14 December 2011

Neymar: "Barcelona is the favorite"

"It's hard to lose the first game as Inter went last year (Porto Alegre International lost to Mazembe). We had a great start and we take confidence in the final," said Santos forward.

Neymar has heaped praise on Barcelona, ​​one possible rival Santos in the final of Club World Cup on Sunday, but first have to win at Al Sadd in the semifinals. The Brazilian said after the victory of the Santos against the Japanese Kashiwa (1-3), the Spanish team is the best in the tournament, and is the leading candidate to take the title.

"It's hard to lose the first game as Inter went last year (International Porto Alegre lost to Mazembe). We had a great start and we take confidence in the final," said Santos forward. On the beautiful Dodge you made in both scoring and helped to open the bookmarks, said he "really wanted to throw, I come quickly to a rival and had to change. It was improvisation."

Neymar, like most, assumed to be the rival of the Santos in the final is Barcelona. "Every time you play Barcelona everyone wants to see. It is the best team in the Club World Cup. They are the favorites," he said. Finally he spoke of his physical problems in his left ankle, caused as a result of accidentally stepped on teammate Danilo in the first half. "I've had a lot of trouble, but now I will try to be good for the final," he said. (via AS)

Neymar makes an appointment with Barça

Santos led the victory and opened the can with a goal from the edge of the area. Borges and Danilo gave the reply. Sakai scored for the willful Japanese Kashiwa.

The media started on the right foot Neymar mission impossible? to lead the Santos to their third scepter intercontinental after the successes of the legendary team of Pele, Benfica and Milan before, in the sixties.

Neymar was decisive from the first minute, which has already made clear its commitment to free movement throughout the length and width and height of a pitch. In a first half in which the Kashiwa held her own (and control of the ball) out unfavorably though, the most coveted player in recent months ending in a couple of times towards the goal defended by Sugeno. On a Bust: a post after a poor clearance Kondo, and the first goal Brazil, a small work of art, sketched with the simplicity and naturalness of the exceptional. Neymar faked the shot with his right hand, sent down the defender with an elegant fake (ball tread trimming) and found the squad with a left beautifully crafted.

Along the way he left his usual repertoire of dribbles, bicycles and cuts in one on one, its natural habitat. The guy at the crest is well worth the price of a ticket, as was recently stressed Arsene Wenger, who said he would put all their money on the young Brazilian star. Neymar was marked in red on your calendar this event, regardless of the rumors about his move and in this context is explained its renewal when Real Madrid and Barcelona bid for their services.

Just four minutes later, another goal by veteran Borges, who lives in his 31 years a second youth (signed 23 goals in 29 games in the Brasileirao) left practically bespoken to the final pass from Santos. Santos is much more than Neymar, as recalled by the proverbial right hand of the other army Borges Sugeno. Too Kashiwa punishment for a ball that had more in the first half and was so willful and ordered the attack, as weak on defense. Only Leandro, who eventually seeing a yellow one on Goose untimely stomp, left touches of quality, while Hasimoto, long shot, was the only one to actually prove Cabral.

Fruit of the comfortable result to rest, was guilty of conforming and Santos left the door open to the team led by Nelsinho, that within two years has won the second division Japanese J-League and be contesting the Club World Cup.

The oil got yellow set speed in the second half, in a game of constant return Santos was unable to sleep. After the great missed opportunity to pass by Henrique Neymar and a good combination between it and Goose, Sakai headed to the network launched a corner kick by Wagner, reducing disadvantage and putting the party hot.

But the joy is short-lived in the house of the poor. Danilo, with a masterful free kick, with a thread-style impossible Schuster, put the 3-1 final. Sugeno nailed the statue, but downloading it is worth noting that just caught sight of the ball bounced three feet from the goal line. Third blow of quality of Santos that made useless the final shambles of Kashiwa, found even with the stick in a very clear shot from Sawa and and clear you finish off bankrupt of own Sawa and Kitajima, some of them had left twice. In addition, Nicola Rizzoli spared a more than possible expulsion by Henrique Leandro grab on when faced with Cabral. (via AS)

Barca still raises passions in Japan

Get an autograph from the players of FC Barcelona has become a real obsession for Japanese fans.

A day Barca players were given a huge reception in Yokohama. And is that the azulgranas stay Nippon population has become a golden opportunity for local fans to see their idols live.

No wonder that the entrance of the hotel which houses the Pep Guardiola has become a hotbed of fans who are constantly on guard at the door hoping to see Messi, Piqué, Iniesta and co. If any man will also get to sign a shirt or take a picture with them, happiness is absolute.

It is clear that Barça has raised passions and Japan where it is not being an exception. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Ronaldo: "I thought the clásico full command of Barcelona"

The ex-forward Real Madrid and Barça spoke to the radio program "Al Primer Toque' by Onda Cero.

The ex-forward of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​Ronaldo Nazario de Lima, one of the greatest strikers in football history, passed through the microphones of the first touch and talked about the Clásico last Saturday, which emphasized the superiority of Blaugrana "I thought of a total dominance of Barcelona. There is still a very big technical difference. "

Despite having played in both teams, the Brazilian star showed his preference for merengue squad: "I wish the Madrid win the league and the Champions League." But it has all of them. "The quality of Barca is still superior, but Madrid is ahead," said Ronaldo.

On a future move to Real Madrid or Barcelona of his compatriot Neymar, Ronaldo would not get wet. "I do not know, just renewed with Santos. I do not know. " (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "It’s very difficult to get here"

The Barça midfielder recalled how hard it is to get to participate in the World Club Cup and believes that winning in Japan would be a "pretty good" end of year, and lead to a "happy" Christmas.

With only 24 hours to go before the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup, Barça are no longer thinking of anything else. Andres Iniesta, one of the most influential players in the squad, said at the press conference after the game that the team have come here "with all the enthusiasm and desire in the world to win again". Andres wanted to emphasise the difficulty of getting to participate for a World title like this one: "To be here you have to win the Champions League, which today is very hard. If we win the World Club Championship it will have been a great year and we'll have a very happy Christmas".

Although they are a long way from Barcelona, Andres Iniesta wanted to make it clear that the players feel the happiness being felt in Catalonia after the 3-1 win in the Bernabeu. "The win has done a lot for all of us. Even from afar we've felt the fans' euphoria. When you win a game like that it gives you a boost for everything that comes later" he said, aware that the win in Madrid means they'll go into the semi-final against Al-Sadd with even more confidence. He stressed, though, that despite the victory against Real Madrid, "there's a long way to go in the League".

In this regard, he assured everybody that the squad is in good shape: "I don't know how the defeat will affect Real Madrid. I can only talk about my own sensations with our team, which are very good. For us it was really important to win". The Barça number 8 took advantage of his appearance at the press conference, too, to reject the idea that Barça doesn't do so well against the smaller teams: "This team has shown that we show the same respect whether we're playing at Hospitalet or in the San Siro".

For Iniesta, this World Club competition is very special. Even more so for him, as when Barça won in 2009, Iniesta was injured in the semifinals and missed the Final. "Personally, it's an extra motivation. That year I had lots of problems with injuries, and I really hope I can play in the Final" he said, whilst recalling that Barça have already lost a few finals, but have always been able to come back and play again in later editions. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "We have to deserve to play in the Final"

Guardiola stressed the pride that the team have in maintaining such a good level over three years and said that now, in the World Club Cup, Barça have to deserve to be in the Final, by playing well and winning.

Guardiola admits that the World Club Cup is the title that he’s most excited to play for. "Getting here is very complicated, really, really difficult," he stressed.

At the press conference prior to Thursday's match against Al Sadd, Josep Guardiola expressed caution before the semifinal of the World Club Championship in Japan. For Guardiola, Barça can't assume the work has been done, and must earn the right to get to the Final: "For some time we've played every game with the feeling that we have to win everything, and I think we've done pretty well. We're trying to find out all we can about Al-Sadd. What we must do is focus on our game. Last year there were surprises, and this year won't be different. In sport there's no point assuming it's already done, you have to go and do it. We have a great chance to be in the Final, but we must win the match to be there. Having the chance to be World Champion again is an honour, and we have to deserve to be there".

Guardiola warned that the semi-final "is very important for Barça, but also for Al-Sadd, a team that is getting better". His analysis of the Asian Champions League winners is: "Al-Sadd is a very strong, athletic, team, with very fast players up front and good in the air because they are very tall. We're talking about a team that move the ball well, with very strong midfielders who work really hard. We'll try to open up the pitch, which is very big. They don't combine all that well, but on the counter attack they carry the ball a long way, and this can mean trouble. The intensity and speed that we play with will be vital".

Guardiola admits that the World Club Cup is the title that makes him more excited, "due to the fact that we are able to play in it.... getting here is very complicated, really, really difficult" he stressed. To be able to win it, Guardiola admits that the biggest problem for the team is jet lag". Jet lag is a worry. We don't know how it will affect us. Unlike the other teams, we've only been here a few days, and there are players who are waking up at three or four in the morning. Let's see if our minds can control the lack of sleep and we can play a good game".

When asked about comments from Mascherano, in which he said that Puyol and Pique are the first choices in central defence , the manager's response was very clear: "It's Mascherano's opinion, but they are not the first choice. Everybody has to win their place on the pitch. Depending on each game, we try to get everybody involved, because I feel that's the best way forward and I have faith in all of them. I think they'll all carry on here this year, and the next". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca opens the door to Villa

The player, upset about losing weight in the team.
Signed for 4 years and one optional.
It would leave only in winter if an ofertón arrives.

The love affair between Barcelona and David Villa coming to an end, just two years later. The club azulgrana has put on the market Asturian striker, who plans to transfer next summer.

The club azulgrana paid two years ago by Valencia between 40 and 42 million euros for his transfer. The player signed a four-year, one option at a rate of 7 million euros (gross) per season.

Today, the future of David Villa seems to be in England. Their fate seems to be one of the great English clubs, mainly Chelsea, Liverpool and Aston Villa. The Anfield have shown much interest in his move, although its economic offer does not seem to get to Chelsea. (via Marca.com)

Neymar dreams of to arrive to the final of the Club World Cup and to be measured Barça

Santos's crack debuts this Wednesday in the Club World Cup monopolizing all the attention. He dreams of to overcome the semis and to be measured Barça in the great final.

Neymar has more than three weeks waiting for the day. From the penultimate round of the Brazilian championship, where the Sanots have options left to aspire to something, the crack only has the mind set on the World clubs . After winning the Paulista League, the South American U-20 and Freedom, Neymar wants to close in 2011 celebrating the centenary of the Santos lifting the cup champion. "I dream of a final with Barcelona, ​​but first we have to win at Kashiwa," confesses to Neymar MD, who at 19 years is now the focus of world football in the game against the Nippon team (11:30 h).

Given that, a priori, both Barca and the Santos are far superior to its rivals in the semifinals is inevitable to think of a final-Santos Barca. "I hope that happens. I imagine some plays during the game and the Santos win the title, "he explains.

Be given the final expected Neymar is convinced that "if Santos and Barca we go up will be a great show. If we play against Barca, we will do an equal footing, "he says. Of course, despite its boldness, Neymar not stop the spread praise for Barcelona and its superstar, Messi. "Barca is now above all. We respect him a lot because it is the best team in the world, "he recalls.

Before the '10' Barca surrendered Neymar again. "It's the best player in the world. The number 1. A crack ", values. Such is the weakness he has for Messi, the star of Santos even states that "I would do everything he does Messi". Moreover, if cross words before the crash, Neymar confesses to respect that because the 'Flea', "I think I choke when talking to him."

At the time, and if Barca and Santos clash in the final Neymar focus not only the great duel with Messi, but also the will to do on the field with his friends Adrian and Dani Alves, who supported from Japan Saturday in the clásico that was played at the Santiago Bernabeu and was glad that after Barca beat Real Madrid. At the moment, and despite talking to them regularly, there have been no bet, but everything will come. Neymar itself warns that, face to face, his countrymen will have to sweat a great time to mark it. "If Alves covers me I'll give a lot of work," he explains with a laugh.

One of the slogans of Neymar as a player is "to show that people enjoy." The same "joy and courage" that presumably as a way of life is what drives him then emptied into the pitch. (via MD)

Florentine to Rosell: "Luck for the Club World Cup"

Florentine Pérez attended the baño azulgrana and didn't have left more remedy than to be courteous to Sandro Rosell.

The bathroom had been brutal. On stage at the Santiago Bernabeu was the expression used by the directors of Real Madrid! A wiggle of those who do harm because they show the difference between a computer and the other. But the game was not all equal. After the goal of Benzema, Florentino Perez and former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar ironic about the failure of Victor Valdes. Then they had to eat his words. Their faces were changing as the game wore on and the 1-3 pitch was total resignation. Florentino, overwhelmed by the bathroom and the natural anger at the failure of his coach, he wanted to Sandro Rosell "Fortunately for the Club World Cup" with envy, revealing that FC Barcelona themselves is doing things right, recognizing the superiority Barca and the desire for a football fan to see win the better they play.

Florentino Perez has to put up with Mourinho. It has made ​​half of attitude change because the shame of seeing poked in the eye of Tito Vilanova was unsurpassed. But if until the clásico to Mou tolerated him their second seasons, in the party of Bernabéu all realized that the bathroom had not only been in the field. He had been mostly in the dugout.

The white president feels particularly hurt by its treatment of Mourinho to the quarry. Some, who are no longer at the club, he warned Florentino Mourinho does not believe, just destroyed, and that even in the clubs where he has won state, when motion is nothing left: no style, no philosophy, no work base. Pedro Mendes is appointed, the Portuguese squad debut against Ajax and is deputy branch, and change the subject, because while Mou ridicules the quarry of Madrid, Barca win at the Bernabeu with eight homegrown players as starters. In addition, Florentino Perez receives reports from the players in the Spanish market projection, the old dream was broken by Mou Hispanicized Real Madrid, and almost all the Barça players names are the Catalan club that has been renewed for the next few years .

No wonder the show of chivalry Florentino Perez to Rosell wishing him well in the Club World Cup . The white president had just attended the evidence that the best club in Spain and possibly the world is the FC Barcelona and is the one who deserves the title in Yokohama. He has no comfort nor encourage Neymar: has left them planted. And for a president Florentino pride of a boy of 19 years leaves you planted is almost as bad as seeing one Pedro Mendes debut as Real Madrid's youth system is the games on TV. (via MD)

Time for Villa

Despite seeing much of the past Madrid-Barça from the bench, David knows that Guardiola has a blind faith in his game.

David Villa is quiet. Evidently he did not like to start the match against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu on the bench playing just the last fifteen minutes What, but that does not mean he is upset, angry or hopeless. On the contrary, David Villa that we are seeing in Japan 'the few minutes that Guardiola has granted open during the trainings' motivadísimo is, conscious that has in his hands an unique opportunity to ruin the defamers of the cavern that already place him the label of 'on sale.'

Villa is fully assuming its role within the squad, knowing that this season is more `face what ever the title to have increased still further the quality of the template with the signings of Chilean Alexis Sanchez and youth product Cesc Fabregas.

'El Guaje' is an important player in the current project blaugrana and has made it to him this way to taste own Guardiola like the forward who assumes that the Asturian is having to adjust to a new situation 'with the complications that everything bears it' when not having guaranteed the ownership.

But that does not prevent Villa look with optimism to the immediate future. In fact, the former valencianista has thought about the Club World Cup like a magnificent opportunity to take a step ahead and to show to everybody that continues being an indispensable piece in the engagement blaugrana. great challenge. Big challenge.

Do not forget also that for Villa this tournament has special significance because it has not succeeded yet. Thus Guardiola thoughts you have on your face both morning semi-final against Qatar team Al Sadd and later on the final play Sunday against the alleged Brazilian Santos.

The forward hopes not to disappoint anyone in this challenge that comes, no doubt, at the right time, with the team full of moral and dynamic clear winner and a very important title for the windows of the club game. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barça B is imposed in a friendly against the Aspire Academy

Barça B defeated the Aspire Academy (2-0) in a friendly in the Ciutat Esportiva who served Eusebio to prepare Saturday's match at Valladolid.

Deulofeu opened the marker on the edge of the rest and Sergi Roberto it signed the 2-0 in the 46.' In the final, Miño saved a penalty.

The output formed subsidiary with Miño; Balliu, Rosell, Armando, Planas, Carmona, Riverola, Espinosa, Deulofeu, Jonathan Soriano and Kiko.

They also played Muniesa, Sergi Gomez, Sergi Roberto, Rafinha and Tello. (via SPORT)

Cesc: "Here I have to work twice"

The former players 'gunner' for eight seasons discusses his career in the British journal.

The midfielder of Barça Cesc Fàbregas will be carried of the noted magazine 'Fourfourtwo' in the number of next January. And is that the British magazine specializing in football in the first issue published in 2012 an extensive interview with the player Arenys. There, Cesc talks about his passage through the English club, where he says he went with "the thorn had not won any major title" in his eight years as a player in the squad 'gunner', as well as its release Barcelona and its role in the selection.

Aware that the progress of the ship captain and team logo was a blow to the fans of Arsenal, the Spanish international has sought to explain to those who were his fans for many years. "It was the right time to leave," says Cesc. "In the club, I have to work doubly hard to earn a place," concludes the player, who was not afraid of challenges.

During the interview, too Fabregas takes to explain the main differences between the two clubs in your life, Arsenal and Barca. "In London, if you lose you can go out to dinner, make your life and people kept encouraging" however, in the club "when things are going well is the best club in the world, but when things go wrong are the scarves .. . "Arenys explains. At the moment the player has already earned a place in the `11 Do Barca and will fight until consolidated in the team of his childhood.

"You are that Xavi and Iniesta ..."

The player shows his ambition when he was questioned for his role in the selection: "I always thought that if you play in your club, playing in the selection." And although throughout his career has not always fulfilled this maxim has not stopped the player to do so. "I can not spend my life saying, 'is that Xavi and Iniesta are ...'" and so it proved. (via SPORT)

Contact with Neymar in Japan

Barca executives follow the match between Santos and Kashiwa Reysol with the young Brazilian star as the main focus.

FC Barcelona use his stay in Japan to strengthen relations with Neymar and President Santos, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, with the idea of ​​consolidating its options for the young star to sign Brazilian medium term. A Neymar be communicated to the executives of Barca sign that they wish to play next summer and as soon as next to Leo Messi and the rest of 'Pep Team'.

The azulgrana club are interested in this player control points, according to all technical reports, a global crack will not let any opportunity to let them know. The intent of the directive is to maintain Catalan contact within hours with the Brazilian striker to explain face to face with their desire for services from 2014, when he finished his contract with Santos.

Raul Sanllehí, executive of the sports area that once already traveled to Brazil to persuade the player and the Saints of the need to reach an agreement with Barça, landed in Tokyo yesterday from Barcelona to carry out this mission. It will by the responsible for that area, the technical secretary Andoni Zubizarreta. Both will meet today (the first sleep in Tokyo and Yokohama second) to make this move to Toyota, host city for the semifinal between Kashiwa Reysol and Santos. You see the game from the stands and then will go to the team hotel the Brazilian team to meet with Neymar. In this quotation must explain both the club's sports project long term and let him know your desire to maintain permanent contact to see first hand their will. In short, being close to Neymar for him to sit near the boat.

For now, the player is satisfied to remain in the Santos club which just renewed on 11 November. The move came after Barcelona and Real Madrid enter race to sign him for which, apparently, there was no winner, then, preferred Neymar continue his career at his current club and extend their relationship until after the same 2014 World Cup to be played in their own country.

Sources close to the player explained that his intention in this meeting is to convey to Barca executives wish that his arrival in Barcelona next summer occurs because it is excited with the idea of ​​playing alongside Lionel Messi and join the team today for today is labeled the best football practice in the world. Nevertheless, Barça stays true to its plan to delay the arrival of Neymar.

However, the big winners in all this maneuvering was the Saints to retain its star (Alvaro Luis Oliveira weeks later failed to win re-election as president by a landslide Santos) and 'Sandro Rosell.

Few as Barca president have controlled the Brazilian market and it is understood that the only way to abort an agreement achieved almost done with Real Madrid and, in turn, agree to a future transfer Santos in 2014. "Rosell told me to take care of him until then," President de Oliveira revealed, a little over a month after announcing the renewal of Neymar. Barca held a masterstroke because right now does not need to sign him to avoid that Madrid will be reinforced with a strong international player. Florentino allow Neymar have a smoke if the results this season are not expected. It also considers that it is still immature to make the jump to Europe (it has only 19 years). A three-way play that could only starring someone like Sandro Rosell.

If the executive part of the body part of Barca move these days, Sandro Rosell will also have the invitation because Luis Alvaro de Oliveira for a meeting. According to the president of Santos, the encounter is motivated "because I have to make a gift, and not Neymar." Rosell this meeting has to occur although there is no option for the event goes from being a first contact between two people who get along in a while.

There is no date set, but the course of events will lead to the appointment. Without going any further, FIFA plans to offer an official reception with the presidents of the participating teams in the Club World Cup on Saturday at eleven o'clock in the Intercontinental Hotel in Tokyo.

A perfect opportunity for Rosell and De Oliveira Neymar close relations with the background, although at no time be through negotiations and that the will of Barcelona are keeping the issue on `stand by ¿. Laporta wants the ultimate decision is the coach to occupy the Barca bench 2013-14 season. The coach, Josep Guardiola is or not, must give the green light to an operation that is on track. (via SPORT)

Piqué was rediscovered in Tokyo with Shakira before returning to the work

The artist landed on Monday along with the player's parents and the couple took for sightseeing.

While most of the players traveled to Japan accompanied by their families, Gerard Pique had to wait another day to land on land Nippon parents, Joan and Montserrat, and its very famous girlfriend, Shakira. The centre-back Catalan had traveled with her grandmother, while his grandfather Amador Bernabeu, will fly to Japan on Friday, after meeting the next opponent for Barca in the Champions League after the draw for the UEFA in Nyon.

The couple did not miss a minute of their reunion, which coincided with the day off to Pep Guardiola left his men to acclimate to Japanese soil. Gerard and 'Shak' spent the afternoon in Tokyo. Used not only to browse a few shops but also for sightseeing. Following azulgrana coach's license, the player skipped the team hotel and players spent the night in Tokyo with his partner.

After the rest day, the centre-back Catalan returned to the hotel where the staff is housed, as did the Colombian, who changed Tokyo Yokohama. For their part, most families, among which are the player's parents, staying at the exclusive Hotel Mandarin Tokyo.

Shakira has had other commitments before traveling to Japan as the Top 40 Gala last Friday, the 9th, where he was one of the premiere players and absolute change of hairstyle, barber work of his head, Jordi Ripoll. (via SPORT)

Barca follows Yann M'Vila,

Urbano spied to the centre-midfielder of Rennes in the game of Europe League before Celtic.

The program Esports Cope explained that the FC Barcelona midfielder follows closely Yann M'Vila of Rennes (French). The aforementioned station has revealed that the former player Urbano Ortega , a member of the technical secretariat 'spy' M'Vila days ago days in Celtic Park in the Europa League match that Celtic lost to Rennes (3-1) and in which he was expelled M'Vila for two bookings.

M'Vila has 21 years and is a powerful midfielder , Yaya Toure style. Account for the French coach Laurent Blanc and come in if Keita is transferred at the end of this season. Esports Cope added, however, better positioned to replace Keita would be Alex Song , who plays for Arsenal. (via MD)

Belhadj (Al Sadd): "Barcelona is the best team in the world"

The Algerian Nadir Belhadj , left side Al Sadd Catari, welcomed the opportunity to play the Club World Cup semi-final against Barcelona, ​​which he considers "the best team in the world." "Many big names in the dream of playing football a semi-final of Club World Cup against Barcelona, ​​but we who have that pleasure, "he said in a statement distributed by Belhadj's website of FIFA.

Table Catari, champion of Asia and directed by Uruguayan Jorge Fossati , won his quarter-final Tunisian Esperance 2-1. Belhadj said the game should be taken "as a festival." "We will prepare properly for a good job, but the key word is enjoy.

Everything will consist in that lean on mutually", it indicated. "This Barça is the best team in the world, like we saw against Real Madrid in the clásico again. Their players were impressive", the Algerian pointed out. Likewise, it assured that, regarding Barcelona, they should not "only be centered in a player, because the danger can come from any part. Coarse with seeing their young players" can play to what level.

As for your options for reaching the final said: "We must not lose lucidity, since we are talking about Barcelona: Lionel Messi and his companions make a game from another planet . " " We are going to play using our resources and the block is allowing us to achieve great things. The very fact would face them and themselves a great satisfaction, "added Al Sadd player, who he added that" guess what's going to make Messi is possible, but it does prevent and is another thing. " (via MD)

[Barça B] See the first interview with Martí Riverola

The midfielder Marti Riverola was the "whole life" waiting in the Champions League debut with Barça. In this video you can see that this is.

Pep Guardiola, coach of FC Barcelona, ​​'immortalized' Riverola to disclose to the press conference after the match against BATE Borisov a curious anecdote. When asked if he was ready to midfield to jump into the field, the player responded sharply: "I have prepared a lifetime."

And it's true. Marti is a total product of FC Barcelona's youth system, since it was formed in the School of the club and went on to the youngest children. It was in those early days 'official' in Barça when he granted his first television interview. Barca was the emerging TV channel in one of the stairs leading to the Mini Stadium. The interviewer sought the responses of a child of eight years, like all of her age, dreams of success in the first team.

In the excerpt that you can see here, Riverola says his favorite player was Rivaldo, although he would like to resemble a Figo is not yet gone to Real Madrid. (via SPORT)

UEFA team of the year

Voting is also open to choose the members of the all-star team for 2011. Votes are open until January 5 and the winning team will be announced on the UEFA website on January 18. uefa.com has nominated a total of 55 players and 5 managers and the fans now get to pick the winners. The Barça players on the shortlist are Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Abidal, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, while Josep Guardiola is one of the managers. To vote you simply have to go to uefa.com and pick the best team of 2011. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

12 first team players have never played in the Club World Cup

12 of the 23 players that Barça have taken to Japan have never appeared in the competition before. But Valdés, Puyol, Iniesta and Xavi are going for the third time.

Although they are all used to top level competition, 12 of the 23 players in the Barça squad in Japan have yet to play in the Club World Cup. These are Fàbregas, Villa, Alexis, Thiago, Pinto, Mascherano, Maxwell, Adriano, Fontàs, Cuenca, Oier and Dos Santos. Pinto, Maxwell and Dos Santos were in the squad in 2009, but didn't play in either match.

There are eleven survivors from the first time Barça won the trophy in 2009: Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi, Keita, Messi, Pedro and Iniesta. The four captains (Valdés, Puyol, Iniesta, Xavi) were also in the team that played in the tournament in 2006, but where FCB lost in the final by Internacional of Porto Alegre.

It is also Pep Guardiola's third taste of the competition. He lost as a player in 1992 against Sao Paulo (2-1), but 17 years later savoured victory as manager in Abu Dhabi against Estudiantes of La Plata (2-1). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rudi Garcia: "Guardiola's Barca is the best team of all time"

Lille coach Rudi Garcia, voted best French coach of the year by the magazine 'France Football' confessed that for him, Pep Guardiola is "the best team of all time".

"I would like to highlight their work and especially against the idea according to which enough to have great players to get great results. There are many teams with great players in their ranks but whose coaches are not attracted to its quintessence because they do not put in their better provisions do not play football for them. The great quality of Guardiola is that, "said Garcia, 47 years old.

However, if the coach of Lille had to pick their favorite coach, Joachim Loew gets, now coach of Germany, because "it embodies modernity." "It represents an attacking football. It is a coach capable of evolving the mentality of a football that was reputed to be quite hard, square and not particularly offensive," said Garcia in the pages of 'France Football'.

For the technician who was champion last season at Lille, Löw is the "good transition between history and modernity." "It's attacking football, currently has the most followers. So much the better," said the French coach named best of 2011, who asked about the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho said he is a great coach, even if philosophy is to play for Barcelona. "Mourinho is a great coach, but I prefer a team that wins with offensive weapons, like Barcelona. That said, Mourinho has won wherever he has gone," recalled Garcia. (via SPORT)