15 December 2011

Social networks are collapsed in the mood to Villa

Com teammates Pique and Thiago, Valencia, former Asturian club, or sports such as Álvaro Bautista have shown their support to 'Guaje'.

The fracture of the tibia of David Villa has caused a real stir in social networks. The injury, which means that the Spaniard has a good chance of not playing with the club over the remainder of the season and even make him miss the European Championship, has been filled with encouragement to the 'Guaje' social networks.

Villa teammates as Pique and Thiago have wanted to show support for the striker. Piqué has posted on twitter: "You will soon recuparar Guaje! We are all with you friend! Also on twitter, the son of Mazinho, Thiago Alcántara wanted to send his affection for Villa:" We will be with Villa for what you need. He needs lots of support "Guaje a big hug!

But not only the companions of 'Guaje' have shown their support. His former club Valencia, has released a statement on the club's website that you want "a prompt and successful recovery," the Spanish footballer.

In addition, other athletes have joined in the messages of support. The rider Álvaro Bautista has used the social network Twitter to express their support for Villa: "Many encouraged David Villa! Hope q again as soon as possible to play football." (via AS)

Guardiola: “We’ll be waiting for Villa with open arms”

The Barça manager described the contrasting mood among the players: joy for qualifying for the Clubs World Cup final but dismay regarding the Asturian’s injury.

Guardiola has said he is looking forward to playing such a historic club as Santos in Sunday’s final.

"Upset". That was the way Josep Guardiola described the atmosphere among the players right now. Not because of the match, which was a wonderful win in the Clubs World Cup semi final against Al-Sadd, but because of the loss of key striker David Villa to a serious tibia injury. The manager said "he has been working so hard and so long, but now will be without him for a very long time". Villa will clearly be missed, "first as a colleague and also as a player", and all Guardiola could promise is that the players hope that his operation goes as smoothly as possible and that they will be waiting to welcome him back "with open arms".

He was also asked whether the club is likely to look for possible substitutes to cover for Villa's key position in the centre of the Barça attack. "Let's be sensitive here" he answered. "There's a lad flying back to Barcelona with an injury, and I think he'll be out of action for quite a long time. Let's not talk about substitutes ... David is a very popular person, and a sensitive lad. The players are upset. These losses leave you sick, unhappy, empty. Everybody puts themselves in his shoes and knows how much he's going to suffer. Now he's going to fly back to Barcelona with a doctor and someone else, just when the team is fighting to be the best in the world. I'm so sorry, and we have to cheer him up. I want him to know that we're waiting for him."

As for the 4-0 win against Al-Sadd, Guardiola said he was especially pleased for today's goalscorers, Adriano, Keita and Maxwell, and said one of the keys to the game was "interpreting things right, given that they had nine men packed in their area ... Al-Sadd is a very aggressive team, with very fast players on the counter attack, and we knew we had to be patient. They didn't even shoot in the second half. If we hadn't attacked so well, this game might have been more difficult than it looked. But we read the game well, and we're delighted to be in the world final".

Finally, Guardiola spoke about the team they'll face on Sunday. "Santos is a historic team. In their time, Pelé and other players made them a big name. We are lucky to be in this final. I haven't seen anything of Santos at all yet. Tomorrow I'll start working on them and deciding what we have to do to beat them". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Zubizarreta: “Whenever there’s an injury like Villa’s, the rest is secondary”

Despite qualification for the Club World Cup Final, the Director of the Sports Area for Football was dismayed about the injury to the Asturian forward.

After the game with Al-Sadd, Andoni Zubizarreta spoke to the media, and particularly about the injury suffered by David Villa. He was clearly upset by the news that his star striker has fractured his left tibia. "Whenever there's an injury like Villa's, the rest is secondary," he said. Indeed, despite qualifying for the world final on Sunday against Santos, for the moment, it is as if nothing else matters. Zubizarreta didn't want to go into details about the incident that led to the injury, merely saying that "in football there is always going be that kind of risk," and neither did he want to discuss the idea of using the winter transfer window to bring in somebody to take Villa's place.

Turning to the game with Al-Sadd, Zubizarreta confessed that the Qatari outfit "showed us a lot of respect right from the start, and camped ten players in their penalty area. They defended tightly and committed fouls if need be." He also observed that although the stadium was packed to the rafters "there wasn't much of an atmosphere." Given all that, he commented that "it is difficult to play games like these and I think we dealt with it all very professionally."

As for the final against Santos, Zubizarreta said that what he admires most about the Brazilians is that they "combine skill with tactics, and individual talent ... We'll compete by doing what we know how to do, keep hold of the ball." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Thiago: "Villa is necessary a lot of to this team"

The canterano lamented the injury to his partner and praised the success of his team: "It's a super important victory I've never seen the team 'así, así''. This team never lost the ambition."

Barcelona have won the team by Qatar A-Sadd 0-4 and is in the final Club World Cup. The negative part of the meeting was the serious injury to David Villa, who may have fractured the tibia and could be out for around six months, lack of medical confirmation. After the game, Thiago lamented the injury 'Guaje': "Villa is much needed in this team. Hopefully not very serious. We wish him and we mejorb for what you need. Now you have to think about improving and get well" .

Regarding the possibility that Villa could lose the European Championship, said: "It is a long time, when you play you never think to be things that can pass. It was bad luck, but let's see what happens."

As for the 0-4 win against Al-Sadd, Thiago appreciated the efforts of the team: "The game was nice, we made it into the final objective was sorry but Villa's injury. The victory been extremely important. " Asked about some dubious streak before the Clásico team at Real Madrid, Thiago said: "I've never seen the team 'so well.' Try to improve every day, because ambition in this team never lost," he said. (via AS)

Cannavaro: "Ballon d'Or? Xavi"

Fabio Cannavaro says that "Barca are one of the best teams in history, a great team," but continues to have confidence in Madrid.

The Italian former Madrid player, Fabio Cannavaro, participated in the program Onda Cero "The first touch", and had no problem recognizing that "Barcelona is one of the best teams in football history."

The former Ballon d'Or winner in the 2006 edition, after captaining the national team to win the world championship title, acknowledged that "I bet by Xavi for the Ballon d'Or because it is right that a Spanish win. Last year was a shame because Xavi and Iniesta did better than Messi. "

Asked about the rivalry between Barcelona and Liga Madrid, Cannavaro was true to his pensamietos, but it was wrong with his former parish. "Barca is a great team, you're wrong once and kill you," warned exfutbolista.

He then explained that "Real Madrid have the quality to win this league, because they are 38 games, not just one, and sometimes you can win, as happened with the Copa del Rey." He also admitted he was "a shame" the defeat of last Saturday and immediately segudio said: "Barcelona are a great team, this can not thwart the work of the team and coach."

Cannavaro also showed their support for Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo, and inlcuso said the work of Luis Enrique in front of Rome, recognizing the "good work" being done despite the pressure. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez, also injured

During the match pitting the Al Sadd and Barca , Alexis Sanchez has had to be replaced 70 minutes into the second half after asking for change.

The Chilean, who had entered the first part in place of David Villa , left the playing field 'tocado' and Isaac came into place Cuenca.

Alexis is gone directly to the locker room, putting her hand on his thigh and though everything pointed to an injury that could have musuclar, FC Barcelona has been reported that substituted as a precaution due to some discomfort in the left leg adductor. (via MD)

[CWC 2011; Semifinal] Al Sadd 0 - 4 FC Barcelona

Guardiola's team went very superior to the combined Qatar to the one that defeated without problems with the protagonism scorer of the less habitual ones as Adriano, Keita and Maxwell, in a party marked by the lesion of David Villa.

From the opening whistle Al Sadd made very clear his intentions and gave full play the initiative of Guardiola.

Barca began to tighten the set Qatar with distant shots until Villa had the first clear chance to face of goal on 17 minutes but his shot came across the body of Mohamed Saqr, the headline goal just minutes later to become negative in character.

It had been twenty minutes and Barca's dominance it was overwhelming, with Al Sadd limited out on the counter in a very shameless and without any real purpose. That was when Barça was full with a gift of the opposing defense. Adriano took advantage of indecision between the goal and a defender Mohamed rebound to score with his knee. The goalkeeper was an assignment and reject his unfortunate foot bounced off the Barca side that sent the ball into the net.

The goal gave Barca tranquility to continue practicing their football. A half hour of play emerged as the star David Villa. The Spaniard signed an illegal goal that the referee did not hesitate to ring out for offside. The 'Guaje' had taken advantage of a rebound of a shot Mohamed Iniesta. It was 33 minutes and three later, the misfortune was primed with Villa. Barca striker got away in a long career by winning two defenders back and in full struggle with them, fell to the ground with clear signs of discomfort. Minutes later confirmed his fractured tibia.

Injury to the 'Guaje' momentum was a downturn in their rush Barca offensive. However, on 42 minutes came back into action Adriano. The Brazilian took a good opening for Thiago to place the body and placed shot to the far post. The goal stretched rival defective also helped drive up the scoreboard 0-2. Just a couple of minutes later, Kader Keita was given one of the few opportunities enjoyed by Al Sadd, after signing a good personal action to the contrary, avoiding marking Abidal and Mascherano.

The second half began marked by the consequences of the injury to Villa, and sometimes took a few minutes to arrive. Ten of the resumption was Messi who made a cross shot that went dry very close to the stick after playing Lee. It was the first sign of Leo, he would repeat in the next few minutes showing signs of his whole repertoire. In 62, he made a powerful free-kick which reacted very well, this time, yes, Mohamed Saqr. And just a minute later, Leo himself did a great assistance to Keita's right leg, which enabled perfectly to the Malian plants only at the rival goal. Before leaving Saqr, Keita very well defined with a subtle touch to the far post.

With the score 0-3, Messi returned to star in spectacular actions. The most prominent, a Chilean attempt into the empty net after a series of bounces that could go around the world, but the shot went slightly off.

The last half hour was marked by injuries and several scares for the 'staff' Barca coach. In minute 70, without going any further, Isaac Alexis Sanchez Cuenca replaced by muscle problems in Chile, in the first half had replaced David Villa.

In the 80th minute Barca avenged medical misfortune so a new goal, authored by Maxwell after taking advantage of great assistance to the area of ​​Thiago and benefited from other stretched out defective Mohamed Saqr, who vacated the first pole of his goal .

The last few minutes, far from serving to honor control the game Barcelona were a real torment for the parish Barca, Puyol and Mascherano to suffer some entries very hard Yusef Ali, which even caused the 'little chief' come out on a stretcher.

Barça is in the final of the World paying clubs, yes, a toll too high, it can make the team for the future of the season. (via SPORT)

[Technicala Data]
Al-Sadd: Saqr; Abdulmajed, Lee Jung Soo, Koni, Nadir Belhadj; Abdulmajid, Mohammed, Albloushi (Al Yazidi, min. 65); Al Khalfan, Keita (Al Haydos, min. 82) and Niang (Ali, min 77).

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Puyol, Mascherano, Abidal (Maxwell, min. 66); Iniesta, Keita, Thiago, Adriano; Pedro, Messi and Villa (Alexis, min. 39) (Cuenca, min.71)

Goals: 0-1. Min.25: Adriano; 0-2. Min.43: Adriano; 0-3. Min 64: Keita; 0-4. Min. 81: Maxwell.

Referee: Joel Aguilar (El Salvador). Abdulmajed showed yellow card (min. 61) and Mohammed (min. 80).

Incidents: Second World Club Championship semifinal match at the International Stadium Yokohama. David Villa broke the tibia of his left leg in 36 minutes. Full absolute with 66.298 spectators.

Villa is injured against Al Sadd

Asturian striker has fractured the tibia in his left leg in an unfortunate play.
The 'Guaje' has had to be replaced by Alexis Sanchez in the first half of the Al Sadd-Barça.

David Villa has fractured the tibia in his left leg and had to be replaced by injury on 35 minutes of the Club World Cup semifinal 2011 that faces the Al Sadd - Barça . The crack Barca suffered a fractured tibia in a race action contesting a long ball with two Qatari joint defenses. Villa will be of drop between 4 and 6 months.

Villa returned to the ownership and was having a good performance in the match against Al Sadd in which you have a goal disallowed . The player is becoming more tests in Yokohama Rosai Hospital where he has gone only to be replaced. Without doubt, a misfortune for the Barcelona forward wants out of a bad run of games. (via MD)

[Youth] Valentí Fuster gives a talk at the Masia

He explained to residents how to take good care of the heart.

The new Masia premiered their traditional lecture for the course with a guest star, the renowned cardiologist Valenti Fuster, who offered a lecture entitled 'Working with the heart', as part of the important and ambitious campaign of the Foundation 'Som which Mengem' on health habits and nutrition.

Fuster, who directs the Cardiovascular Institute at Mount Sinaí in New York, and leads the SHE Foundation, a contributor to the campaign Barca explained to the 60 residents of the farmhouse which is cardiovascular disease and how to avoid, in addition to inviting to reflect: "The most important is to know what alternatives are there if something goes wrong," he said. The event also served to seal the Fundació FC Barcelona is a link between la Masia y el Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC), who also directs.

As cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality worldwide and is considered an epidemic, Fuster focused on the importance of the fight society with good habits. Attended by Vice President Carlos Vilarrubí, the director of the Masia, Carles Folguera and director of the Foundation, Josep Cortada. (via MD)

[CWC 2011; Semifinal] Al Sadd - FC Barcelona

Al-Sadd: Mohamed, Belhadk, Lee, Wesam, Kasola, Niang, Keita, Ibrahim, Khalfan, Talal and Koni.

Barça: Valdés; Adriano, Puyol, Mascherano, Abidal; Thiago, Keita, Iniesta; Pedro, Messi and Villa.

Chelsea thinks a trade: Torres for Villa

Right now, Guardiola is not putting to Guaje of regular, but yes bill with the Asturian forward to face a very loaded season for Barça.

The news published in MARCA has had an enormous media coverage. David Villa is on the market, because their role in the club has been decreasing gradually. In England have taken note of the tessitura and have already been released to speculate on possible destinations for the gourd.

Interestingly, the fate of 7 of Barça and La Roja has been associated with Fernando Torres. Chelsea forward also goes through a tough time. As the Villa is now backup role.

According to The Guardian, Villas-Boas London team coach, wants to change to Torres for Villa. According to the English newspaper, the Luso coach believes that the Spanish international will not recover the splendor displayed at Liverpool.

Anyway, this operation seems difficult to materialize. Right now, Guardiola is not putting to Guaje of regular, but yes bill with the Asturian forward to face a very loaded season for Barça and it doesn't seem probable that lets leave to Villa in the winter market. (via Marca.com)

Time for Villa

David Villa has moved to a secondary role in the team for the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, a player who turned in a note at the Santiago Bernabeu, where, thanks to him, woke up Barça. However, the Spaniard forward points today to a starter in the Club World Championship semi-final that Barça will play against Al-Sadd of Qatar. Josep Guardiola may want to silence the rumors coming from Madrid about a possible transfer of the player and give also a sign of confidence 'Guaje', for which he was a tremendous blow to stay on the bench for the biggest game so far of season, the derby against Real Madrid.

Villa is easily viewing door, which abounds in his anxiety, and found strong competition in Alexis Sanchez, Guardiola elected to take his place at the express request of white Santpedor last summer in an operation The Making of 'eternal'. However, the Barca coach himself has made known to the Spaniard who is a valuable man in the template.

The explosion of the 'Wonder Boy' matches bajonazo of Asturian, a player who just won in effort and sacrifice. Villa, knowing that a place on the 'eleven' has become very expensive, is working very well in training and he is motivated. In addition, we are encouraging their peers to the maximum to retrieve its best on the pitch.

Will have to see how he reacts now the Asturian in his expected return to the title. Villa will attempt to demonstrate that remains a cornerstone in this Barça on gunpowder. (via MD)

Already mark, Busquets!

Only a goal from the Club World Cup 2009 in Abu Dhabi.

Pep often reminds one of the reasons for his continued success at Barça, having accounted for 12 of 15 possible titles was its strong commitment to Pedro and Busquets. The canary has always corresponded with his goals and the Badia, performing an invaluable role as pivot. Nobody would understand the endless effervescence of 'Pep Team without Busquets, recovering and going on.

His goalscoring contribution, however, shown in dropper, just five goals in three seasons and peak, three of them in their first year. One in the league, in that promising debut against Racing (1-1), and two against Basel in the Champions League (0-5) and Shakhtar (2-3). Today brings to mind that which marked precisely in the Club World Cup 2009. It was the fourth of his career. The semifinal against Atlante of Mexico had uphill when five minutes Rojas beat Valdes. Barca did not break down and in just half an hour the machine Barca won the tie. Holder that game, Busquets hair topped by a ball Touré in a corner. A while Messi led the way first and then found Pedro for 1-3 final. His performance brought him back to the title in the final, won also against Estudiantes.

Since that December 16, 2009, Busquets goalscoring contribution has been reduced to a single well, the fifth, won the September 25, 2010 at the Cathedral to the Athletic League that day with remarkable prominence of second-line players . Xavi and Keita also viewed door (0-3). A single goal, then, in two years. Sure, it's just one of the leading Mascherano, who has not been released yet Barca. Since then there have been 71 games. The story could quote him again in Japan.

Sergio was trained at a rate somewhat softer than their peers in the Rondos, mainly due caution, as some slight discomfort still carries the Bernabeu. It is likely that precaution will not play today, but Sunday's match (consolation or final) will be safe.

Neymar is 'made in Barça'

Golazo magic of Brazilian in the semifinals, where he showed his game generous, cheerful and electrical.

Place the strip on your nose to breathe better without losing the smile and the same expression in the field draws a dream goal. Get on the front, trimmed his defense with a smooth, evenly, in slow motion, almost stopping time hits left-handed thread and the poor Sugeno, Japanese goalkeeper, nor see. Neymar scores a goal to crack, the phenomenon of choice, scores a goal that could have signed more Iniesta than Messi because he has some light wizard, type that does not flinch, although electrical results in many phases of the game, is able to freeze that moment of enjoyment. Every second is a short film that Reverence Brazilian football.

But without dressing star is extremely generous Neymar, enjoying both the triangulations as the goal, without running the ball, first touch, firmly believing that football is a team game.

Amazed by its apparent fragility. It looks like a noodle, thin fragile when the Japanese defense bombards your ankles faults exaggerated. It falls easily, but 19 years is that your body still has to change. Shines its golden crest and those bright green boots inscribed in Japanese, boldness and joy, the two engines of their football.

Participate in all phases of attacking play and offered to push. Without exaggeration, is a footballer 'made in Barcelona' to those who rise up to the Camp Nou also because radiates sympathy, empathizes with the crowd and quickly solves the toughest situations with a gesture of good child.

It tastes so important in this team as is Ganso, the real leader in the construction of play. It looks like a veteran and just 22 years. It's simple and elegant, tough and strong, a '10 'decisive and brilliant, the kind that raises a stadium with only regular attendance at Barça. Borges joins the party with another great goal and a celebration with deadly inclusive, as if the auction were not enough.

But abstracting the magic that emanates from the boots of the front, the team concept Santos capsized with a defense that full-back Durval suffers because it is heavy central and sober, not full-back. And it's a mess to see the Santos running behind the innocent Japanese Kashiwa Reysol, led by Leandro field in Sakai Domínguez perfect accomplice to his smart play. Santos gives the ball to Kashiwa -53% to 47% - a drama for a Brazilian team with so much technical quality.

Coach got very angry 'peixe' Muricy because "if we defend well Barça goes above ..." and rightly so. Finish the game 1-3, with the Santos ranked Neymar with Brazilian magic the insured for the final. (via MD)

Messi-Miyagata: The World of Leo

Messi for a title so indisputable rubrique his third straight Gold Ball.
The other Leo, the boy who cried after the disappointment of 2006, will now be encouraging his Barca.

In the last twenty years, Barca has settled all outstanding accounts of their history except one. Small, but has outstanding at end of the day. Barca did not have twenty years ago, in 1991, no European Cup and now has four. Until two years ago finally failed Intercontinental Cup, now the Club World , but finally succeeded in Abu Dhabi. There are, however, a wound to close: the two official titles that have been played in Japan have ended in defeat.

In 1992 Barça lost the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo and in 2006 the Club World Cup in Yokohama , at the same stadium where this evening will begin to fight for his second world title. On that occasion, to Internacional of Porto Alegre, the image of a Japanese boy of six years crying her eyes out, captured by the special envoy Mundo Deportivo, Manel Montilla, represented better than anyone that was upset Barcelona. Today, five years and countless titles later, Leo Miyagata also be in the stands at the International Stadium Yokohama in the hope of seeing, this time, as the boat of your heart takes the World Cup. For starters, the modest semi-final against Al-Sadd of Qatar.

To this end, Barça will have the invaluable help of another Leo Messi, who is running this season to match the milestone that marked the 2009-10 season Peter: mark in all competitions. If you do in Yokohama, Leo campaign will only do well in the Copa del Rey.

Miyagata Leo , whose greatest idol is none other than his namesake, how could it be otherwise, has no doubt that this will not cry again on Sunday, but the opposite: "It will be Barca's 3-0 to the Saints "he predicts. In his eleven years, not lose any Barca game, although the time difference has to get up very early to do so.

"I remember especially the Champions League final against Manchester, but I'll take the wins in the classic, especially the 'little hand' of the last league," he says as he passes the leaves of a 2012 calendar with Barça and the cracks will naming one by one. He dwells particularly on the website of Leo Messi and Pep Guardiola's, through whom also feel veneration.

The child Miyagata , a member of Barca , playing soccer six times a week for practices and games in a modest football school in Yokohama, has visited Barcelona three times since he helped Barça closer to the East from the cover of Sports World and unwittingly. Going crazy to see about the players and hopes to close during the stay of ships in their city, Yokohama.

Messi , meanwhile, wants to thicken his resume and his legend. A good performance in Yokohama virtually assure him victory in the election of the Ballon d'Or 2011, with the permission of his partner Xavi Hernandez, a signer of a great performance at the Bernabeu, which can not be excluded in any way. Whether you win one as another, Leo Migayata be in the group of children happiest in the world. (via MD)

The 'jet lag', the great concern of Pep

The set of Guardiola arrived Sunday in Japan and now must deal with Al Sadd and exhaustion caused by jet lag.

The first opponent was found for Barcelona to land in Japan was the jet lag. The team finished the clásico on Saturday, arrived at Barajas and caught a plane to Japan. Since then, medical services have worked against the clock against the lack of sleep with individualized treatments. Guardiola landed on Sunday and had to deal with an eight-hour jet lag, a strange feeling between sleep and wakefulness.

According to experts, every day is retrieved an hour, so in theory players will be fully adapted Barcelona on Sunday, the final day. The match against Al Sadd, however, will be held just five days after the arrival of Pep Team 'To Nippon lands. Also in front is the Al Sadd, the team Without counting the Kashiwa Reysol is it more suited to the schedule.

catarí The set is in Japan on Wednesday, so the game comes nine days later, a much more conducive that of Barcelona. Also the time difference is six hours Tasting. Pep Guardiola was yesterday concerned about the effects of jet lag, a situation that already lived in his time as a footballer.

Barca coach then experienced first hand the difficult adjustment to a very aggressive schedule imbalance. "It's hard, I experienced as a player and was very difficult to get used to the schedule, in addition to the exhaustion that takes on a long flight. Two years ago we went to Abu Dhabi where the time difference is two hours, here are many more. "

Several players in the team have already admitted that these days have had many problems getting to sleep, but the coach believes that the desire to continue making history must outweigh the setbacks: "The ideal would be to go with time, a week, ten days but unfortunately the competition schedule is very tight and we have very narrow spaces. We have to adapt. But do not take this as a complaint, it is a privilege to be here, an honor to represent Europe and barbaric illusion makes us a chance to win the tournament. "

The Al Sadd coach Jorge Fossati was right Guardiola and joked about the matter: "What he says is not an excuse Guardiola is real. I will ask God to Barcelona players have a very deep sleep during the game, "he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Pep is informed until of the dinners of Barça B

His assistants sent messages to some players to remind them of rules of discipline.

Pep Guardiola is aware of everything and leaves no stone unturned. Blaugrana coach is the best coach in the world not only because it reads and understands the game like no other, but also because it knows how to manage the club's sporting plot masterfully.

His involvement with the quarry is demonstrated every time a player rises to train and the number of players who have debuted, sending a message to the rest of that if you work well, the possibility is there for everyone.

Guardiola is so meticulous with the work of homegrown reports that even team dinners usually held. In fact, members of his team have come to send messages via mobile phone to remind some players the rules of discipline. It does not mean it that do not comply.

It's just a way to let them know that the club is aware of its evolution as a player in every sense. However, the times when regular nights out in the subsidiary for years that passed into history. Prevention, however, is never more. (via SPORT)

Berlusconi: "I want to play as Barça"

Silvio Berlusconi launched this message on the feast of Milan in which he alluded to Barcelona as a reference model to follow.

Milan president did not hide his admiration for FC Barcelona and made clear that the game with Barca is precisely what he dreams for Milan: "I want to play like Barca."

Berlusconi did not hesitate to remember that "Barca play as teams I've coached in 70 years" and that his approach to the game Milan deployed by FC Barcelona only need to "apply it and believe."

In this sense, expressed his full confidence in Allegri, who renewed, and the players. "The Barcelona player has no more class than we have in Milan," he said.

The note put extravagant act when he tried to remember everything he had done for the Rossoneri club. "For what it costs to AC Milan, my shows are continuous, my generosity is excessive. If Real Madrid spent his stadium Santiago Bernabeu, I deserve two," he said. (via SPORT)

It returns the tridente clásico

Pep Guardiola recovers against Al Sadd to the front of the Wembley final, with David Villa and Pedro as Leo Messi accompanying.

The first match of Barca in the Club World Cup for Pep Guardiola recovers to the leading of the final one of Wembley to face Qatar Al Sadd in the second semifinal. After the clásico that raised Barça in Bernabéu again, Pep Guardiola will give options to the players that were not regular in Chamartín, against a rival theoretically very inferior.

David Villa and Pedro, substitute against Real Madrid, will return to the starting lineup this morning, to shield from each side to Leo Messi, who will occupy the center of the front.

Both Villa and Pedro today enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to reconnect with the goal after several games without appearing in the starting lineup after the explosion striker Alexis Sanchez.

In the case of Asturian front, facing the Levante substitute against Madrid in the clásico, its role in the Club World Cup will be important to quell rumors about his possible departure from the club at the end of this season despite having a contract in force until 2014.

In midfield, Guardiola will also introduce changes: the technician will apply the rotation policy to deal with a particularly dangerous game by 'jet lag what bet by players who had less prominence in Madrid, and Keita or Thiago. Few players will repeat title, probably one per line: Valdés, Xavi and Messi, Dani Alves's doubt, which allows you to chain multiple physical games without too many problems.

Mascherano will be a starter after his surprising substitution against Real Madrid, probably along the axis of the rear by Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol that, head to the Bernabeu, may be reserved for the final against Santos on Sunday as technical plans Blaugrana.

Guardiola could also opt for a three-man defense, with central sole Mascherano and Maxwell and Alves on the sides, depending on the system of attack that can present the team Qatar. (via SPORT)

Valdes will reach 100 caps

Víctor Valdés, head morning in his third appearance in the Club World Cup, will reach 100 games in international competitions with Barça. He will be the first goalkeeper azulgrana that gets it. Andoni Zubizarreta, the goal of Dream Team at the Intercontinental lost in 1992 against Sao Paulo, left the club with 69 commitments also counting European Cup, Cpu Winners Cup, UEFA Cup and Super Cup. Valdés, and won three Champions, two Super Cups and a Club World Cup, chasing his seventh title. In 46 of 99 games has left the frame to zero. (via MD)


Champions 2002-03--6--3----1/4 final
UEFA 2003-04----5--3----1/8 final
Champions 2004-05--8--11----1/8 final
Champions 2005-06--12--5----CHAMPION
Sup. Europa 2006-07--1--3----SUBCAMP.
CWC 2006-07----2--1----SUBCAMP.
Champions 2006-07--8--6----1/8 final
Champions 2007-08--11--5----Semifinales
Champions 2008-09--14--10----CHAMPION
Sup. Europa 2009-10--1--0----CHAMPION
CWC 2009-10----2--2----CHAMPION
Champions 2009-10--12--10----Semifinales
Champions 2010-11--11--9----CHAMPION
Sup. Europa 2011-12--1--0----CHAMPION
Champions 2011-12--5--4----In 1/8
TOTAL--------99--72----6 TITLES

Neymar: "Barça has the two best centre-backs in the world, Pique and Puyol"

The Brazilian, told Mundo Deportivo noted that "has the two best centre-backs in the world, Pique and Puyol".

Neymar , major player in the classification of the Santos to the Club World Cup final, told MundoDeportivo he hopes " to show against Barca more than I showed today . "

The crack of Santos recalled that Barça " has the two best centre-backs in the world, Pique and Puyol . " " My football, as I have written in the boots, it is boldness and joy (It was written in Japanese) and I hope to convey this against Barcelona is the best team in the world without question "Neymar explained when asked how they would face a final against Barca.

Finally, despite his great goal, Neymar has acknowledged that " this party has served to pick up the pace because we were five days without competing and it showed the lack of pace . " (via MD)

[Barça B] The 'invisible friend' of Barça B: a cane to Soriano and some weights for Armando

The branch celebrated a team dinner in which Christmas original gifts were exchanged.

Last Tuesday, after the friendly encounter that Barça B disputed in front of the Academy Aspire of Qatar (2-0, Sergi Roberto and Deulofeu), players, coaches and assistants met to take place in the restaurant La Barca de Salamanca the classic dinner of Christmas, during which the nice gifts of the were exchanged 'invisible friend.'

The gifts were many and simple, but all had a very direct message to the recipient. The two heads of the costume, captains Armando and Jonathan Soriano , did not escape the jokes of the young. The defender received a weight and fitness equipment , since it is a 'sick' of the gym, visiting even after the games. At the forward, meanwhile, gave him a cane , but not control but of 'old', as he is known in the locker room.

Also the gift of Deulofeu was related to his nickname: a chicken . The curious gift was accompanied by an assortment of cheeses, of which the end is allergic. To Muniesa they bought him a parchís because he is the organizer of all the departures that they are organized in the long bus itineraries that lately has carried out the branch; to Sergi Gómez, a miniature tandem to take to their inseparable Balliu; already Tello, an exhaust pipe. To Cristian loves to 'tune' his cars and a few days ago his white BMW painted red.

Mundo Deportivo was also present in a testimonial dinner. In recent days speculated that a fourth player in squad will travel to Japan as a reserve because the tournament regulations allow Barca to make changes to the list today if there was any injury. And Guardiola had thought Marc Bartra . Well, to center gave him a cover of Mundo Deportivo in which players Pep appear in Tokyo, but touched up with Bartra picture instead of one of the cracks the first team. (via MD)

[Former player] Márquez goes urban football of Rémi Gaillard

The Mexican centre-back of New York Red Bulls put on the skin of the eccentric entertainer to perform curious Rémi Gaillard juggling and 'tinker' with the ball in the streets of Mexico City.

The exazulgrana Rafa Marquez continues to speak in their native land. After completing another season in the ranks of the New York Red Bulls, the Mexican centre-back advertising has used the pull of the main sponsor of the team to embark on a curious media campaign.

Marquez was placed on the skin of Rémi Gaillard, the popular French comedian and showman, and passed to urban soccer with the peculiarity of making small 'gamberradas' as making balloon launches a police car, a wheel, or to various homes .

The theme of the ad is clear: "The goal is what you want." Marquez, apparently in the ad, seems to have learned well the lesson. (via SPORT)

Guardiola denied that Villa is for sale

"MARCA miente". This forceful Pep Guardiola was being questioned by the information on which the Madrid daily says that David Villa is for sale.

MARCA said Wednesday that the Asturian forward sale and you might even go for grabs at the upcoming winter market, but Pep Guardiola denied it categorically, with a more direct responses of recent times: "MARCA miente", said .

The coach did not want to delve too deeply into the subject, but said he had not spoken to the Spaniard after his substitution at the Bernabeu and has most of its players for next season. "I try to involve everyone in the team. I'm the one who makes 25 different lineups and I do because I feel that is the best way. Most players will continue this year and next," said Guardiola, who also denied that Puyol and Pique are the main headlines, opinion expressed on Tuesday Javier Mascherano to the media. "It's their opinion and respect, but not the power holders because each one would have to win at the field. I wish I could play with 15 because that would play all," concluded the matter. (via SPORT)

All eyes on Barça for tomorrow's semifinal match against Al-Sadd

FCB v Al-Sadd (11.30, TV Cuatro and R@dio Barça): Barça, current European Champions, play the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup 2011 in Japan, against Al-Sadd, who won the Asian Champions League.

The Barça players are in a great shape, both mentally and in terms of their football, but are wary of their rivals.

Five days after the football exhibition in ​​Madrid, Barça are still the centre of the world's footballing focus, as this Thursday they make their debut in the Club World Cup championship, in a semi-final against Al-Sadd. The Catalan team, crowned European Champions at Wembley, are Europe's representatives in the competition which is being held in Japan, and they are up against the kings of Asia. Meanwhile, Santos from Brazil are waiting to see who their opponent in the final will be.

It is the fourth time that Barça are taking part in this tournament, which they won for the first time in 2009 in the United Arab Emirates. Before that, though, they had failed in two previous editions played in Japan: the Club World Cup in 2006, in a fateful final against Inter of Porto Alegre, and the Intercontinental Cup in 1992, against Sao Paulo (2-1) . The team is hoping that the third time to Japan will be the charm.

Barça, with the European Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup already won, leading in the League, and top of their Champions League group, are looking for a third title this season. They're going into it with morale and confidence sky high, though, as the players have stated in the press conferences previous to the game, they're aware of the difficulty of reaching a Club World Cup final, and the difficulty in winning two games, having to overcome jet lag in the process.

The whole first team squad have come to Japan, with the exception of the injured Ibrahim Afellay. Also with the squad are Cuenca, Dos Santos and Oier from Barça B.

Al-Sadd, meanwhile, are expected to defend deeply, be physically strong, and be dangerous on the counterattack. The team from Doha (Qatar), managed by Uruguayan Jorge Fossatti, have a powerful attacking trio, made up of the Senegalese, Mamadou Niang; the Ivorian, Kader Keita; and the Algerian, Belhadj. They won the right to challenge Barça by beating Esperance, from Tunisia, in the quarter-finals. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés shows the world the team's hotel in Yokohama

The Goalkeeper recorded a video that shows the interior of Barça's hotel in Yokohama.

Víctor Valdés has posted images of the team’s hotel in Japan on his social media accounts hours before FC Barcelona makes its debut in the Club World Cup against Al-Sadd. Barça’s team is in Yokohama, where they will open their bid for the title this Thursday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)