a crack in the tibia always lead to fracture, "Not so, not a law but a circumstance, and I know a player named Zubizarreta to prove it: he spent a year with a crack and not fractured tibia. What is not the same one that a striker goalie?, then yes, jump and work with the same intensity in training. The difference is that we have gloves. " (via MD)

Sandro Rosell: "We would have been good either"

The president, from Japan, praised the Champions League draw: "At this point you must be prepared to play against any opponent"

The president of FC Barcelona , Sandro Rosell , who has followed the second round draw for the Champions surrounded by much of the Barcelona directors in the company of the media posted to the Club World Cup , has commented on the Bayer Leverkusen , opponent who has fallen in luck, "we were expectaantes and would have been good either, because by now you must be prepared to play against any opponent."

He admitted that it is good to have prevented the Russians and, for David Villa, who was accompanied yesterday in hpsital next to Jordi Moix management, said: "I would love to David were playing the final, it would be a success from the human point of view and sports, because it means we have qualified qe. I saw surprised me very whole and especially their desire to know what to do to recover well. is an example of the kind of people we have in the locker room. " (via MD)

Ramalho: "The only way to win Barça is to attack"

Santos coach Muricy Ramalho, stated on Friday that the only way to overcome Barca is out to attack.

"Barca are a great team but we also," said Brazilian team coach, who is very clear how you should play if his team wants to take the league title. "The Saints can not play to close. Never played that way, "said Ramalho, who believes the only way to win the Club World Cup is" always looking for the goal, which is where we specialize. " "We can not let them dominate us," he added.

And is that Ramalho "Barca are a great team," but his players are capable not only of "bothering" the de Guardiola, but to spoil the party for the culés. "Everyone expects them to win the title, but the Saints can spring a surprise," said the Brazilian coach. (via SPORT)

Shakira revolutionizes Japan

The Colombian singer Shakira has caused great excitement in Japan, where her boyfriend, Gerard Piqué is contesting the Club World Cup.

The Colombian singer Shakira is in Japan, where he has gone to support her boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona defender.

Shakira's arrival caused much excitement in the Asian country's capital. There are still a few days to Sunday's final, while the artist has taken to touring with the parents of the player.

VIDEO: www.sport.es

Iker Casillas calls to Villa and wishes him a speedy recovery

Iker Casillas and Jose Mourinho have joined the many soccer players and athletes who have shown their support for David Villa.

Iker Casillas has remembered his team-mate David Villa, in a message on his Facebook page. "This is a message of encouragement to a teammate and good friend as" Guaje. "We wish you a speedy recovery crack! Above is the colors stand for friendship and you're friend. A hug and even though I have talked with you, From here we send you a speedy recovery. Football misses you ... "

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho spoke of Villa in the press conference after the match against Sevilla on Saturday. "Throughout my career I have always been unhappy with major injuries, regardless of the player and the team. So with Villa do not leave my line. I'm terribly sorry," he told a news conference. (via SPORT)

David Villa arrives in Barcelona

Villa will undergo presurgical tests in the coming hours to determine when the surgical procedure on his fractured shinbone will take place.

David Villa landed this Friday afternoon in Barcelona, via Frankfurt, after he fractured the tibia in his left leg during the semifinal of the Club World Cup. Ricard Pruna and Manel Estiarte accompanied the striker on his journey home.

The player arrived in Barcelona in good condition and the transfer to hospital occurred without any problems. Villa will undergo presurgical tests in the coming hours to determine when the surgical procedure on his fractured shinbone will take place. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex-player] Lilian Thuram, bets for Barça

The ex-Azulgrana believes Guardiola’s team is the favourite to win the Club World Cup over Santos. Thuram highlights the Club’s football model.

The ex-Barça player, Liliam Thuram, currently collaborating with the FC Barcelona Foundation, visited the Club’s facilities. The Frenchman explained that he’s happy with the team’s progress so far this season.

Thuram was part of the Barça squad led by Frank Rijkaard that lost in the 2006 Club World Cup final: “It isn’t a very good memory for me because we lost the final,” said the ex-centre back. This time, however, the Frenchman is convinced of a Barça victory: “I don’t know the Brazilian team very well, but I think Barça has the advantage. It’s December, the players have been playing for a while and they are coming into the final with a lot of confidence after the match against Madrid. I hope to see a great game and that Barça wins it.”

When Thuram donned the Barça shirt, Leo Messi was just starting out. The Frenchman recalls that even in the budding part of the Argentinian’s career that “he was an incredible player.” Thuram, however, declined to compare Messi to his next rival: “Neymar is a player that’s strong, young and that has the capacity to score a lot of goals. It’s difficult to compare players. I believe the most important thing is that players transmit happiness to the fans.”

Thuram believes that it’s “very positive” for the Club to have Pep Guardiola as the head manager because “he grew as a player and as a manger at the Club, he knows the philosophy.” Along these lines, Thuram highlighted the Club’s methodology and the confidence placed in home-grown players.

The Frenchman also has words for this countryman Éric Abidal, who he sees “as a very strong person.” The ex-Azulgrana talked about the moment Carles Puyol gave the Champions League cup to Abidal so he could be the first to lift it at Wembley, saying: “That is the image of Barça.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

Champions League: Bayer Leverkusen, Last-16 rival

The away leg will be played in Germany on February 14th and the return leg will be played at the Camp Nou on March 7th.

Ballack is the marquee player for the team that finished second to Chelsea in Group E, beating out Valencia and Genk.

Bayer Leverkusen will be FC Barcelona’s opponent in the Last 16 of the Champions League. The Germans finished second to Chelsea in their group, and beat out Valencia and Genk for a spot in the next round. The Catalans and the Germans were paired up today at noon at the Champions draw ceremony in Nyon, Switzerland.

The away match will be in Germany on February 14th and the return leg will be played at the Camp Nou on March 7th. It’s worth remembering that FC Barcelona earned the right to play the return leg at home after winning Group H, beating out AC Milan, Viktoria Plzen and BATE Borisov.

Pep Guardiola’s men will play against the team that finished second to Chelsea in Group E, Bayer Leverkusen. The Germans were about to finish first in the group, but in the last matchday their draw with Genk, and Chelsea’s victory over Valencia, meant that the men managed by Robin Dutt were made to settle for second. It’s worth noting that Bayer Leverkusen beat both Chelsea (2-1) and Valencia (2-1) at Bay Arena. In both occasions the Germans were able to overturn the initial goals from Drogba and Jonas, respectively. (via FCBarcelona.cat)